Saturday, August 12, 2006

Designed Cluelessness

As a diagnosed/documented Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) sufferer, a measure of cluelessness goes with the territory with the major deficits being in emotional intellingence. But such individuals catch up, and become close to normal in this respect.

I submit however, there is an addtional and highly managed component to this condition that this TI claims is created and sustained by the erstwhile perp agency that controls his very being by way of mind-controlling irradiations. Being clueless is part of their "needed mix" of managed impairments and has got worse in the past year. Some of it is innocuous; e.g. about two years ago the perps stopped me reading newspapers by dithering me at the time, and making the exercise pointless. There goes being informed and in its place, a created cluelessness that is further enhanced with more skullduggery. "I", in the managed entity sense that I claim is happening, rarely read a local paper, and have little knowledge of city events. This is very unlike how I used to live.

Instead, I read the news on the internet, which is partially perturbed by skipping any articles that are proximate to frenetic moving ads, which I cannot stand, and I scroll downward to escape them. This means another round of cluelessness has been attained as I invariably catch the news item in mid-story, without getting the introductory summary to it, and who are the players and what do they represent. I can live with that, and if truly a problem, I will brave the advertisements for a few seconds of reading time it takes.

That is still not sufficient harrassment in the minds of the perps though; most of my web pages come "splayed" out horizontally no matter what browser settings I have, necessitating the left-right scrolling for which I am (and this maybe a planted trait) notoriously lazy in doing. Hence end of sentence truncation, less reading of the entire story, ergo, more designed cluelessness.

Added on top of this is the designed "forgetting", a long established practice for which recent advances in mind-control have made worse. That is, "I" (in the mind-controlled sense) can look an object and not remember what to do with it, say from a stack of dirty dishes that need to be cleaned, one by one. It used to be, as of two months ago, the very item would at least serve as a prompt in the context and "remind me" that it needed to be cleaned too, continuing the above example.

Now this isn't good enough for the perps keep hammering and dithering what I know. They now deplete me of knowledge and introduce the thought of the item and associated action at a location and time of their choosing. An example would be going to the grocery store and getting a cooked chicken, my top priority on the grocery list, as it serves as my major source of protein for the next three weeks. I was some pissed when I was in the store, and I looked at the cooked chickens and for a second or two, "I" didn't know what to do. The perps had purged me of knowing of my primary intent as to going shopping, and furthermore, also purged any contextual reminder (visual image of the product). This is the scary shit that goes on all day, every day, and gets worse as I serve as their testbed for their latest way to corrupt, debase or deplete one's thoughts.

Another is predictable routine email blocking, specifically the more relevant group sites such as Mind Control Activism. Another dead TI named Nadine was recently found, and there had been no mention about her until a offchance remark (read, my permitted entre) caught my attention. This same unfortuneate event happened 8 months ago to another TI, and the MC Activism group email banter was replete with many daily mentions of this event over a three week period. This time, I get put in the dark. A similar event happened that discouraged a non-TI from aiding this cause,and yet I have no idea what transpired. More of the same all the time, as if ADD for a lifetime wasn't enough sufference.

Make no mistake about it, the perps knew long ago there was an ADD condition and exploited it to the maximum. I am pissed over a number of these set ups in the past, and the elegant timing of the precursor conditions (read, "developmental cluelessness") is a dead giveaway as to the Dark Hand of the Perps ripping up my life, self-confidence and all that goes with it.

And with the latest round of vision perturbances, itemized in yesterday's posting, there is even more opportunity to render me clueless as they control what can be "noticed" in one's field of view. Dynamic impairment of what I read, and how much comprehension happens is a given. Most often they will let me read early in the day (some), but with lesser ability later in the day.

Call it informational sabotage; ensuring the subject is allowed to read a very small amount of what he is able to, and reduce the informational content. I have a sense though, especially given the fawning press over the Iraq War and the lacking 9-11 events analysis, that managed cluelessness might be the wave of the future. My dark thoughts of the day are now concluded.

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