Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Weekly Crosswalk Run-in

I attempted to get a haircut today, but was stymied by a busy schedule at the place I visited. On my way there, and setting off at the pedestrian "Walk" signal, a old biddy ran the red light while making a right turn and momentarily applied her brakes when I set off to walk, and then proceeded to cut right in front of me. This to get me pissed off, and get a moving vehicle some 1' from while making a corner. It is most common the perps like their gangstalkers (vehicular, cyclists, ambulatory) to make a 90 degree in my proximity, and in this case it was under my nose almost. I get at least one such run-at-me each week, and this was closer than most, and I had no choice in yelling at the asshole as she cruised by with a second red wearing biddy in the front passenger seat. And I always make sure to cross with the pedestrian walk signal to obviate any culpability on my part.

Other gangstalking highlights were a never-before event (to me, at least) of having a native Indian on a bicycle, a mode of transportation they don't usually go for. This dude was 15' back from the street corner, leaning on a lamp post and in the shade, and about 5 seconds before the pedestrian walk signal to "Walk" he swoops by on his bicycle on the crosswalk when there was a bicycle lane. Then, in the next block, I get a disparate cluster of four dudes in formation, all within 3' of each other, two at the front and two at the back, pretending not to know each other, one a negro in black sportswear, and the other three Caucasian males, one in a white shirt and tie. And it would seem that ties themselves, and not just the entire suit or sportsjacket combination, has a certain long past traumatization association the perps are attempting to elicit, and so in predictable perp fashion, they only display part of the tie, the wearer having flipped it over his shoulder as there wasn't any wind to suggest that might of been the cause. This latter gangstalking cluster pass-by took place in the shade, and I am assuming it was an extension of the perp's games in having me change direction, and have yet another "brown skin exposure", the above mentioned native Indian cyclist event occuring less than a minute beforehand.

That was plenty of action for a whole 10 minutes of outside time, not to mention the clusters of white vehicles together, then red colored ones, and the predictable cycle of arranged vehicle formations that I get to see each time I am outside. And I see that new public building renovations are in progress, as the Capitol Six, a cinema, was being shrouded in steel scaffolding as I walked by, this being the overhead kind that is placed to protect pedestrians from the adjacent construction activity. This is the second such low overhead pedestrian walkway within a block of my place, and a nearby third one was just taken down last week.

As part of the above gangstalked outing I had my "dos dudes" (two dudes, one either side) setups; one pair was working on the scaffolding, and another pair was loitering at the front door to this apartment building. The action seems to be that they are parting to leave sufficient space for me to pass between them. The above mentioned absurd disparate formation of dudes passed me on my left side, and did not split in front of me. So far, they don't want to look that stupid in public.

It was a earlier lunch making lunch, rather than the leftovers of the same dish I take from the fridge. The dish being tortillas, made in the same way for over 5 years now, with varying bases of guacamole, tapenade, antipasti and other sauces. The red antipasti hasn't been allowed since late 2004, but the tapenade suits me fine. As before, this is another never-before behavior, eating essentially the same dish every day, an unheard of tolerance for the same food item. If there is something that spells "mind control" that has to be it, changing my normally varied cuisine into sameness for lunch and dinner every day.

The perps had me fully rage-ified with instantly hostile reactions to their provocations of pulling objects from my grasp, perceptual reversals, imposed cognitive failures, fake touches, fake noises and the inevitable self-moving objects. They even allowed me to have a louder voice, something they have quelled since 08-2006 when a sudden change in my voice volume asserted itself. And of interest, they have been adding red plasma flashes while in mid-yelling at the assholes, a new advance in harassment. They have been steadily increasing red flashes for the past week, and will add them at any place or moment, not just when vocalizing, the polite term for swearing at their intrusions.

The upstairs suite is having a vacuuming frenzy, the third such one today, each in turn adding to the collective improbability that any sane mortal would be doing this. There is a buzzy noise attached to this particular vacuuming, not unlike the Vespa (small road scooter) noise I get at least 30x per day. And to add, that I rarely see them, so I suspect it is a noise only event, part of the perps' abilities to project noises from remote locations. At one time I could distinguish noise from a source from the projected kind as the latter had a metallic ring sound to it. That capability was nixed in 2005 if I recall correctly, and since then I cannot tell a real sourced noise to that of a projected one.

