Thursday, September 25, 2008

Onto More Suck Jobs

Another vacuum cleaning has just erupted in the hallway outside my door. These hallways are rarely cleaned, and so it is a mystery as to why two cleanings in two days. Regular readers will know that vacumming cleaning activity has a very high likelihood of "erupting" anywhere I am, and it would seem in this pre-dinner and pre-dusk time frame that they are putting on a big suck job. And why are vacuuming jobs so frequently scheduled where I am? I have no set theory, except to note that many advanced thinking physicists refer to the ether as being full of "torsional energies", and hence, something that localizes some torsional disruption is a good thing if you spend the time to investigate these in the proximity of a victim you are presecuting. That is, if you are a perp/depravee/abuser of course.

I also suspect that the perps gain some benefit of having coils of electrical wire around me, and all the better that it is wrapped up in a yellow plastic jacket it would seem. The outside cleaning is still going on, and just no cleaning activity, say, movement of the suctioning hose or of the vacuum cleaner itself. Nothing new there of course.

It was a yoga day today, and I had my usual elevator and street accompaniment. The dude in the elevator did a little sideways head cock as he saw me approaching the elevator doorway, and also had a big grin on his face. I thought he was trying too hard to put on the subtle nutzo act, though I was assured that he wasn't the only one as it turned out. I had a full block running gangstalker, in city wear, and then he stopped immediately on the other side of the crosswalk, and then walked across it at the signal. I thought it odd that he was running for no seeming reason, and that the crosswalk "somehow" caused him to slow his pace. These running fuckwits have been increasing of late, and given that the perps are on a green color binge of late, I suppose it was no surprise that this gangstalker was also dressed in green.

As part of the walk, I had my weekly run-at-me stunt while on the crosswalk, the gangstalking routine where they are making a left turn and "need" to get their vehicle as close to me as possible, and so they block the oncoming traffic, (illegal) and then rev their engine and drive up to the crosswalk and sit and wait in the intersection until I am out of the way (usually). My understanding of the traffic rules is that one is not to drive on the crosswalk at all if there are pedestrians on it. Anyhow, I get one of these a week in this town, and I never had anyone doing this anywhere I have lived, and especially here until the overt harassment started up, then all kinds of strange and highly coordinated driving stunts erupted.

The yoga class was moved on me, again without prior notice, and seemingly to have me walk the length of the building to then call in at the desk and find out where it was. All other class relocations get notices on the wall, but "somehow" the yoga class does not. And of course I won't get into detail as to how the perps like to have paper notices pinned on the walls, especially if there is a message inked in with a felt pen. Nor will I detail the fact that these pieces of paper always flutter as I go by, and are seemingly extra kinetic.

By way of the re-location of the classroom jerkaround mentioned above, the perps somehow arranged for me to late for yoga, though I suspect there was some other fuckery with my watch as part of it. I hate being late for anything, and that might be because they often had my parents as latecomers to events, and it plain pissed me off then, and still does. And, another party knows this, and incorporates this into the harassment games, and thereby ensures that my choices where I sit are limited. In this case it isn't a big deal, as there was enough room for all, but it was interesting that the one place that remained was next to the piano, the same configuration that was arranged in the earlier room. Anyhow, not a big deal, and I had some relative freedom in a public space, save the masers and plasma beams flitting about all the time, and some crumb generation fuckery as well. (The crumbs "arrive" from nowhere it would seem, either as greyscale colors or brown ones).

And what does the dishy yoga instructor start out with while I am unfurling my mat; she says she would like to talk about "mind control", a quieting of the mind while doing meditative yoga she elaborated. That she uttered those words with interspersed faux throat clearing noise was also scripted IMHO. I thought it interesting that the term came up, and it would seem that there must some advantage/objective the assholes need to evaluate me for. Not unlike eating your own dogfood, a Microsoft expression used to apply to in-house software developers that must use Microsoft software in the course of their software development duties. So it would seem that the perp assholes need me to hear the term "mind control" (what they are doing to me), as well as write about it in this here blog posting.

What could the harassment excitement be now? I identify extra noise barrages as the moments that the perps are most interested in, along with any other phenomenon like plasma beams, "coincidences", transitory vision impairments, typo sabotage etc. What I had been doing was reading another TI's blog where she rightfully corrected me in making a comment. As a consequence I replied, and then later reflected as to how I got it wrong, which must be the same reason I now get so many seeming facts "wrong"; that there is a mind dithering third party that likes me to get it totally wrong, and then get it in the ear from an aggrieved party. No wonder the overhead rumbling noise started up as I read the reply to my initiating comment. I must refrain from making blog posting comments on other TI's sites, as I have been burned by this same stunt as before. The perps are very interested in the TI to TI communication, and I had better stop now as the overhead noise is getting too predominant, along with the string of "motorcycle moments" from outside (loud motorcycles or the sound thereof).

