Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hanging Chads and Other Ruminations of My TI Life

One item that has occured for all the four years of overt harassment is chads, a term that came into wide usage in the 2000 US Presidential elections in Florida to describe the hanging pieces of partially punched paper ballots.

To describe a nonstop regular feature of the TI existence (not a life by any measure), I have expanded the use of the term to describe any hanging or dangling item, whether it be food (very often), plastic, fabric fibers (loose threads), etc. This perp method has been consistently used in any related activity; preparing and consuming food, laundry etc. One item that now comes "pre-chadded" are the everyday plastic grocery bags. They now come in this city with extra tabs hanging off, handles that are shredded appearing (but still serviceable) -all created at the source. And there have been at least 150 occurences in the past year of plastic bag portions lying in the hallways, outside the elevator, in the laundry room in the elevator and outside on the street.

I surmise that some kind of energetic correlation is being attempted in having me pass by this managed litter, and likely too, between me and the plastic bags that I use or store. Many of these plastic bag portion deposits stay in place for days in an attempt to cover major lighting differences, and even for whatever nightime variances there are in the energetics the perps seem to be assaying. Also important is the backing color; what color of carpet, or other surface that sits underneath the planted plastic. The 4" long fragments are invariably white, and are often placed at strategic locations like corners, under the sweeping door when opened etc. What I can take from this though, is that my grocery bags have likely been selected in advance; type of plastic, what goes in what bag, color of plastic etc. The surfeit of ambulatory gangstalkers about me with plastic bagged groceries (sometimes other types of bags) are simply known at the "Plastic Bag People".

And to the grocery store today to be public gangstalk bait; a flush of women at the checkout (four) at 0900h, then once I got out of the store, a flush of men gangstalkers, about the same number. One did a walk toward me then about face and walk ahead of me gangstalk move, the first of two like this today. And also, no ordinary path he took . When I was headed to the store there was a faux bum sitting on the sidewalk with a small paper cup for donations. Then when I finished shopping and was outside with my groceries, the "bum" had disappeared (a >50% chance in my experience nowadays) and the reverse direction gangstalker then proceded to walk where the "bum" had been sitting, with the coin cup still in place, effectively doing his reversal with the paper donation cup as the center of radius of his 180 degree turn (about face). What bum would ever leave his money sitting 2' into the sidewalk even if temporarily? From what I can surmise, the reverse direction gangstalker was attempting to interact with the "bum's" residual energy (of his ass sitting there) as retained by the sidewalk concrete (in various colors). And in doing so, the about face gangstalker would be acting as an energetic assay intermediary for the "bum's" energy to be correlated to mine. That is my theory, or read if you will, on the perp's objectives and why they are doing the strange things they are doing.

And true to form, the perps made sure I was heavily covered by gangstalkers when placing ground coffee in my shopping basket. Instead of one ambulatory gangstalker appearing from nowhere and climbing up my asshole, I got three rushing along 3' away in the through aisle. One dressed in black and white leading two more men "shopping" on a weekday at 0900h. Totally absurd. For the remainder of my shopping in the aisles they only put on two additional gangstalkers which is on the light side for them. But they made up for it on the street, in the above tale.

Later, when back at the apartment, I was leaving the laundry room and a woman in brown clothing was coming the opposite direction. She then did a 180 degree reversal and then I was in a position of following her down the hallway to the exit. Then instead of going to an apartment, she does another reversal at the stairway door and then glares at me. More everyday wierdness, though I am beginning to suspect that they are putting it on to then test me as to how I recall these stories. It is my understanding that memory of events move around in the brain for the first two years, and as I blog, I am being monitored in realtime as to how I recall the above events some 10 hours later. My perp abetting mother asks me needless questions, and often repeats them an hour or two later.

And I am getting dynamically impaired as I blog this; the perps have a method to purge me of my intended topic, only 30 seconds ago. Finally, I am allowed to recall. The rage-free existence since July 01 has been broken for a second time. Earlier the perps had planted two brown crumbs on my fingers and wouldn't allow them to come off, nor allow me to take other ameliorative measures. Then they mind-controlled me into a rage over this, when I wasn't that incited in the first place. Instant rage, on demand, remotely applied. Now at three evictions in succession, when I never had any such problem pre-overt harassment days, before 05-2002, The Day of Infamy. Fucking sick the perps are, not to mention the quisling abettors, and no one will be forgiven who had any part in this until they have done their time in my shoes.