Another evening of knee torquing and foot poking and stinging seems to be starting up; the clunks go off as soon as I complain out loud and shift my feet and/or legs. Then another round of it just to piss me off. Of late, the assholes have being creating pain in my femur (thigh bone) to heighten the abusive fuckery that is their stock in trade.

A forced log-off from the PC and a 20 minute read of The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto. I am becoming less enthused about this book as it is getting more flakey, lapsing into quaint notions about the water crystals of certain cities being malformed owing to some generalized characteristics of the city. The author claims that if one speaks kindly to a glass of water that its crystals, when later frozen, will be robust and healthy. If one were to speak abusively to the glass of water, the crystals will be malformed and indistinct. The message being that water contains these infolded memories, and that one can discern them in some ways, say, by freezing it evaluate the crystals. A bit of a stretch to be sure, and I won't get into the corollary of imbued consciousness that he says is present in water.

But I do know the perps are highly obsessed about water, and in all of its manifestations, in my proximity. They have even opened up fire hydrants to dump water 10' horizonatally onto the streets, and have had me hike over top of the 36" main city water pipeline more than once. Very often, water droplets will arrive from nowhere and reside in my proximity, one example being on the floor of a restaurant I was dining at, as the water appeared not to come from anyone passing by or myself. As usual, they directed my attention to it, and then made it extra reflective, almost like mercury.

On another water related front, the perps have been forced me to pee at very specific junctures of late; when begining my blog reading for the day, finding out about more information about video cards, and various other events that signify the start of an activity, even if one of satisfying my curiousity. And too, the perps have upped the number of hand washings in a given day by forcing more hand drying events. This is a big topic, and I could go on at length, but will keep it short until I have some more meat about the perps' water fixation.

And is the US turning into a police state faster than the news may report such? This story has got me wondering why any city would have a Republican convention if this is the treatment the locals get when wanting to protest.

An nightime outing to the supermarket brought out the usual cast of gangstalkers, and even an infant held by his parents at 2200h, a little late for children of that age to be up. The male of the couple was hot on my tail when exiting the building after sharing an elevator ride, me being the last one in. I suppose this could be construed as "just another tenant" in the elevator, and the scenario wasn't as contrived as some have been.

The shopping "need" was for chocolate, something the perps want me to have so to get more brown color energetic interactions for them to study and quantify, especially when it is in my mouth. Regular readers will know that the perps are obsessed by the color of brown, and carefully plant it according to the size, object type, lighting etc. everywhere I go. They haven't moved much on planting brown vehicles around me yet, not like the reds, and now the yellows, embedded among a posse of what I term grey scale colors, white, silver-grey, mid-grey and black. The most recent brown vehicle gangstalking colors have been a light metallic tan color, and they have even put two together in file on more than one occasion, and if my now-ditherable memory serves me, they even put three of this vehicle color, light metallic tan, in file once.

And I did get my Asian males crossing in front of me while out on this 10 minute sortie. One in each of the outbound and inbound directions and each on a different street, 90 degrees offset. They both recrossed or else backtracked on my path. One crossed the street on the trot, to stand under the flourescent lights of a nearby restaurant that was closed, and the other came from the shadows to pass in front of me outside this apartment building, and then changing his direction as to where he was headed. More of that brown (skin) color it would seem, and the endless variations on lighting, before and after they get close.

And I note that the perps have me back on Lindt chocolate; there is something odious about corporations making chocolate I cannot put my finger on. And in this state of being contained in a Potemkin village of 100% orchestration, such corporate food (sort of) sources make me even more suspicious. The perps even go as far to tell me that they put barite in the chocolate that acts as a contrast agent, something they do for gastrointestinal patients to trace their food intake. And of course one cannot believe such a source, but it is entirely possible.

Time to call this day done, and ponder such a busy one of tomorrow, both a haircut and yoga, arranged back to back and likely having me dressed for yoga while at the stylists. There was a reason they totally wiped my recall as to what I had going on tomorrow when making today's hair appointment.

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