Thursday, September 11, 2008

Post Lunch Jackhammering Noise

That long familiar sound again, jackhammering has "joined" me for lunch, and continuing as I write this, some 20 minutes into the lunch digestion period. And to not forget, lunch was a single tortilla slice, and of a brown color. The things the perps do over the color brown, and bringing it to my attention in very specific parsed increments. Though I did note two brown vehicles in file in traffic earlier, a first as far as arranging brown colored vehicles goes. Regular readers will know the perps are obsessed over this color, and have assiduously placed in my purview in all its forms, including skin color, vehicle color, clothing color, floor color and so on. And too, the post-meal digestion period has also been of intense interest, also playing into the brown colored food such as sprouted wheat tortillas, gluten free breakfast cereal, coffee, and last, but not least, the excess chocolate consumption they force upon me (IMHO).

It has been a busy morning for the perps; a haircut at a new location and new stylist, then a 15 minute idle time at my apartment, and then yoga for an hour, and now back at the apartment so I get to listen to jackhammering. On my way back from yoga there was no hint of any street maintenance job, and only 10 minutes later, while eating above mentioned tortillas, they started the jackhammering activity and are still at, some 20 minutes later. Regular readers will be aware of the many street works, building construction, pipe digging projects that erupt in the vicinity of my residence, and that there is more to it than just the noise factor, as the perps take great pains to transport the soil and rocks past me when I am some blocks removed from the construction site. The soil exposure and digging activity projects in the vicinity of my residence has followed me since at least five years old, and comes in the form of adjacent subdivided lots developed for house construction, septic field repair digging, commercial construction of highrise buildings that will go below grade100' or more, sewer line replacement, other underground services, and including the last property that I owned, a small hobby farm where some 1800' of service lines were put in a trench and then covered over. Even the house cat got into it and walked the length of the trenches for whatever reason it had, possibly even a planted one, doing the perps' bidding possibly.

Back to another day of doing nothing much, which was unintended from the beginning of the week, as I expected to be doing more daffodil bulb sorting on the farm conveyor line, but they withdrew the crew bus transportation unexpectedly, and so here I have a week of relative calm, jackhammer noise not withstanding, before I set off to take my parents on a driving tour of the south Okanagan wine producing area for all of next week.

It was a good yoga session with the most dishy instructor, a former dancer, and nice to get back into it after missing last week's session in pursuing the almighty dollar. The usual strange crumbs and hairs came to "visit" me around my mat, some of them of no conventional explicable origin, e.g. fushia day glow color fibers that arrived next to my mat. I still get the bad hair dye job yoga classmates, and this seems to be another perp interest, going by how prevalent extra obvious red-brown hair dye jobs are in the gangstalking panoply. And I noted that the violet colored mat I used was color matched to my adjacent yogi's clothing, and hasn't been the first time these interesting color matchings have happened.

The loud motorcycle noise has been running for most of the afternoon, about 3 per minute, one of my least favorite noises, hence its popularity with the assholes that manage my existence. I have no idea why I loathe this noise so much, and given the amount of bikers planted for me to see on any given outing, there must be a visual component to this aspect of ongoing harassment. The jackhammering finally stopped after some 50 minutes of near continuous work, and that was all for the good. It hasn't the same amount of reaction that the 2 cycle motorcycle (aka Harley Davidsons) noise has. One has to assume that my reaction is genuine, which is not always the case, as there have been at least a dozen events where my "reaction" was managed to be out of character. As most TI's know, out of character equates to externally applied invasive mind and behavior modification, something the perps are long practiced in. I suspect that they were reasonably fluent in this technology back in 1954 when I was born, as I am able to recollect some "out of character" thoughts back to about six years old. How much extra they have learned from me since then I don't know; my rough estimate was that they were at the 80% level when they went into overt harassment in 04-2002 on me. As I have indicated in past blogs, it appears that mind control research is about a quarter of the perp objectives, as why would they get so bonkers about what colors I like and dislike, along with the presentation of the freakshow that "happens" when I go out in public? And why have some gangstalkers stare at me if there wasn't something else they want to elicit? It is all very curious, and begs the question as to how do they know when they are done? Somewhere, there must be a huge spreadsheet with thousands of cells where they fill in the boxes in various colors as to the level of activity and completion of what they are looking for, with me at front and center of this ongoing depravity. Not that I asked to be, and and not that I cannot get out of it either.

I see a round of bickering has erupted in a certain TI's forum; this time about proven noise projection technologies and the dialog is getting rather strident to say the least. Personally, I don't indulge in specific technical solutions as it seems there is a vital hole in our comprehension of physics which can account for mind invasive technologies, action at a distance gravitic manipulations, projected sounds, and complete and total realtime eavesdropping. Hence, the densified magnetic fields that I have measured in the past, which appear to aid the perp's agenda, and in addition, nonstop masers and plasma beams, (both magnetically controlled phenomenon) even as I write this. One doesn't read about this in any physics textbook, and for some reason, no one teaches physics in public schools that identifies this highly anomalous situation of incompatibility of classical newtonian physics and quantum mechanics. The Grand Unified Theory variants all claim to resolve this issue, and one could make a lifetime's work out of researching all these comprehensive theories. For me, as a survivor of high school physics, I don't have the "right stuff" (probably cortical neurons) to understand physics theories, and don't bother to understand this bigger picture more than I am faced with. And that includes many highly curious events in any given day. For what it is worth, here is Bearden's 34 flaws in electromagnetic (EM) theory, though I don't get a whole lot of understanding from his technical perspective. His site is worth a look, though it is a tough read, at least for me, but he does cover all of the above mentioned advanced technologies as facets of his unified ether physics perspective. (A more readable history of the bowdlerization of Maxwell's electromagnetic theories is here). He isn't the only one to do so, but there are so many things even in biology we don't know; how do adjacent cells coordinate their behavior to either jointly shut down or start up in response to environmental stimuli?

Enough of the science and filling this posting up with conspiratorial perspectives on the history of electromagnetism. It is not new, and I will attempt to refrain from bringing up this topic if I can. Unless I get any requests by email, as the comments have been removed owing to Anonymous' debunking agenda. (Debunking is code for vituperative obstinacy IMHO).

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