Monday, September 08, 2008

Stood Up

Today makes it two successive days the crew bus did not show up, and they expressly asked about my availibility and I had told them on Friday I would be next coming in on Sunday. They didn't tell me or even phone, and unilaterally stopped the service. And that means no more daffodil bulb picking for pay. I did my month end for Quicken today, and I will be $400 overdrawn on my line of credit by September's end. So, after all that work, I still didn't make it out of the debt hole the perps ensure that I am in, and with more expenditures on new eyeglasses coming up. A valiant effort, and now I get unceremoniously cut off from any further employment at that work site. Back to to the casual labor pool and the now and again jobs. This is all to be sorted out after next week when I return from a driving excursion I will be doing for my parents, not unlike the one last year. Who knows what the next working gig will be, and where. And I get to kick around this week, on do-nothing status.

While waiting for the crew bus that didn't come, I had a native Indian dude lounging around some 10' from me for 15 minutes, standing in the middle of the sidewalk and pacing around for no apparent reason. He even pulled out a bus schedule when he wasn't waiting at a bus stop. Bizarre. He kept hanging around in my left side peripherial vision, but not appearing to have any purpose but to strangely and purpsely loiter in my proximity. I have never seen someone so blatantly shiftless as this dude, making sure that I noticed the entire improbable gestalt of his loitering.

Later in the morning, I went to the bank and got my paycheck deposited and rolls of quarters for the inevitable laundry coin demand that is arranged in this apartment, even if $1 coins have been circulating for some two decades. I had my usual gangstalking freakshow around me, still on the native Indian theme (think brown skin for perp color games), and many obese individuals from all races. And lo, if there weren't some obese native Indians on gangstalking duty as well. I was allowed to purchase Neutrogena Deep Clean at a new drugstore location, the LD store being "out of stock" the last two times I visited. And of course they jacked the price up by $2, not to mention the cost of being mindfucked into getting the wrong replacement product two weeks ago. I, like most people as far as I know, do not make mistakes in getting regular supplies, and yet somehow "it happened". More never-before behavior, this inconsistent "forgetting".

The clunking and motorcycle noises have arrived together, and they are protracted for longer earplugging durations. The particularly noxious noises are reserved for putting my fingers to my ears as "somehow" the earmuffs let these sounds through. I am supposed to get 24dB attentuation, but that doesn't apply to perps sponsored noises they want me to hear from supposed long past traumatizations. They certainly know which noises I least like, and make sure to play them often. It would seem that even the sight of motorcycles, the typical large Harley Davidsons, are getting more gangstalking time. So it would seem that motorcycle related traumatizations extend to their visual image, and not just the noise. In fact, some have been attenuated for noise, in a seeming attempt to separate the visual from the associated sound.

A 1.5 hour nap in the afternoon was imposed; it is virtually impossible to resist these no matter how one tries, even if the nap is at a strange time, say evening time.

Since then, I have been on websurfing, fulfilling the perp's latest theme in having a silent PC, and possibly get one of the hot running ATI or nVidia graphics cards with a heat pipe cooling system. The endless churning over this imposed coveting of a graphics card keeps going on, cycling between manufacturers, ATI, NVidia and Matrox. As I am not a gamer, I don't have the pressing need for the latest and greatest, and in fact, I have no genuine "need" at all. The perps keep telling me that they want me to get Photoshop and do digital scanning of all my photographs and that of my parents' photos too. This little junket will take at least $2k to $3k to fulfil, as I will need a negative and a slide feeder for the scanner. And that would be $2k that I don't have, with above mentioned line of credit still in the red. And if I were to get a job to afford this, then I wouldn't have the time to play with all that software and hardware. It is fucking absurd to be manipulated to "want" things I don't need or have any interest in acquiring. Though it is not the first time, and won't be the last.

And it would seem that the above mentioned effort to attain a positive cash position in my bank account has also been saddled with planted notions of impending other planted expenditures. The perps had me envisioning myself as some kind of donation Santa, sending monies to fellow TI's and TI organizations. I would in fact do this if I was in the black, and after some two years of being kept in the hole, I want out before I spend anything on any worthy donors, eyeglasses and other intended (read, planted notions of expenditures) objects, e.g. above PC graphics board component. This suggests another round of "dashed expectations", a situation the perps routinely create for me. In conjunction with recent modest earnings, they pump me up with all kinds of intention to engage in worthy expenditures, often in heroic terms, and then pull the rug out from under my by jerking with the work situation. And with the completion of entering my Quicken finances for August to the present, I find that I haven't made it out of the red yet. Perhaps the perp's script is to be just like the Jimmy Buffet song, about surviving by ripping off the minimart for food when broke, and promising to pay it back when they got rich, and they never did.

I am getting enough overhead thumping (of 12" of concrete) is to keep me aware that the above topic of financial activity is of intense interest to another party. As always, the timing of noisestalking (directed coincident noise) is my biggest tip-off as to what interest the perps. Though of late they have been noisestalking word prefixes; ing, es, s, ed, istic, etc, aided by syntax sabotage. They are also still noisestalking me when making capital letters or corrections to them, also when making or correcting spaces with the backspace key and the delete key. Another intensified activity that interests the perps is when bookmarking, changing bookmarked titles, and adding or changing bookmark directory names. I think this should be considered sufficient; I have over 20,000 bookmarks for movies alone, totally absurd, representing an accretion over the past four years of web browsing.

I am being kept in a demotivated mood tonight, not much energy to undertake anything but blogging and websurfing.

Something to wake me up; an overhead clunking with a zapping just happened, and then the overhead water flushing noise. As all apartments are arranged the same, it makes no sense that a bathroom would be overhead. As always, I contend that most of the noises I experience are projected, if not augmented. And it "so happened" just then I was reading about projecting sound to disorient "military and diplomatic personnel", har, har. As if ordinary folks would be exempt from something so devilish. Not my experience.

An eruption of overhead clunking time with rebooting after "forgetting" to post this before PC shutdown. This is a rare time that I have been made to do a PC boot up immediately after a shutdown. There have been many warm PC reboots in the long history of adverse computer behavior, but not usually cold reboots (from the off switch) following a shutdown. An exciting moment for sick minds, whatever they get from it.

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