Saturday, September 13, 2008

Onto Excursion Planning

I am going away next week, taking my parents on a driving visitation (a holiday, in non-TI speak) to the south Okanagan wine country. I have long made wine from grapes from California and the Okanagan, and I assume this long running hobby, until 10 years ago, was at least sanctioned by the perps, if not created by them. I don't profess to know what they get from this, save some possible geographic energetics research, where the food/produce of a location will retain some unique energies of that location, and are transferable to those who eat them in some way. That doesn't explain a whole lot, but there is a decided geographic location interest to the harassment activity, and that includes moving my residence so many times, 10 since 1998.

As part of the excursion planning there is a local resource that is very helpful, a specialty wine store that had travel literature along the lines of visiting the above mentioned wine producing area. I set off to go there, and had my elevator gangstalker attending to his shoelaces when the elevator arrived, he bent over his running shoe and with a 6" stack of CD's in front of him. He put on the embarrassed act, but still fiddled with his other shoelace that didn't need to be messed with, as it was tidy and all lacings were parallel. He was hot on my tail in leaving the elevator to cross the lobby, and then another dude "happened" to be near the door, and he proceeded ahead of me, leaving me in the center of this three dude file, "pig in the middle" as it were. Why all these dudes are parading around me I don't know, but that wasn't the last of it. It was another 20' to the sidewalk, and when I got there, a 8 strong Korean cluster of adult males and females was coming toward me, crossing paths at sidewalk constriction (where else?) Regular readers will know that there is also a geographic and language aspect to the gangstalking, and this seemed to be an arranged Asian moment, without even pretending. There were like a fish out of water, walking along a residential street block, and not even pretending to be lost. But they had the "look up at nothing" act down pat, walking along and looking up for absolutely no reason. This eye contact aversion game should be familiar to most TI's, and it only began since before overt harassment (BOH) started in 04-2002.

Then onto the wine store, and past the other arranged gangstalkers, though in fact, it was very much like the Saturday morning traffic that would be close to normal, save the fuckwit gangstalking pedestrians who operate in Left Hand Drive mode and will squeeze past me against the storefront to pass me on my right side, instead of the left side if they were functioning like everyone else in Right Hand Drive (like vehicular traffic in North America). I had my vagrant and guitar stalking in the form of one act, the faux vagrant pusing a shopping cart with a black fabric guitar case in it, and presumably, a guitar inside the case. There has been no end of vagrant/shopping cart activity in my proximity, and the guitar stalking has also increased this year. But it was a first to have a faux troubador pushing a shopping cart. He "happened" to pass me by on the sidewalk when E. bound, and lo, if he didn't "show up" again, 20 minutes later still pushing his shopping cart, on my two stop journey on the W. bound leg on an obscure residential block. Another couple also featured them selves early on this junket, and then "showed up" again later. Two reprising gangstalking acts when I have never had even one on downtown visits BOH.

After the wine store, with two brochures in hand, (portable color reference material from the perp perspective), I had my mainstreet freakshow, the cripples, wheelchairs, native Indians, sleeping dudes at the bus stop bench and even an extra energetic pedestrian who was walking ahead of me, getting the jump by not respecting the Don't Walk signal. He leads me for a block, blowing through two Don't Walk signals, while I wait, and when on the opposite side of the second crosswalk, he turns 180 degrees and comes back at me from the sunlit side to the shaded side. And if that weren't enough pedestrian indecision, another dude from the right side, (90 degrees offset from the first reversing dude) coming toward me also reversed direction. It is very plain that the perps are working on their ambulatory gangstalkers to come in and out of the sunlit areas in my presence, and especially the brown skinned ones. As part of this, yesterday's bus trip with sunny weather, seemed to be part of the sunshine games as well.

