Monday, September 15, 2008

Offline Posting #1

Composed 09-2008, Sept. 13 & 14, and intended to be posted later in the week while away, offline.

The first copy of this blog posting got deleted by someone other than myself; this is the second round, and hopefully the last.

The plasma beams that find me games again, as if I haven't bored you with enough of these pictures. The plasma beam "reflectance" always comes to find me in the late afternoon and early evening and is targeted onto this apartment, no matter what floor the beam is coming from.

Taken 08-14-2008, 1750:48h. The light is brighter when observed, the camera somehow reduces the intensity of the beam when photographed. The shadow on the tower is the shadow of the building I live in.

This is what it is like on the inside, and invariably I pull my curtains as the beamed light is distracting. This is an E. facing apartment, and it would seem that some asshole needs to shine more light on me for their ongoing dusktime fuckery.

Taken 08-22-2008, 1607:17h. This one is usually first to "beam me" on a cloudless afternoon/evening, again directly into my apartment. The "source" is six condo units on two floors, all with their venetian blinds arranged the same, an louvres fully down and oriented in the same direction. Amazing consistency among these folks, as there are many more of these same pictures that regular readers can attest. This "reflectance" is toned down from what I usually see, as this is at least twice as bright as I see it in realtime, though that too can be dithered, and the camera may represent what anyone else would see.

Taken 08-22-2008, 1607:06h. More symmetry games; two silver-grey vehicles, one behind the foliage again, and a mid-tone grey pickup. The street that stretches to the top of the frame is nearly normal in vehicle and color composition; the ever-projectless irrigation truck with the PVC pipe on its roofrack being the most anomalous, more from the number of times it "happens" to be there. Yesterday (09-12-2008) it was parked in this same location and I noted that it might have been there for outside PVC reference, as I brought home a new shower curtain yesterday, packaged in a clear vinyl pouch.

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