Sunday, June 11, 2006

Waving and Pointing

As a new phase of no vehicle ownership is beginning, the perps have begun a "brown-down" campaign; the most strangest of it all is that I haven't had a shit in 12 days and feel OK, no constipation. Which suggests they are extracting it directly by way of their sorceric methods. (A no brainer for them who can teleport at will). Also off the brown food list are chocolate (once a 2x daily "staple"), flax seed (cannot get any at the new grocery store) and kiwi fruit, even with a green inside and brown skin only.

At the new grocery store I was gangstalked enough to know I couldn't make a move without them having planned for it. On the street for a work day (Monday), I have never seen so many men of working age "hanging loose", sitting around or perambulating and showing off their sports jackets (again). Larger sized gangstalkers are often favoured, possibly from a energy-mass interaction, the same for vehicles within reason. And while walking under a boulevard tree, I got pasted with a water dump; and not the fairy rain either, about a cupfull on my head and face. No ostensible cause, no errant sprinkler system or bird, just because it was me, the billion dollar brain cum harassment victim that is the brunt of their venality while they play pretend from their control room somewhere.

Any visitation to an accupressure or acupuncture web site will demonstrate the many chi energy meridians that terminate in the hands. And so it would seem that the perps are focussed in analysing these energies from a distance, especially all those dealing with mind operations as I have come to know first-hand. I support this claim from the myriad of times the perp's operatives and shills will flick their hands about needlessly . Another very common stunt is to point to something, even if nothing is there, as if some kind of new event has arrived. And the number of people that have begun flicking their hands around while speaking to someone else has gone up by at least one order of magnitude in the past year. Especially so in vehicles; all manner of hand waving has sprung up to go with the litany of arm-out-the-vehicle-door hangers of late. As a pedestrian I still get exposed to this as I learned today.

My so-called mother, the perp's seller of her first born (me), has suddenly become more expressive in waving her arms and hands about when speaking. My youngest brother has also joined this act, just with a different hand placement (center body and face obstructing). My father was always a finger pointer, though not now, as his role is to play dumb with his dementia act, though he can, and does, gangstalk with the rest of them. In fact, his ditz act supplies a cover story for him to put on my jacket "by mistake" instead of his. The entire clothing color and body contents color interaction energetics are of intense focus these days, if I read the gangstalking and noisestalking action correctly.

Another mind-control objective of the more innocuous type is moving my fingers about and have the pinkie or thumb projecting away from the remainder, but for no reason. This is another of the countless "happenings", though if it impairs my fine motor control I get mind-controlled into a rage every time. In one of my research readings there was a person who could see these chi energies trailing some 60' from a person, and should a person be annoyed, the chi energies became all the more evident. Of course I cannot prove any of this, but when enragement is the number one stunt the perps pull on me, it must be important for a reason.

And so far at 1400 h on a weekday (06-13-2006), the nearby garbage chute noise began before I got up and is still continuing. The putative rationale is that it is jammed, and someone is "fixing" it, only the fourth time in a year, and always on the fourth floor near my suite. These are just a few of the coincidences beyond impossible probabilities and yet no one but me tallies them up and asks what is going on.

When travelling with my brother to a family dinner even he had to admit that there was an inordinant amount of dark red vehicles nearby in every location we went to. Two months later when having a "family discussion" about being harassed, did he mention this in my defence? Not a bit of it. Bad enough to have a useless brother but when he becomes an active saboteur he paints himself as a quisling of the first order. This same brother lost an eye when he was 2 years old and that event has all the hallmarks of a perp created event. I have asked him about his eye injury and he blows me off or puts on the vacant smirk.

And it was the tipping point for my perp cooperative father to become a significant asshole over all things remotely risky, though I suspect he was mind-controlled into this in the first place. I have never figured out what his relationship is the perps; he is obviously abetting them now, but he seemed as much as a victim as I am for most of his life. He is no actor and was not faking it as far as I could tell, but dealing with unrepentant assholes like him or the perps is a regular everyday event now. There is something about creating adversity, especially piling it up on someone, that they really like.

I still maintain that I am the only tenant in this 140 apartment building, with the possible exception of other TI's in the same situation in this high cookover/irradiated location. The plasmic fog is in the hallways and lobbies and all my (few) interactions have been consistent with the current gangstalk profile. The ceiling irradiates as do the walls and sometimes like last night they woke me up to look at it as they had made it worse with some kind of grainy appearance. My point is that this building is irradiated with the perp's special kind of energetic irradiation and it can be seen when one stops to examine it. This radiation is not the same as ionizing radiation, X-rays, gamma rays etc., but something that causes a vibratory look to something, the object never appears still. And I assume there is a magnetic radiation component to it as well, because this is how one can control plasma fields, which they do at will. They took out both my gaussmeters out for a reason, and if I got a Geiger counter I am sure it would go off the scale. In late 2002 they had 200 gauss trained on me, where the background level is 0.5 gauss.

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