Sunday, August 06, 2006

Perp Solitary

0900h It was a backache start today, the instant I was out of bed, and prepared to make it up. This is the fourth in four days and thankfully the backache doesn't go on all day. I have had that problem, and it is crippling. I never had any backache before the perps unloaded constant purgatory on me four years ago.

The perps have me under a noise and maser assault as I write this, as it represents an opportunity to get me without hearing protection. Earlier, I had the earmuffs on and once off, they began the motorcycle and faux water noise onset (today's noisestalking variant).

It is a sunny day, but somehow I lack the initiative to go anywhere. This has been the constant theme since I sold my car, from someone who would work out twice a day, time permitting. I suspect the perps are simplifying my life for their own research purposes. My diet, my clothing choices, activities,- are all sharply reduced in choice.

Some new small scale harassments; flashing me with a red full eye plasma in one or both eyes alternating. They like to do this anytime I get up from their enforced naps, and anytime I close my eyes. Another stunt is applying suction to my ears in bed; when I flip my head side to side in bed they apply suction on the lower ear as if the pillow could cause such. Yet again, another never-before. It would seem the intent is to momentarily create extra noise, an ongoing obsession of theirs. More sneezing is happening now, usually following when I put on my hearing protection ear muffs.

2030h A visit to the so-called parents tonight; for family gangstalking, and the rest of this outrage, for which they blow me off about the ever stronger non-clinical reasons for nonconsensual human experimentation. Six or more red colored vehicles per intersection, often many of them parked when outbound on the bus. And 30 "passengers" on the bus when I got on, which is totally absurd for Sunday at 1730h. More like 10 would be exceptional. Yet again, it was Asian musical seats; they had five Asians posted around me, and one blond woman opposite in white and red, with a red plastic bag. In her case, that getup spelled "gangstalk" to me, as she seemed to be in some kind of benchmark or calibration role. And it is not that I have anything against specific races or nationalities who are clustering around me, I view the entire issue around colors, and in this case, skin color. As mentioned, the perps have this intense need to have me exposed (calibrated, resonated, whatever) to brown, and skin color is one aspect of it.

And plenty of plasma sightings on the bus; a persistent flickering of green and blue plasma from the darker recesses under the seat, which kept going even after I noticed it. The knees of the blond woman opposite me on the bus also emanated plasma at one point. Sometimes it is highly directional, other times it is a generalized brief flash from nowhere specific. And plenty of red vehicles swarming around me when I was waiting for the bus. Anywhere I go, it is 2 to 5 times more road traffic than is normal for the location and time of day.

And I see that my Blogspot template got hacked; I had two links (JK Harms and Tom Bearden) with a title introducing them as "Relevant Science" and this has mysteriously "disappeared". I usually don't get direct system/Blogspot hacks, but in harassment circumstances anything goes. Another example is my Bookmarks never display in alphabetic order like specified in, it is always different each time I pull down the list.

Another dull day in perpville ends.

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