Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Managed Depravity

1100h A 10 hour sleep last night; it is two hours beyond normal, but I have given up on attempting to define that term anymore as it gets perverted and sabotaged like so many physical and transactional things.

Still no mover visit as promised as a make-up from yesterday's no-show, and even this kind of arrangement is getting sabotaged for no rational purpose (as I see it). And nowhere to move to either, though that is secondary to maintaining ownership of my belongings. But in this netherworld of relentless assaultive depravity, right down to how I handwrite and what I see or hear at any given microsecond, anything goes. This eviction stunt then being dociled over securing a new residence takes the cake for disruption to date. Past stunts of not letting me into the US to collect my belongings were an outrageous affront, but were at least solvable at significant expense. But being dithered and dociled as I speak, as well as evicted is another outrage upon countless ones in the past four years.

1430h Still no mover, and I could only leave a message. This is "normal" perp depravity; forcing a move, then sabotaging getting it done and the rest of the disruption resolution. The perps have me on a strident and angry mood level noticed when I deal with their PC sabotage like dithering keystrokes, e.g. four attempts to key a two letter word. Only in Perpland as a TI. And a new stunt, pinching me in the dick while taking a piss. Again and again, excessive juvenility and god-like means to apply it with no risk to the perpetrators whatsoever.

And more voice morphing as I respond/complain about these assaults. If they are planning what voice I am to use then they are extremely confident as to me saying anything at all, as well as the tone I use. Alway read any "I" or "me" advisedly, as it is very likely a planted notion of the perps. I cannot think of any episode in the past three years that wasn't perp managed, even if I thought I wasn't at the time. Hindsight is about the only time that one can be certain as to the desired outcome vis a vis their objectives.

The perps have started up a jackhammer job about a block away, and while the "road maintenance" appears legit, it has the touch of one of the perps's methods, having the sound get fainter and fainter over an hour. When I had my vehicle, there were endless "road repairs" on my various routes. A big one is road line painting, once per year is very common, extra paint dribbling for a mile or two (not truly maintenance!), repaving, new drains over five blocks,- the in-curb kind which are uncommon here (until now), pipe work that entails digging, re-working traffic lane lines, even one foot over, then again by another foot, moving sidewalks 4' for four blocks etc. It seems there is something very fundamental the perps do not understand about the earth's energies as it relates to humans and their vehicles that they want to solve. They are plying this city with plenty of money to do so, and even seem to have a decision making ability as to what gets worked upon and where in timing with my activities. I know that they had at least one operative on the design comittee of the public pool that was built in ~1992 or so.

1530h Another "assault"/prank of late is for the perps to plant hairs in all kinds of places, even on this keyboard when I began to use it. They especially like just-cleaned surfaces, and in one notorious bathroom cleaning job they planted >40 hairs as I was cleaning. The hairs seem to be planted as if from me, though I have never "shed" as much in my life, and would not have any eyelashes remaining for all of those kind that "show up". Hairs can be found in the refridgerator, high and low cupboards, in the sink while shaving, in my bowl while eating cereal etc. They don't stop at one event either; in the last most mentioned example they have placed a hair in my bowl nearly each day for 10 days now. Having one in my mouth was another prank they pulled just ahead of shaving yesterday. On the scale of annoyances, that is very low, but serves as an example of the ceaseless juvenility applied to innocent citizens for reasons that are beyond comprehension or rationality.

Another prank gaining frequency is the application of a mini-wind about me. Explained, a putative cause such as opening cupboard doors, front doors, walking on the street etc. serves as a "cover" for the wind to be set up around me, with no correlation to the climate or likelihood of conventional causality. Again, another minor annoyance, but taking defensive measures such as walking slower, opening the cupboards less quickly has not resulted in any abatement. Considering I never had a problem with this in the first place all my life, why are they starting up this now?

2115h Finally my mover comes for an estimate and the brown boxes. As does my brother independently. Its an easy one to figure out as it was dusk, or failing light conditions, when the perps go squirrelly over gangstalking. And of course, brown time; as in the flattened moving boxes coming in for the move at month end, and the packed storage area boxes being moved out with my brother's help only ten minutes later. And when it was all over, why, "I needed" to take a shit. More brown time.

And gangstalkers accompanying the aforementioned activity; doorway sentries and "happen-bys", Asians in black and white dress, and a pair of thugs placed in the elevator ahead of me getting in. One in a vile orange color, also a plasma color that "happens" in my peripherial vision quite often. A blonde woman in the elevator on the first trip up. One of my Seattle gangstalkers "happened" to be passing by, now the third time for him in Victoria. At least three red colored vehicles placed around my brother's vehicle for street parking. It was simply amazing how "people" could surface at this time, and not anytime else.

Time to post this one; the PC emanations from the LCD display are quite strong tonight, possibly to complement the aforementioned goings-on earlier.

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