Monday, August 14, 2006

Stir the Pot

1000h The perps were hard at annoying me this morning; and succeeded as they control the nature of my reaction to their extra-conventional physics assaults. It is very predictable when they will do this, usually when other gangstalker events are planned for the day. A moving estimator will be arriving later, and possibly more apartment showings to prospective tenants.

Currently the zinger maser vision impariment stunts are on, not to mention the nearly always keystroke dithering as type this. On the noise assaults they have backed off over the morning and now ply me with faint sounds of seagulls and vehicle backup beepers.

Only two awakenings in the night; one to hear the on/offing of (faux) neighbor water usage, and another to see a grainy black & white photo look to this place. It is a bizarre plasma "paint job" and has been consistent over the past two months, always when dark. It is difficult to describe and I don't know of any other TI's who have experienced this particular stunt.

For the past week the perps have been giving me back pain in the morning when I get up; I have been debilitated in the past from these very same remotely invoked pains, though this is nothing like it. As best as I can figure is that they want to impair my bed making activity, having just got up. Why? No idea, except to mention that it's colors of yellow, blue and some read need to be ordered in a certain way, and they don't want me to mess up their plans.

1300h Another of the same-as-always-lunch, the tortillas made up, with two slices for reheating tonight. And as always, per the extra-conventional forces actions, handling Cling Wrap was a battle everytime. The perps modify its properties so it doesn't cling, and this ends up in an pissing match as I try to get it to behave as it should, or some facsimilie thereof. This particular stunt goes down every time I have used this product since they began overt operations over four years ago.

And more integration of stunts as well; when doing the dishes the perps had water droplets fly out of the sink and perform a lateral over to the table, 2' away. This kind of thing happens all the time, usually with the putative cover of it happening while I am actively cleaning dishes. But there is no way that my actions are causal to these "hyperactive" water droplets, especially now that I am very cognizant of these games. This time however, twice in sucession, they caused a temporary vision impairment in both eyes simutaneously with the flying water droplets. Not a big deal, but it goes to show how highly managed my environment is.

No question they have me riled up today, and it is quite common that harassment gets notched up on Mondays. As if to set the tone for the week or some such, though they usually don't let me remember their train of venality at any given moment, only during relective moments such as blogging or journalling. The loud 2 cycle motorcycle noise has been cranked up outside as I am typing without hearing protection, so time to logoff for now.

1550h No mover today, and she didn't see that she had to let me know either as I found out by phoning her. All this hanging around to be stood up. A shut-in day so far, not that there was anything else to do; perhaps another "dashed expectations" (even if low) stunt courtesy of the perps who never let up in this game of pretend-while-we-mind-rape-you and line the streets with our largesse (literally) while you, the TI, are on disability payments for income. Something like that.

The perps are putting on a lot of red plasma displays, usually small, 2" to 6", very brief but detectable and even in central vision and often attendant to some other action going on. The zinger masers have been active today as well, along with a collection of wispy black lines that travel together, and can be quickly re-established if I look away. But the perps have enjoyed heating me up to sub-sweat levels and keeping me there for an hour or so. Its none too comfortable, and opening any apartment windows will earn me a bigger noise barrage than I normally recieve.

The perps also do some red "fill-in" inside of Windows; some of the standard grey background will fill in with a reddish tone, then revert it to grey again. Which suggests that they have direct access to modifying Windows code. And I always did wonder why so many I knew at work jumped onto Microsoft shares in 1991, when the vexations of 3.0 were upon us and yet they weren't fazed with by our complaints one bit. Back in 1991 it was too early to know if Windows was going to be a near universal platform, and yet so many were "well placed" to know.

Other strange Windows behavior has been going on for months; forced shutdown of the browser, annoying extra persistent dialog boxes, dropping browser sessions, search sabotage, select buffer depletion before chosen "paste" action, wrong session displaying than requested, etc. Same stunts all day long, but not enough to give the activity up, just for timing my breaks.

Perhaps this week is another round of perp enforced austerity measures; even more limited contact, and nothing pleasurable to eat like their usual brown food item of first resort, chocolate. There have been times when I didn't want to look at it or smell it, so my interest in this food item is totally governed. Not even the apartment showing interuptions today which is remarkable. See how the perps like me to have it all wrong? I thought (or they planted the thought) that it would be a busy day for in-apartment gangstalking and I was dead wrong.

I am being rendered into a semi-sleepy state as I type this, and these odd naps, or near naps, seem to be an enforced priority of the perps of late.

2230h A wrap for the day, and a total shut-in/do-nothing day, partially created by the waiting for a no-show this afternoon. There is an escalated frequency of coughing of late, usually with food in my mouth. I never choke on my food, so it must be the asshole perps again at ~6 times per week or so. As I have mentioned, they have their operatives spit, hang their tongues out, suck on pipes, spoons etc. in the course of their gangstalk duties which suggests they cannot get a reading on my mouth, and the colors that contribute to the brain energy IMHO. They are also scripting a whole lot of more dry mouth these days, that is, drying me out, especially when faced with a lot of talking. And a lot more food particles are "staying behind" these days, especially blueberry fragments.

Anyhow, the late day emanations from my PC LCD display are on high, so that is it for now.

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