Saturday, September 27, 2008

Three Degrees of Brown

My gangstalking freakshow was all over me for the 10 minute return trip to the supermarket. The excitement might have been that I had three brown colored food items in the shopping basket; tortillas, coffee and chocolate. (See my brown color posting if unfamiliar with the "problem" that I have been immersed in). That I had a newpaper and olive green tapenade was likely part of the plan, though I have sensed the perp color games are getting more complex of late; e.g. placing brown colored vehicles between a red one and a green one, and engaging in endless games of peekaboo, having the vehicle immediately in front offsetting from the centerline to display the brown colored vehicle directly, and then moving laterally close to the center line such that the brown vehicle is totally obscured by the vehicle immediately in front, say red. I was re-familiarized with vehicle peekaboo last week while driving my parents on a tour. This activity was constantly around me when I had my vehicle until 2006. These games were also apparent the odd time Before Overt Harassment began in 2002, though the perps kept them below the radar of being detectable and nonrandom.

As part of my gangstalking posse, the perps put on an Asian dude in the elevator when outbound, and another when inbound. In the case of the latter, he was standing 3' from the curb in midstreet and in mid-driveway to a parking lot, engaging in chat with his female pal, and then suddenly broke it off to tail me into the building on the heels of another gangstalker, a woman in a motorized wheelchair. I cannot stand the sight of wheelchairs, and so it "happens" that they put on extra ones. That was the third wheelchair for the 4 minutes of total street time, one only 2 minutes earlier had the "big hat" act, a wide brimmed bush hat that spells tourist, or did, until it became de riguer for gangstalkers.

And during the whole four minutes of street time, I had another fucker staring at me purposely, and then I stared right back at the weirdo, and he then turned his head some 180 degrees so I would then see the other side of his face. I was making a 90 degree turn at the time, just getting off the crosswalk (on ashphalt) and onto the sidewalk (concrete), and I am sure that this was part of the fuckery as well, as street construction substances hold no end of fascination for the perps who relentlessly invoke stunts in some association with their fetishes. An example being the above mentioned Asian standing on the ashphalt street, and then bounding across to "join me" in the elevator.

I had other followers in the supermarket, the most absurd were two on-duty firemen with their fire truck parked outside the building in the public parking stalls (taking at least three of them), and here they were posing together, doing the "look at nothing" stare (not me this time), with their shopping baskets in hand. This is not the first time that two or more have "decided" to disembark from their yellow and white firetruck and go grocery shopping, but it is getting absurd as to the frequency, now the fourth time in 2 years at this store. I suppose it was all about me seeing these fuckers in their navy blue uniform, having just travelled in a large yellow vehicle. That I get no end of gangstalking parked vehicle passengers loitering around their vehicle, often with the doors or trunks open is likely related occurences, just smaller vehicles. And too, the perps will put on large mass vehicles if they are attempting something bold, say, remote interaction of colors between individuals, me and the gangstalker of the moment. That includes clothing and skin colors of course, but also includes recent past color exposure, e.g. recent egress from a vehicle, floor or ground cover, and even includes the lighting, direct sun or shade.

While at the checkout I managed to get the cashier with the large and fugly tattoos; exposure to this kind of skin mutilation seems to be a big deal for the perps' Unfavored exposure agenda, and I have no reason to account for why they need me to see this fugly self mutilation. But that wasn't enough action around me going by the perps' later stunts. The customer ahead fo me at the checkout was packing her own bags and taking her time and was essentially loitering while I was still in place next to my groceries and the white jacketed and faux throat clearing chinless dude behind somehow "needed" to pass behind me in advance of the one event the perps go crazy over, (e.g. yesterday's coincident screaming kid act), financial transaction. So I had three of them packed around me while using my debit card (magnetic stripe in use), and then some extra background commotion erupted while keying in my password and transaction acceptance. Regular readers will know that the perps go silly (noisestalking, plasma activity) whenever I purchase something, either online, by mailed check, or debit card transactions at ATMs, bank tellers and point-of-purchase locations (e.g. stores).

A day of doing squat is what this has amounted to, another common harassment objective if the long past employer sponsored work slowdowns (i.e. no work, but no layoff) weren't a tip off. The outside noise has been incessant, at least three loud mufflered vehicle noise events per minute, and then augmentation with voices from the street or hallway. The earmuffs help some, but if they want to get a noise through to my ears, they can somehow bypass the hearing protection that I am wearing.

The knee torquing torture has been increased tonight, likely to force another PC shutdown in the evening and get me off my office chair. The senseless amount of enforced restlessness I am made to experience just isn't enough disruption for the assholes.

The big planted notion that the perps are laying on this weekend is what might be the next paying gig. I still didn't quite dig myself out of the negative balance of my line of credit from the summer's daffodil bulb picking work, and it was clear that the perps didn't want me to put in any more than three successive days of work. And of course it was the perfect job for that, as one could show up whenever they wanted, no questions asked, as it was expectable. It was also clear to me that the perps wanted to keep mixing up where I was working and who with; in the fields, in the warehouse, with Punjabis and negros. I can't think of how they can replicate that variety of working situation within one in-town job. Obviously a desk job won't be suffiently disruptable for the assholes.

The masers and plasma beams have been thick today, so much so, that they nearly always interfere with what I can see online, on this LCD panel as I type. They even put on a special kind of plasma/maser, where this blob of black-silvery shimmering substance was suspended in mid air and then disappeared, visible for all of two seconds. The location of this blob was interesting; it was inside the central plastic basket of my Bodum glass teapot. Regular readers will know (I think this has mentioned before) that the perps are obsessed over tea making and drinking and having me present during the color change of the steeping tea. And too, that the perps are obsessed over the energetic properties of plastics in all their varieties including their widespread pollutant form. I just don't get it, six years of being harassed by remote means, a more problematic method, over the energetics of making and drinking tea (among other things and colors). It is fucking bizarre as it is plain nuts that a covert organization of boundless turpitude lacks the gumption to fess up and get on with expediting this depraved agenda with my cooperation.

Some escape for a short time; music listening to my current fave muse, Jill Barber. Back to reality and call this day done, also hoping for no night time games, noise stunts, imposed dreams etc.

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