Or could the current noise flurries be over the fact that this is the post-dinner digestion period, and as I had some new food in my diet, it just might be the thing that excites the small minds that continue to plague me. I had a peach after dinner, one of the five that I bought when on an excursion last week, purchased at a fruit stand. The perps created my "allergic reactions" to peaches at least 12 years ago and I have been hesitant to eat them ever since. But lo, if we didn't buy a whole case of them for my brother last year when doing the same junket in the same regions, and after eating one, no "allergic reaction". So, I bought a small quantity last week and am eating them at lunch and dinner. This too, might signal perp progress as to determining why I don't like the color yellow, as it would seem that eating yellow colored pills once per day for six years isn't enough. And I did not take any yellow pills last week because of a forced "forget", so this "yellow pill intake onset" period just might be all too exciting for the perps, especially when arranged with yellow fruit consumption. Not my problem; so why do I have a phalanx of fuckwits around me parading yellow colors? If I only knew how complicated my life was and why. But that will be at least two years away by my estimate of the associated fuckery (noises, vision impairments, plasma and maser flashes) and my coincident action at the moment; attention shifting, thoughts, deeds, or the instant I see an Unfavored demographic subpopulation member.

One incident at yoga today indicated that I was being monitored for seeing Unfavored sights; a curly haired reddish brown dyed hair woman was bowed over in her yoga pose, and the instant my attention was (needlessly) directed to see the top of her head, a noise went off. She is a genuinely nice person, and hasn't been anywhere as aggressive as other gangstalkers, but her hair has this horrible reddish glow to it, what I surmise is from hair dye. Once she even combed her hair down with a gel so it was close to her scalp (no apparent curls) and darkened, and she told me about meeting Andy Warhol at a party in Denver. I thought her story was interesting, and could readily surmise why her face caught the attention of Andy Warhol. Anyhow, I suppose this was a perp arrangement to separate her look from her normal hair style and color, and extend the engagement time with a conversation, one of perps long-observed games of incrementally reducing the look of the Unfavored characteristics on otherwise Favored individuals.

The evening teatime has ended; the perps seem to have made this new "need" a daily item as they have upped the brown food consumption once more. There is nothing that pisses me off more about the perps imposed diet than eating 200g to 300g of chocolate everyday for some reckless fuckwits who traumatized me over the color of brown in my developmental years (seemingly), and now this subconscious association appears to be a problem for them. Not only that, but this imposed chocolate "habit" costs me $200/month when I am on a fixed income disability, thanks to the same assholes. There was a few weeks in late 2002 that they had me turned off chocolate so much that I could not stand the smell of it; since then, it is a "must have". There are other color traumatization associations, red, yellow, orange and purple, and again, I have no recall as to how this occured. Though it would seem that another party knows more about this than I do, hence all this beserk color arrangements around me, never mind the pounding of the ceiling through 12" of concrete overhead as I write this.

Now the hot rod noises have started up, and then a stinging pain in the head, so obviously I have thought of something the assholes did not plant, hence this applied vigor in "stimulating" me through directed pain.

And I am being made to be especially annoyed tonight, as it may seem that I will be forced to resign from being a Professional Forester. I have been on a leave of absence for three years now, and I found out for the first time that this was the maximum permitted duration. The story keeps changing of course, and this too might come to pass. But as the perps like their victims to experience dissolution of their professional and personal associations, I would not be surprised to find that the perps desired outcome is to force my resignation. Surely they had this one planned long ago, and I will see what happens. If I get to take a baseball bat to any perp, the one who scripted this piece of fuckery will immediately follow the fate of the sick motherfucker who planned the electromagnetic beam hunting and attacks in Seattle in 2002.

I have learned of another TI who makes the harassment activities plain, and has a number of stories to tell about it. I don't know much about her, but it would only be fair to give a TI some "air time" on this blog about covert harassment and experimentation. Her name is Suz LaBoeuf, and she even approached her Congressman, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, normally a champion of the trodden upon, and he walked away from her. Surely an interesting tale, especially that he must of known something about the issue in advance, and yet wouldn't touch it. Normally one is first curious as to a new issue, and then decides what to do.

Though I have had the odd politician gangstalker, pimping themselves in my proximity more than past frequencies, they seem to know what to do. Some have been lowly backbenchers in the opposition, and I suppose I could count shaking hands with the Prime Minister in about 1994 when there was an election. All of course unprovable, but it does seem odd to me that there have been more politicians in my orbit since overt harassment began in 04-2002.

Overhead hammering and pounding has erupted while I am reading about the Bush family here. There aree some fascinating tales that I was unaware of, but it does make me wonder what my tormentors association is such that mere reading is noisestalked so obviously.

More reading about the Bush family fortunes, though I do not profess to understand all of it as it is so Byzantine. Enough of a dull day, and time to call this one done and ponder what annoying dreams I will be subject to.

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