Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Prediction of a Dental Appointment

The outside noise now emulates the sound of a dentist's drill, without the vibration and smell of it of course. Not that there seems to be an actual source on the street or adjacent buildings, but it has that high pitch wailing sound that varies by speed, and has been going on all morning. My prediction is that I will get a call to visit the dentist soon for dental cleaning which will bring on this same noise while being applied to my teeth. Just a prediction, and they can be terribly wrong of course, especially when the same party that plants the idea in mind is the same one controlling the script of what happens and when.

A rain has come on today, and this looks to be a shut-in day with the grocery shopping done yesterday, and no other compelling errands to undertake. I don't know what the story is for the perp's applied "renormalization" after a week away, but I suspect that they will force a dull at-home week after my return, much as they did in advance of my excursion last week. (The had the crew bus shut down prematurely it would seem, as it was promised until the 19th, and stopped its service on the 14th without prior notice.) Now it is back to troving through part time work ads to dig myself out of the financial hole again, as they had me clean up on workwear while visiting my brother in Kamloops, largely because I got a 40% family discount (he owns the store), which the local franchise is loathe to grant me. Besides, he has a better selection at this Kamloops store, and even makes trips to China to have various fabrics and garments made up in smaller lots that his parent chain stores don't sell.

So, these "needs" for work related clothing over the last month now include safety toed boots, two jackets, Blaklader workpants, and extra thick socks. My abovementioned brother visited some two weeks before we visited him, and I told him about "my" (read, planted thoughts) interest in attempting construction work, and acquiring some clothes and safety equipment to prepare myself. He said he had all the clothes and equipment that I was interested in, and to send him an email to order it from his store, which I did. When I got there, he had handed this order off to one of his staff whom I contacted, and she hadn't arranged any of it for varying reasons, one being that they don't carry some of the items that my brother said they did. When visiting him in Kamloops last week, I went shopping at this stores myself, and it was true, he was bullshitting me on the safety gear that he claimed was in stock. Anyhow, I got some clothes and gear, but it was interesting what the perps stopped me from getting by way of recall depletions; a half mask respirator, insert kneepads for the Blaklader pants, and composite safety toed rubber boots. (The latter item may not exist, but getting the alternative steel toed rubber boots did "not occur" to me). Don't forget the perps had me keyed up to get these items, and I was researching them for some weeks in advance. As always, it is difficult to divine what the perp motivations are; applied adversity, imposed provenance of acquisition, imposed combination of items and their colors in the shopping bags, imposed "fallow time" for items to sit around in close proximity in my apartment, or even a broad "hint" that the construction work notion isn't going to happen and that all these aquisitions are an elaborate exercise of pissing my money away. Another who knows jerkaround for sure. My brother also chimed in at one time last week, saying that "construction work is too difficult". Of course he didn't reconcile this with allowing me to buy construction work related clothing, nor any interest as to what might be the best kind of work for me, or any vocation interest whatsoever. Just more of the same, being kept in the void, or FUDworld, (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt).

One of the disrupted routines of last week's excursion was my morning shaving. Normally, I not only shave my face, but all my frontal hair, a "habit" that erupted nearly exactly a year ago when returning from last year's similar junket. But as I was sharing the bathroom facilities with my parents while travelling, I opted to shave only my face to expedite shaving. And so it was a partial return to form yesterday to shave my frontal hairs in the shower to readily drain off the 1/4" long hairs, but "somehow" I forgot to do my underarm hairs. The latter were attended to today, after a round of harassment with the cut-off hairs behaving as if they were still attached, projecting from my skin by way of a mysterious force. The perps had me do a nout shave last night in the bathtub, and then proceeded to make all kind of elevator noise, and likely movement, as they seem to like stretching steel cables in my proximity, even if some 10' away through two walls. Regular readers will know that the perps have a fetish over shaving, and regularly sabotage such activity, especially following a disruption of routine, e.g. last week's travelling. Anyhow, shaving should now settle into the dullness of routine again, and that is a good thing for all the harassment games that "erupt" over shaving.

