Saturday, September 13, 2008

Away for a Week

More games as the perps dither me as to the respective contents of this blog and the next three that are scheduled for release while I am away for a week, visiting vineyards and wineries. As it "so happens", this will be at the latter part of the journey as my Kamloops resident borother and family will be away the following weekend.

And the perps had me do the laundry, this time the bedsheets and pillows, presumably to lie fallow for the week that I am away. They like to arrange postponements and delays for events that have a rapid turnover. Another is screwing me from putting on the kettle like I usually do before I eat my breakfast cereal. This way, the kettle comes to the boil about the same time as I am finished, and the process is relatively time efficient. But this wasn't good enough for my tormentors, they had to fuck me out of putting the kettle on, and delay the entire breakfast process until it came to a boil. Just another jerkaround, and there are at least 50 of these in any given day, pissing with my long established habits.

When the laundry is on they have be get domestically ambitious, about the only time this "happens". Today, it was cleaning the kitchen floor of a metallic black scuzz that had slowly evolved, then do vacumming (a rare event), then dusting, which included pulling the PC out to deal with the dust filter. And they screwed me out of doing it the efficient way, popping the front panel, and so I was forced into popping the entire side panel to get to the hinged front panel where there wasn't much dust anyhow. As part of the exercise they had me look at the PCI-E slot where the graphic board might go if they screw me into getting one. I don't need it, and don't want to go through the hassles of determining its fit, and potentially getting screwed by purchasing one that cannot fit into the slot. The only way out of this is to have a shop do it, and at twice the price, and only if they sell the very board that I am looking for, one without a fan, passively cooled. A fan in a PC is another excuse for the perps to go nuts and create extra noise, something that would piss me off after getting a quiet PC case after five years of a noisey one. It is never simple when aquiring things when monitored and harassed as any new item is a wide-open opportunity to screw the victim. Hence, keep one's life simple, and avoid acquisitions. That is easier said than done, as they have been driving "my interest" for a video board add-on for the last year or so.

The loud mufflered vehicles and noisy motorcycles (think, Harley Davidson like) noise is playing again, the assholes also pulling this when I went to bed last night. At least four for each side of my head that was facing up, and two iterations worth. The street hollaring was also on last night, and has continued today, even if there was no viable perpetrator in view. More projected sounds it would seem. And for the first time, they arranged a brown vehicle to park outside all morning after a all night red vehicle being parked there. No wonder they riled me up so much earlier when I was making my breakfast toast, peanut buttter and jam.

Time to call this one done and arrange packing for my First Feral Family excursion this week.

A last round of noise to follow me while packing, taking the garbage out, seeing to the last of my mail and the rest of the tidy things that one does before setting off. And to accompany me, why, the overhead (no matter where I am in this apartment) rumbling noise with an added squeak has started up, and a increased frequency of loud mufflered vehicle noise has "erupted". The so-called performance mufflers have come out, and part of this is that the putative driver holds the engine at high rpm and doesn't shift gears. The noisey motorcycle noise is also playing big. From the perps perspective, this is their last chance to inundate me with these, as there will be less cover story anywhere else.

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