Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lint Attack

The new towels had a lint explosion in the washing machine, worse than the ones that they replaced, and at greater cost, and with the saleswoman's assurance that these ones wouldn't lint. And of course I was dithered out of any cautionary experiences to launder them separately at first. The most linted clothes are on their third round of laundering, and it may take another two washing machine cycles before they can be rid of the lint inundation fuckery. I went through this same exercise in July with the new towels, which continued until I took them back, only the day before I left for the week away. After a week's "fallow time", the new towels were used with any hint of a lint problem, and have now exploded with lint for their first laundering. Just another day with the assholes who manage these events for me, the masters of depravity.

Each time I put the laundry load on, a background Asian chatter erupts in the hallway. It seems that the exercise of starting and re-starting laundry "needs" to be noisestalked with background voices, but without any verbal cognition. As a harassment augmentation, the perps are having me wear the deep green earmuffs to ameliorate their in-apartment noisestalking, and then arrange green dressed gangstalkers in the hallway when making these multiple trips to the laundry room, without the green earmuffs on.

I am on the fourth washing cycle to rid the lint off some of my garments of the first laundry cycle. Some items were put in the dryer and came out fine, but the black, navy blue and mid-grey clothing all have lint plastered tight on them, and still defy conventional logic which is that lint never, ever erupts in the washing machine, only the dryer. So, if anyone knows anything about lint eradication on clothing in the washing machine I would be most grateful.

Still no success in removing lint during the washing cycle, and so I moved onto a dryer cycle to see what happens. Past experience is that this too can be messed with and wil somehow fail to rid the lint.

Enough for today, I will be visiting the First Feral Family within an hour, and consider this to be enough dulldom for a posting. Onto more nonsense later at their place, likely the First Quisling will be parading about in front of the TV again, laying on the apparent cognitive dysfunction extra thick.

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