My earmuffs are still on to block the drilling-like whine noise, and occasionally, an overhead clunk erupts that somehow penetrates the earmuffs. I am sure that it is the green plastic that is so interesting to the perps, along with the grey accoustic foam iside the ear cups.

A two hour nap just finished up with the usual grogginess afterward, dispelled in part by having tea. Perhaps the accompanying chocolate helped too, though there was another evident party who has a greater interest in chocolate, and all things brown. they created many crumbs that would spring from the chocolate bar, or that would land on the plate from nowhere. Teleporting crumbs is nothing new to me, though they didn't get serious about this until this year, it was always discreet before. I had a 9.5 hour sleep last night, and that should of been plenty of sleep, but "somehow", these naps just take over and I am toast until they wake me up.

There was some dream invasion last night, one round early after going to bed and having me wake up to then yell at the assholes for this imposition. Then just before waking up this morning, the perps planted a very bright yellow color in my dreams for whatever reason, though post-traumatic stress association may be the root cause, much like the freakshow parade I get when outside.

And this past week was a yellow color testing week. I took my yellow and white colored medications with me for the excursion but "forgot" to take them each day, the identical situation of last year's junket. There were plenty of yellow cabbed trucks on the road, and also, yellow dressed fuckwit gangstalkers about as well. So it doesn't surprise me that during this transition from last weeks abnormal routine (travel), to this week's routines, that the perps are pulling yellow color games. During last year's near identical junket they put on extra yellow colored vehicles toward the end of the week. And I see that they stationed a flashing yellow light from the streetworks below, the light exactly placed to flash from below an intervening balcony of the apartment tower across the street. This went on all morning, so I surmise that this was all about continuing the yellow color games now that I have resumed consumption of my yellow and white pills (capsule), with a white colored tablet. Neither is a heavy duty medication, and it would seem that the real goal is for the perps to have me take them because of Rx colors; I noted no difference in me while not taking them for a week, same as last year.

Another predominant color the perps were testing last week was a burnt orange color. My parents started that one out by "finding" a burnt orange colored tent fabric to "place" over top of items in the rear cargo area, so this would serve as an onboard color reference to the many fuckwit gangstalkers dressed in the same burnt orange color, not to mention the many vehicles of that same color that "happened" to pass by. Not a big deal by any means, there have been many depravities far worse.

Yes, it has been a shut-in day, and not wholly unexpected as this is a long standing trend, having me "chill out" so to speak. I get to go out to yoga tomorrow, and I am sure it will be a mighty gangstalking as it will be the first class since coming back from a week away, a big deal as I have indicated in the last two days' blog postings.

And I was allowed to eat garlic tonight, the first time since 2004. It was a regular item in my diet, that being the enforced diet of course, but somehow, it just faded out and I didn't buy any more. Fine, I thought, no big deal, and I never really missed it. But when shopping at the Okanagan fruit stands last week I cam across some local garlic, I "thought" (read, planted notion) why not. And tonight was the first time since I got back that I had to cook, as there was leftovers in the fridge. The garlic added a little zing to the flavor, but nothing too strong. I don't know what the perp's fascination with garlic is, but it could be like wine, in that it is sourced from many different geographic sources and the perps want to somehow detect this (the provenance associated energetics) in the food and in me, once digested. In 2004 when I had garlic as a regular food item, the perps would plant the dry garlic skins in varying locations the apartment, much like what they do with their brown crumbs at present. I will soon find out if this juvenility erupts here, though it does beg the larger question after this summer's work activity with farmed daffodil bulbs; what is the perps fascination with bulb plants, the dry skin that peels off and edible bulbs (garlic, onions)? It wil be a long time before that gets an answer if they can plan for a four year imposed absence of a food item from my diet, and then resume its consumption.

Time to call this one done for the day, and ponder what infernal dreams are the assholes going to plant on me tonight?

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