Friday, September 05, 2008

Evenings Out

I haven't blogged for two days as I was working some, and then had two Feral First Family dinners the last two nights. Here is a summary of recent stunts and gangstalking and harassment activity.

On 09-05-2008, at 0640h in the morning, on a six lane bidirectional major arterial street, (Blanshard and Pandora for locals), there was one of my former forestry colleagues driving a deep green VW Beetle on the wrong side of the street, and cutting through the intersection I was standing at. He drove through the intersection diagonally, crosssing into the opposing lanes of traffic, coming within 15' of me, then proceeded to drive down the left most traffic lane (opposing side) for another 40' and then recrossed to get back on the correct side of the street to make a left hand turn. All this transpired over a city block. This was the same intersection last week where a police vehicle was parked facing the wrong direction on the one-way street, presumably in the service of "efficiency" in responding to a call at the streetside. Fucking absurd, as I have never seen the police driving down the wrong direction of a one-way street before, never mind the once thought colleagues.

While on the inbound crew bus at about 1730h yesterday, stopped at a traffic light, why, if it wasn't a doppelganger of Ms. C of the story crossing the street some 20' away. The perps must of dithered my recognition faculties as I was looking at her "absently", and only a few seconds later did I "notice" (read, mind-controlled (since 2007)) that it was her, or someone very like her, behind those big sunglasses that are all the rage of late. Not that she would be expected to be here in Victoria, Canada, as she owns a house in Everett, Washington State. As expected, the perps are playing this up and planting this "recollection" much of today.

And it wouldn't be a First Feral Family dinner without someone dumping a glass full of red wine. This time it was my three year old neice's turn to "somehow" spill a full wineglass and initiate the cleaning activity of pulling up the underside of the tablecloth, and contribute to this time honored family tradition, all to support the assholes they are working for. As part of the game, my brother had placed the red wine bottle close to me at my seat, when there was no need to do this, as the wine bottles were all kept on the sideboard, 2' away. I had plenty of red wine in me by then, so no doubt the perps were busy attempting to do some ingested red wine color bioenergetic energy correlations to red wine in the dark green bottle, the wine that got spilled, and the same red wine in others' digestive system. Per usual, there was plenty of mixing of the Shiraz from the day before, as well as the two bottles of the same Cabernet that were opened.

I got back from a First Feral Family lunch at my ex's place, and it was the usual "stand around me" event, (read, family based gangstalking). They have their routines where they all ate inside, and me and the ex only outside, all to view her bright red shirt it would seem. Then my neice in purple pants chummed with my daughter in an identical purple top, moving in close, then further away on the swinging outdoor seat.

This morning it was a dual load of laundry that got sabotaged with somebody's damp load left in the washing machine in advance of me, and then another load of laundry in the dryer, also ahead of me. This delayed getting my one combined dryer load started in time before I was picked up for lunch. So it was started at about lunch time, and should of been dry when I got back. But no, someone had yanked out my wet laundry from the running dryer and put their own laundry in instead, stealing the allotted dryer time from me. When I got back, my laundry was on the adjacent counter top, still wet, and someone else's wet laundry was in the dryer. So I removed it, and put my own wet laundry back in. Hopefully it will be left alone this second time. It is utterly bizarre that the assholes cannot leave my laundry alone, and had three other laundry loads "circulating" in the room at the same time. The load that was in the washing machine ahead of mine was somehow dried and folded but still left in the laundry room by a mysterious somebody, and was likely there for reference purposes while my wet laundry was next to it.

I even had a police escort when I exited the building earlier; one came in the elevator at the next floor down and said something which I didn't catch. When I got to the ground floor, my daughter was waiting in her white Hyundai and two white colored police vehicles were sitting nearby in an adjacent parking lot. There was the usual vehicular escort of silver grey, white and black colored vehicles, sometimes six or more of one color. I don't know why the perps are so focussed on having me see the police and police vehicles all the time. Regular readers will know that I see at least four every morning "passing by" while waiting for the crew bus at 0650h. They will often do strange things like a 270 degree turn in mid street at an intersection, parade the police around in absurd skits (he attempted to enter the city hall building at that time), and otherwise loiter around. The police station is at three blocks away, and there is no determinable reason to see so many at that time.

Back to ongoing provocations to have me vocalize, read, swearing out loud. The latest was an overhead thump with a concurrent zapping; thumps from overhead would ordinarily be impossible with a 12" concrete floor/ceiling, but adhering to conventional reality never bothered the perp assholes as they are very familiar with procedures to change one's perception of that concept.

After the third attempt, the above mentioned laundry load was finally allowed to be dried. This was the perp planned day I was going to take all three of the new towels back to Bed, Bath and Beyond as they are still linting up other clothing in the washing machine and the dryer. As my lunch with my ex, daughter and the rest of the First Feral Family was in a nearby location, it would of been a natural to stop by and take the towels back. This had been the planted concept for over three weeks, the day I was going to get this done as I have no vehicular access. And so the day comes, and what "happens"? Why, the laundry appliances got backed up per above hassles and the towels were not dry by the time I had to leave. Imagine, creating self-linting towels while being laundered, and then planting planning thoughts into mind as to when and how to return them, and then fucking the victim some more by arranging more hassles to deny the intended activity. Most TI's are familiar with what I call "dashed expectations"; setting up the expectation of an activity, and then fucking the victim in some way so it doesn't happen at all. Sabotaging the sabotage remediation is below the belt, but doesn't bother the perps any.

This perp mindfuck also applied to a (planted) longer term notion that I was going to frequent the local clothing optional lake and get a ride there with one my past hiking female colleagues who also likes this activity. The perps even had me collect my swim goggles and bathing suit in the spring after "finding" my missing swim bag. The perps regularly planted the notion of me going to meet this person by arranged "coincidence" and jointly embarking on an outing. Not only did I not meet the person, and not go to this lake, the perps allowed me a whole 20 minutes of tanning time this entire summer (shirt off only), and as soon as they forced me to put on my shirt as the cooling clouds rolled in, they then had five individuals (read, gangstalkers), converge upon me in the open daffodil bulb field at that moment. In other words, the perps had me suntanning for only 20 minutes this summer instead of the idyllic scenario that they planted in mind for the past six months. It is fucking bizarre to say the least, and yet another demonstration that I cannot believe any notion that comes to mind, as I have no idea where it is coming from; the Mindfuck Gestapo or organically. Any notion of meeting with those from my past would be discarded if I was freely allowed to analyse the probablity of it happening. Unfortuneately, my analytical thought processes have been defeated and/or corrupted by remote means by unkown parties.

The 8th major siren cascade is in progress, and the siren noise is being modified to sound more like a 1960's siren. I notice more strategic timing of sirens of late; when taking clothes off or putting them on, when cleaning the mirror this morning, and a few other events that were also noisestalked with other sounds.

The motorcycles were also out in great numbers on this warm September Saturday; this was when getting a ride to and from my ex's place for the First Feral Family lunch earlier. The perps' motorcycle noise inundation was also noted when eating my lunch outside.

Blogging off, and a busy day tomorrow, and probably a late posting.

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