Friday, August 18, 2006

Dociling as Strategy

1100h Yesterday evening the perps finally relaxed some of their dociling mind control as "I" (in the mind-controlled sense) got somewhat animated about this impending move for the first time, and no where to move to. Of course it wasn't out of goodness in the perp's hearts, but a in-apartment walkabout and having me investigate and relocate items in this apartment with respect to a moving strategy is just what they like. No end of energetic correlates for the weeks of doing nothing but putz on the internet.

Then I find out that the boxes I was supplied are 1.5 cu. ft. instead of the industry standard 2.0 cu.ft. Another possible created glitch, but at least planted in mind as a consideration. I find that the perps like their victims to be "FUD-bound"; that is, to be consumed with Fear, Uncertainaty and Doubt, an IBM term I believe.

But some humor for once; I have often remarked on the perp's obsession with the color brown, and their planting of people and objects proximate to me in that color, (clothing and/or skin) and even having gangstalkers at the checkout wearing brown clothing on either side of me, what I termed as the "brown sandwich", a technique often used in vehicular gangstalking. Related to this, there is one food item that the perps decidedly control for my craving/consumption is chocolate, and I get plenty noisestalked anytime I eat some, often twice per day, 100g per sitting. And today, I read in the news that someone took a spill in a tank of liquid chocolate, which if not for its humor value, just may have been in support of the perp's quest and its interaction with human external energetics, what they seem to be hounding and harassing me for 24x7x365. This unlucky person spent two hours in a vat of chocolate; a long enough duration for anyone to be doing service for the perp's color and substance energetics obsessions. Perhaps after this they will stop smearing chocolate on my fingers each time I eat it, a new-this-month eruption.

It is tempting to paint every sparrow that falls into the perp's harassment objectives, and as a rule, I don't get into all of them in this blog, and I have limited it to the Other Objectives postings(Part 1, Part 2), where there has been consistent life long and/or overt harassment long (four years now) connections. But it seems that their objectives are so varied and broad that they have a huge initiative to connect something about me (and everyone else by extension) to these various themes (or obsessions, trigger words/concepts) that encompass much of anyone's life. I just don't get it, being screwed over for 52 years isn't enough, nor is 99.9% mind control. This insatiable sadism must stop. It has got beyond nonconsensual human experimentation and into self-feeding vindictiveness and juvenile venality as the plague they inflict upon near-randomly selected individuals, save whistleblowers who seem to be a targetted group. The police and politicians are complicit in my experience and by that of many others. As I said before, we as a civilization were further ahead in 1215 AD when the Magna Carta was signed, preventing wanton potentates from terrorizing their subjects.

1540h The perps are still causing chocolate to melt prematurely in my hands, so whatever benefit of someone falling in a vat of it appears not to be of much value.

Another trip to the storage lockers was made to furnish them with post-dated checks, and the same blonde woman who "happened" to be there yesterday, was back and of no determinable activity though it became plain in short order. She was gangstalking me in follow-mode down the hallway, on the street and then on the crosswalk. As I walked faster so she did until Mr. Blue with the trademark smirk took over and was criss crossing my path on the street and then encircling me in part when I waited at the next crosswalk. Anyhow, to make a detailed story short, I was tightly gangstalked while getting moving supplies and journals at the stationary store. The store staff also come out and gangstalk me while I am looking for my supplies before serving me from behind the counter. A single sentry backpacker dude gangstalker stayed in place for all my back and forthing when in the store, even if he didn't have much to look at. Some of these asshole gangstalkers are becoming very familiar to me, something they like me to notice sometimes.

Eventually, I got back to this cell of an apartment through all the various gangstalker color variations of clothing and other stunts they put on; e.g. big feathers in hats, shopping basket trolling (for pop cans I assume), paired similar colors (yellow variations together, then lime green variations) as well as racial and clothing color combinations. As with yesterday, the blonde women were on initial ambulatory gangstalker duty, though interestingly, from a further distance, some 60' ahead or so.

1720h I got set up to convey my story over the phone in as brief form as I could to answer her questions as to my current tenancy and why I am moving. True to form, I got the dumb-fuck act; being asked the same questions over again as if the person has a hearing problem. And make no mistake about it; the perps like me to use the vocabulary of this purgatory and noisestalk me as I convey my story as much as what their other objectives are. Once the repeated question was answered she didn't ask anything more enlightening. This is the curse of being constantly cast into elicitive conversations, no true dialog occurs.

In the decades past, my father was always asking "what", "what" and seemed to have some kind of cognition problem he never had before. He came to be known as What-what, my name for his highly irritating act (or at least I think it is one, though I am not entirely sure in his case). He would get louder and aggresive about not being able to understand my answers, and he always reserved his most inquisitional scenes for me. Even now, I am not sure if he was being "run" and abetting, or just abetting. I cannot think of another abettor who got screwed the most in my evaluation of all the perp's personnel. He was no actor so I cannot imagine him faking it for as long as he has. And he is one half of the fools that cast me into this, then later takes on a resentment that he applied to me. Go figure, as I don't care anymore. All I want is an honest answer to the question, "why did you do this to me?". (That is, casting me into perpland at birth and effectively sharing parenting duties with them, never mind abetting these assholes all the time).

2215h The horrendous mototcycle noise has started up tonight; even with hearing protection it comes in as if 20' away and yet the distance to the closest road, 90% blocked by buildings is 60'. In the netherworld of perpland, reality is formed to suit the harassment objectives in all their secrecy and multiplicity. At times, 2 to 5 events per minute of loud motorcycles "seem", as in noise thereof, are passing by. Then the sirens came on at the same time.

I was reading about these extensive internment camps on the web, though I didn't find the kind of well researched site I like to pass on. (I was on a TT Broown quest at the time). I was looking at the pictures that someone had stealthily took, and some internment sites had signs in other languages and vehicle speed signs in kph no less. When I was reading about the guardtowers, I got zapped as I read that very word. This means to me, that the perps do have an interest in these structures somehow, and would like to extract some kind of psychic energy about this concept. Scary.

My Second Wacko Theory if you prefer, but I get quite an education on the validity of what the perps are up to by being zapped and noisestalked, sometimes simutaneously. This is true also for the above linked Other Objectives (besides 100% Mind Control), they essentially telegraph their interests by consistent actions over these (trigger) themes.

Time to post; LCD panel emanations are getting very strong (as in excessive brightness).

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