Friday, August 04, 2006

A TI Blogger to Blogger Communication

Because e-mail and blog comments are blocked by the perps, the mode of blogger to blogger communication with a particular TI has arisen. Specifically with James Marino who is in a comparable harassment situation; i.e. living purgatory owing to gutless cowards of the perp organization on top of every move, even if dotting the letter "i" in handwritten form. This is my response to his post in the link below.

JM; I read your post of 08-04-2006 in which you mentioned me using trigger words etc to which have specific meanings to you, largely owing to harassment placement. I am not knowingly using any words to expressly cause any triggering/associations etc.

Because we are in the same boat, as subjugated TI's, we have many of the same issues; living location, money, family relations and the obvious other perp harassment problems. And also, the perp's interests are very wide apart from mind-control research (e.g. my blog postings on Other Objectives). Even if orchestrated events/word of "prescribed mention" and mind-control weren't at work, we would invariably communicate over the same issues, which may, or may not, be of interest to the perps.

As an example, one word/term that the perps had me mention/reference back in the early days in dealing with my employer was "FBI". I was in Seattle at the time, and wrote a letter to them about the harassment (har, har) and predictably got no reply. I though it was most odd that the HR Manager asked if I had written any LEO over the harassment as I knew it then. (A noisestalk flurry came oneas I wrote that). Whether that term is a trigger word or not, I don't care, and I do not mean this as any perjorative statement as to what you address in your blog postings. For you, the "FBI" and their depredations are a very real part of your personal experience. All I am saying is that the very term/acronym "FBI" could well be a perp trigger word too, even if I live in Canada where they have no authority. (Mentioned in the Other Objectives and the LEO (Law Enforcement Organizations theme).

And yes you are absolutely correct; there is no fluke whatsoever is us "finding" each other on the web, and being permitted to communicate via blog postings. This is not random, if I have it correct that nothing in my life is unarranged, and yours too by extension. Anyhow, I think the base assumption about TI's is that they are all being used for one or more perp themes and stunts, some harmless (as we see it), others venal and sick. We are like fish in caught in a net; we have a common problem (no freedom and not of our making), and are communicating with other net-mates as to how we survive, live and deal with the problem we share.

Anyhow, no disrespect or dissonance is intended, and I do read your posts regularly and often learn more about the strange webs of where this "fish net" goes. Maybe we should have a chat on the phone to smooth out our respective angst, as I bear no animosity or agenda beyond what I express in our mutual blogoshere.

Other Dysthymic Dissertations for 08-04-2006:

A provocation and rant show was scripted for me in making breakfast; the most original stunt of the bunch was to make the coffee very hot, even if I took the kettle off the burner before the boil, and it was still intensely hot by the third cup. Plus a simulated throat burn to start off as some kind of pain cover story. It is likely that the pain served as some kind of brain energetics event which the perps use as leverage to study the small parts of mind-control enegetics they don't yet master.

A parental phone call yesterday served to up the angst level, but without any relation to the facts as presented. This entire eviction/move event is not proceeding very quickly and I am strangely diffident about that. Which could mean that something else is afoot, or it could be leading up to a trap to create panic, angst and seizure of my belongings.

A similar stunt was pulled when the perps had me in hospital in 2003. My apartment in Seattle had to be vacated and the INS wouldn't let me enter the US. So the erstwhile perp-helper parents "volunteered" and oversaw the transference of my belongings to storage there. (All arranged by me over the phone in advance, - no mean feat getting storage when one is not there in person). When I finally got a place to stay, a friend (sort-of) helped out and drove a truck down there and I had to meet it here so it could pass through Canadian Customs. Another treat to arrange. Anyhow, I am still puzzled as to the perp's objective as to what this was all about. There was no need to stop me at the border to recieve a piece of paper I could of had for the asking (typed instructions).

This is my seventh residence since 1999, the last three which have been perp organized/created evictions. Never before the day hell came down in 2002 did anything like this happen behaviorally. And the rage-ification suddenly stopped a whole month ago now (just barely some days).

Today, both of my phone calls to individuals who could help were blocked in a most strange way. It was as if I got the wrong number which I didn't,, and I did phone more than once. Most often the perps have the recipient not call back, or else blow me off in the case of a business, i.e. moving company. Utterly bizarre, and not the first of late, the "fellow travellers" on the buses are another see-me event to draw my attention. The starings have been blatant too, though none was overly long to the level of incurring expressions of annoyance.

A shut-in day today; where ther is no "compelling interest" or motivation (both perp mind-controlled I know from experience) to do anything. A dysthymic dullness creeps over me. This from one who would never sit still for that, and had to be doing something engaging all the time.

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James F. Marino said...


Read it at your convenience..

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slushfund for buying every necessary person of influence for the entire 21st Century. And we have Senator Hillary Clinton withdrawing some of these illegal funds before the Bank Of Crozier bank could be dissolved to cover up this enormous scandal.

Since the gangstalkers are busy watching me via close circuit tv
I have been reading them this info.
Why not make their time more constructive by showing them some
truths instead of the LIES that they help to perpetrate.

Is it any wonder why Bill Clinton
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