I then head to the jewellers to get a new watch battery, and there are two more customers ahead of me. One of them, a dude at a loose end it seemed, starts hanging around me, passing from left to right behind my back, and again, doing the "look away" (at absolutely nothing) stunt again. All to avert eye contact while encroaching on my personal space in public. I think we have been here before recently, have we not? As I moved around in the store, then he followed so he could plant himself over where I had been standing. This is the same bullshit that happens in so many other places, the lastmost location being the farm where I was temporarily working on the daffodil bulb sort conveyor belt. The fucking gangstalking assholes have some kind of secret need to stand exactly where I had been, and are pursuing this beserk agenda to piss me off, and also more likely, attempting to get some kind of close-timed gangstalker in the same spatial location once vacated. Hence, the communal beserkness among the vehicular gangstalkers; at least one driving through red lights at nearly every controlled intersection now, including city buses that could of comfortably stopped at the yellow light, but instead, speed up and blow a red light by the time they reach the intersection stop line.

The local supermarket became an unplanned third stop on my morning route, and while there was the usual gangstalking coverage, including dipshits standing around on the sidewalk doing nothing but look conspicuous. When I got back to the apartment block front door, they fucked my key and/or the door lock, to give time for a native Indian loiterer to follow on my ass through the front door and into the elevator. And that was the end of the excitement for today, which is just fine by me.

I was awakened by three rounds of street hollaring and yelling outside last night. Normally, I sleep through such disturbances, but it would seem that some asshole wanted me to hear the noise, especially as it grew progressively fainter, and all the more so when fake neighbor water use noise was added on top of the noisescape at the very end of the faint hollaring session.

The ongoing onslaught of loud mufflered vehicles, especially 2 cycle engine motorcycles of yesterday kept up before I was allowed to sleep last night, and I was given equal measure on each side of my head while lying in bed. I suspect the perps have real technical issues between my lying down and standing or seated, hence their abiding interest by noisestalking me as I transition from one state to the other. And these same infernal noise sources, particularly the motorcycles, have been sustained all afternoon today, about two per minute, a little less than yesterday.

It is time to have some pictures, and if I am allowed and not dithered, I will have them post during the week while I am away.

Taken 08-14-2008, 1750h. The dusk time is the silly time of day for the perps, and they often like to jerk with light levels at this time, and as I write this. This is taken from my balcony looking out, and here we have four blue colored vehicles, all differing hues of blue, the fourth one being behind the tree foliage, and with a silver-grey vehicle behind it, parked. So it would seem that the perps are attempting to detect blue color energetics interaction with me through foliage, with all the other blue vehicles as references/calibration and the silver-grey also behind the passing blue vehicle as a grey-scale reference color. Regular readers and most TI's are familiar with extensive use of white, black and silver-grey vehicles as seeming references for a localized grey-scale.

Taken 08-14-2008, 1750h, following above picture. This is a wide angle shot from my balcony, and one can see there is a replication of sorts in the blue vehicle now on the othogonal street, leading away from the foreground. Also, parked in file are three black colored vehicles, four in total on the left side of the street, two white colored vehicles, one silver grey and a final red vehicle embedded in the gray-scale string, much like the mobile vehicular gangstalking. It appears there are some more blue vehicles parked on the right side of the street, and other colors that are consistent with the left side.

Taken 08-14-2008, 1750:30h. Looking to the SW., a one way street leading out of downtown (Fort St. for locals), and a string on the right side of a white vehicle, two black vehicles and a white vehicle in file. On the left side, a silver-grey vehicle, a black vehicle and a silver grey vehicle behind the foliage.

And lo, if they didn't pass a single mobile white sedan between them, likely for the picture I suspect.

I have got three blog postings scheduled for Monday (09-15-2008) and each two days following for a total of three while I am away. I will post tomorrow, but it won't be anything much as I will be headed to the home of the First Feral Family, aka my parents, before we set off the next day (Monday).

Time to blog off for now, and call this done for the day, even if street hollaring has erupted outside again. And also another round of hallway shouting and door slamming, much the same as last night, presumably for my benefit in some way, perhaps attempting to elicit amygdala brain region activity which responds to the emotional level of human voice.

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