Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Offline Posting #2

Composed 09-13-2008

The great teabag sachet caper, still going on. This is Stash tea, Chai selection, and there has been a curious trend in the topmost corners of the sachet, specifically these white and black markers for lack of a better term. I suspect they are more greyscale color marks for the perps' color games and related fuckery, but of course I don't know that for sure. Perhaps someone could contact Stash and have them explain why there are frequently changing this part of the sachet graphic.

Taken 07-24-2008. The black and white markers are one on each side, and in fact, the black backs onto the same corner of the white on the opposite side, back to back.

Taken 09-13-2008. The current box of Stash tea has the black and white markers adjacent in one corner on the same side. No doubt there is more inanity to follow on this theme, and I will add more variants for lack of anything better to do that chase down some deranged asshole's trivial pursuits, which includes trashing my life and sending red-orange plasma beams over my hands as I type this.

Taken 08-22-2008 1607h. A Where's Waldo test; find the anomalous symmetric details;
  • three white vehicles abreast, the police vehicle passing between two white colored vehicles,
  • the irrigation services truck with a ful load of 20' PVC pipe that has no adjacent project to suggest that it is on irrigation business, but more likely, to deliver some PVC to the locale,
  • The two silver-grey vehicles in the intersection, one partially obstructed by the tree foliage, one proceeding straight ahead, the other making a left turn,
  • the perp's most problematic color, brown, in the form of a vehicle sitting among four white vehicles
  • three black colored vehicles on the left side of the road, one mobile on a pit-lamping drive by
  • and at least two same blue colored vehicles with plenty more augmented blue "reflections" among the parked vehicles.

Taken 08-22-2008, 1856:50h. A total gimme for me to entice me out on my balcony again, this time two hours later. And note that they even put on the outside night lights on for me at this time, something they do so frequently, often all nightime lights in parkades are switched on in the day in my proximity. The red pickup truck, second from the right, even has some foliage in the box, consistent with the perps' obsession over exposing me to foliage, cut foliage mostly, everywhere I go, including outside my apartment. They have been consistent on this from the get go, back to the 04-2002 attacks.

Taken 08-22-2008, 1856:55h. And it would seem, they needed a mid-grey vehicle to pass by the red colored vehicles with one white pickup between them, again as it would seem, a white color reference. And lo, if they didn't sneak another red colored vehicle on the orthogonal street, in the top left of the picture, yet another pickup truck. Amazing, arranging all this all the time, and then baiting me with this show.

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