And no, I don't know where I am moving to, but I finally have movers lined up after being jerked around for two whole shut-in days. The next step is storage, which I must arrange independently, a major detail the mover didn't mention on the phone. Another JIT (Just In Time) fact that could of been addressed four days ago. I have an 08-21 doctor's appointment, so he could concievablely snag me in for a hospital stay then, and I save on room and board. Not ideal, and it largely depends on what they are going to do to me, as they are working for the perps, not for my health. Or, the perps could wind me up for a big rage show, and then I get hauled in by their constant companions, the police.

An example of in-your-face wrong headed health care is giving a dopamine blocking agent to this Attention Deficit Disorder patient (me), when the condition is because of a dopamine deficiency. And I have leading edge SPECT scans to back up my claim about my ADD condition, which was politely ignored. Go figure. They have done this twice already and I don't contemplate a return visit. And all the more so when I was gangstalked up the asshole by the so called "patients" who always knew exactly where I was so to plant one of their own behind most corners most of the time.

As best as I can tell, this apartment is the best of conditions for their irradiations and remote energetics assay activity. It is small, and I assume, colored appropriately for their games; brown and more brown and brown buildings in half the view. Though I have known them to readily jettison what seemed to be useful conditions or acquisition of props (I pay), when it somehow didn't work out. The perps prefer older concrete and steel buildings (which this is), as it takes some time for the electromagnetic properties of the steel to stabilize, perhaps as much as 10 years. And the perps like to energize the building itself which they have done. Past readers will recall how the hallways and this apartment are constantly vibrating energy, emitting plasma and masers. Today, they even put a little plasma fog on inside the apartment for 10 seconds or so.

And the perps have been highly diligent in securing me minimal contact with anyone else, and that includes "neighbors" as there isn't any. Yesterday they put on some skinhead thuggies/gangstalkers in the elevators, but mostly this apartment block is devoid of life purposely. Yesterday was an at-dusk stunt with brown boxes and that might have been the reason for extra gangstalking (four others in the elevator when the average is zero).

And a "forget" on posting this when intended for 08-17-2006.


James F. Marino said...

John, it seems that your perps
are bringing you to yet another creshendo in the sadistic peaks and troughs of the valley of hell that each TI must walk through.

My days are spent being verbally assaulted with trigger words and phrases by my own family.

And I know how badly they have been abused. We have no longer have laws when the so called law
enforcement in this country can
violate our civil rights in the most egregious of ways.

My threat is now supposed to happen in September -- and a barrage of orange (the color of prison garb) vehicles including the trucks that do tree work
Ashplundt have made their way into the neighborhood over the past few days only to leave a few minutes afterwards.

The demonization and dehumumnization by the feds of those they target is the final act of desperation when these abrogates have failed in the most absolute sense to break us down.

To say that they have violated our Civil Rights is such an understatement in regard to the complete absence of any rule of law here, as to set precedent of such violations.

It seems that when they cannot break us down, they must resort to demonization tactics. They know no bounds in regard to cruelty -- sadism and pathological deceptions
come as natural to them as breathing. And these are all a main trademark of the Intelligence community in the United States, whether it be the NSA, CIA, FBI
or other major malfunction that we fall Federal intelligence.

The Patriot Act is just so fucking
absurd -- a literal gutting of the
Bill Of Rights to allow any sadistic asshole such as my own personal FBI stalker, Ray Migliore
to use these Agencies as their own tools of vendettas.

What has been done to us can be called nothing less than a Conspiracy. If we have committed legitimate crimes, we would hot be subjected to the barrage of psychopathic and rage induced attacks that we are.

The FBI and the other Intelligence Agencies are pushing the American people into a corner and they are going to leave us with on alternative but to strike back.

And that time is quickly approaching. We are surrounded by FASCISTs and if we don't destroy them they will destroy America, her freedoms, and her people...

AJH said...

The perp do love to run a tree chipper anywhere I am, that is a given.

But the "this is going to happen" games they play on me never materialize. The only certainty is that you won't know what is coming if they make a big move.