Wednesday, August 09, 2006


0900h As I begin this a siren show has erupted, a common noise assault method as the actual emergency vehicles never materialize on the half-assed thoroughfare that I can observe through an alleyway portal. And this portal is where the perps place their parked vehicles for color gangstalking purposes; the silver-grey, white, red and sometimes a green or a brown vehicle. Anyhow, the sirens also have a particular flavor that I have never witnessed anywhere else before; call it siren-interuptus, where the typical cycle of the decaying sound is stopped suddenly as if switched off. However, they often resurrect the sound 10 to 20 seconds later, only to do this again. With a multiple siren cascade (two or more sources for the same "emergency"), this combination can get quite silly. On occasion the European style klaxon emergency sound will erupt, and sometimes, that 1960's version of mechanical origin. All for digging deeper into my neurological make up for realtime monitoring of the last 0.01% the perps don't already control IMHO.

And the "emergency" frequency has at least doubled in the year that I have been in this apartment, along with "neighbor" ructions, especially ones that can penetrate my hearing protection. More nightime awakenings again; once to hear someone talking, once to look at the plasma/maser show, a grainy black & white appearance to everything at that moment, and one more for reasons I won't divulge. All three events have been very consistent each night over the past two weeks, and before being life-sabotaged four years ago, I never awoke for anything.

And a catch up on yesterday's recall blocking; there were more what I have termed "peas-in-a-pod" gangstalkers. This is where two ambulatory gangstalkers are wearing green shirts/blouses/jackets usually a few green shades apart, and then one stands in front of the other. One of these erupted on my parent's street as I was driving their vehicle with them in it three days ago. The only two people on the street, putative neighbors as the set up, were each wearing green shirts, a shade different, and doing the peekaboo game of one standing in front of the other. In this situation I am captive as there is little I can do when driving the parent's vehicle with them in it. And the perps like to repeat these exercises in changed circumstances; the aforementioned peas-in-a-pod stunt was visible through the safety glass of the windshield, and yesterday's equivalent was directly visible, no intervening objects.

As I have often lambasted the perps in my enraged oratories, here they have a multi-billion dollar research operation running totally illegally (nonconsensual human experimentation), and they are playing these juvenile games they could of sorted out in weeks with cooperation instead of four years of venal psychotorture. I have yet to understand the reason or the mentality of that thinking, let alone as to why they are able to convince so many individuals and businesses to comply, aside from cash or rewards in kind. And make no mistake, anyone with whom I have had substantial contact with is amply rewarded usually when I/they move on. New wings of at least three schools, ditto for university faculties, and 15 station geographic information systems at my former employer and so it goes. New vehicles for once-friends, new jobs, new houses or major renovations; I have a wake of rewards behind me, most of which I have no idea as to the ultimate size or nature. The compensation organization part of the perp's operations has to be sizable in itself to keep everything straight, and as promised for the value, however that is determined. No doubt freelance gangstalkers will swap notes, and they don't want any grumbling after the fact.

1600h I am back from the housing people, and got to tell my story even if there was some plasma beams crossing the room (no one said anything). The detail of standees outside was there too, doing the coffee break and cigarette routine, then coming inside the office when I was about to depart. There is no break in the quandry as to where I am moving to and when. Subsidized housing is possible, likely a group housing for income situation (read live-in gangstalkers).

And the same shadow flashes there as here, where a momentary darkness flits across the room, usually six or more times per day. The perps also put on extra exuberant "head cases" (read, operatives) in the waiting room for me to listen to and drop a trigger word/concept that they alone knew to get my interest. They also had a gangstalker sleeping on the ground in the hot sun act at the entrance, there for my egress in both directions.

And the perps had my voice extra strained and stressed to go with my story of being harassed and gangstalked. A vehicle was parked outside that happened to add extra glare to my face through the dark tinted safety glass of the office. Outside, the gangstalkers walked back and forth, momentarily intercepting the light reflection in my face. As usual, a parade of vehicles went by in color coordinated droves, with a deep red metallic parked vehicle 30' beyond. The perps are decidedly after a distance dependent model for the color red, as they put on ambulatory gangstalkers wearing red at 100', 150' and 200' further ahead, and then had them align at times.

Another stunt was to put a snake like piece of garbage on the sidewalk and when I momentarily reacted as if it were one, they hit me with some kind of head noise that is all too coincident with other activities around here.

Anyhow, the depressing news to me is the the perps are going to likely contain/constrain/harass me for another year at least, given that I will be moving at month end. With this town irradiated and cooking with whatever they are doing, and a town full of compliant shills, not to mention the sick family quislings, they aren't going to let me off the hook for anything. I heard that Rumsfeld and Bush talked of a two year more commitment to Iraq, and I take that to be another two years of harassment as these affairs have some inordinant shared circumstances that I have detailed in past postings. And I don't think they were blowing smoke on this one either.

And one can see a blackish-grey trailing wispy flashes/waves emanating off buildings and even the roads. Time to call this a post, the perps are lacing me with the zinger/masers in my vision and carrying on with the noisestalking.

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