Sunday, September 07, 2008

Early Morning Overhead Pounding

I got up at 0500h to get the crew bus later, and lo, if my upstairs "neighbors" weren't somehow pounding 12" of floor/ceiling concrete at that time, "joining me" for breakfast in a fashion. As it "so happened", the crew bus didn't show up, all to spend a Sunday morning from 0645h to 0700h at a downtown intersection sitting on a deep purple steel civic bench and watching the gangstalker action show. I finally gave up waiting, and came back to change out of the work clothes, and lo, if there wasn't a sudden "need" to take a crap. So it would seem that the perps are needing to analyze the bioenergetics of purple painted steel upon my internal organs and substances, and then want to analyze it immediatelt following. I sincerely hope they found what they are looking for, as I am outraged that my life has been invaded to this extent, and the comcomitant disruption, e.g. being allowed to hold a job, grasp objects and the rest of the life-rape fuckery that continues every day. Funny how my daughter and neice were wearing the same deep purple color yesterday, and that it was the same color as the seat I sat on for some 20 minutes of pointless waiting.

I have just recovered frm a three hour nap, what I call a "nap attack" as I never had so many or long naps since overt harassment began in 05-2002. That I had tea and chocolate to dispell the post-nap "fuzzies" (imposed cognitive impairment IMHO) also worked into the perp's agenda. Regular readers will know that the perps are consumed by the color of brown, and "my" (imposed) need for chocolate is all part of their insane quest. I am routinely noisestalked while eating chocolate, as related to this is the fact that they seem to be attempting to model the contents of my mouth in bioenergetic terms. Hence nearly all of the ambulatory gangstalkers exposing their mouth contents in some way; tonguing their cheek, spitting, open-mouthing (guppy style), chewing gum, sucking on something, talking, eating food, and yes, eating chocolate, their chosen favorite way to get a brown color reference in my immediate proximity.

In the morning I set off for a 10 minute round trip shopping at the local supermarket, and lo, if I didn't get three accompanying gangstalkers at the elevator at 0800h on a Sunday. Normally I get none, but perhaps that massive earlier crap brought out the scum just for me, the hallway having extensive brown colors in it. Two of the three gangstalkers were female, both dressed in black colors and not appearing to know each other. Then after the elevator ride, and when on the street, they were walking together, behind me, and then parallel onstreet. The lastmost hallway and elevator gangstalker was a male who arrived just ahead of me, dressed in grey with his plastic bag in hand, and then the fucker puts on a blatant two second staring at me while about to enter the elevator. Most people look where they are going, and "for some reason", the asshole didn't need to, and stared at me for no fucking reason. (I even asked my shrink if I look strange or odd, and he said there wouldn't be any reason to attract the number of starings I get). Past postings have detailed this public staring at me, and it goes on at the rate of about 6 per week.

While shopping at that early Sunday hour, I still had my gangstalking posse around me, in lead-ahead mode, and then reprising while in the store. Then another grey jacketed male hounded me twice, way overdressed for this town, even if a church going day.

Now I am getting the hammering noise overhead, and that would be some 12" of concrete with a carpeted floor, and yet it sounds as if someone is taking a 5 lb hammer to a bare floor. This is at least the 50th time in 1.5 years this has "happened", and maybe I will open the comments up to Anonymous so he/she can explain why I get the same improbable noises overhead, and why they "happen" over many apartments in two cities.

I got more of the overhead pounding following me while having dinner (tortillas, brown colored), and extra loud pounding while having blueberries for dessert. This would mean a food color change, and it should be no surprise for regular readers that this is a major perp harassment moment. A likely related food color change harassment/noisestalk moment is in the morning when I apply jam to my peanut butter on toast. Not only food color changes get the perps excited by way of noisestalking, rage-ification and plasma and maser flashes, but clothing color changes too. Hence an inordinant amount of gangstalkers in public putting on clothes or taking them off, coats and sweaters, which includes hiking trails. Fucking tiresome to say the least.

The perps have now reminded me that it is seven days into the month and that they have blocked my recall as to doing a month-end financial tally, entering all my expenses and whatever income I might have. This too is a major harassment session, as the assholes add on all manner of cognitive dithering while doing my monthly Quicken entry. Regular readers will know that I am routinely noisestalked when making financial transactions at stores and checkouts, online banking, check writing and mailing as well as when getting paid.

Here is a site I haven't quite fully digested, but is of significance to the TI community; Judy Malloy and Ask for a Sanctuary. The nonconsensual human experimentation links are useful, and the person by the name of Cassie has nonstop harassment like my own. It is rare that a TI gets fulltime monitoring and is subject to harassment at any given moment, but as far as I can tell, it is similar to my own. There is more to find out on this site, and if the perps manage my curiousity in FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) terms, it will be another few weeks before I am permitted to fully explore this interesting TI site. It is a given that the perps ensure that I am the last to know what is going on, and that developments, say with the current partime employer, are conveyed to me at the last moment, often through the rumor mill.

Another Google "discovery", AGSAS (Anti Gangstalking Activity Site) . (In quotes, as I view my circumstances entirely controlled and orchestrated, down to my breathing.) This is one from Japan, and is near identical to my own on the gangstalking aspect of my harassment; no mention of extra-conventional gravitic manipulations, but he does mention noisestalking, though using the term "noise attacks".

One of my benchmarks for determining reality, the conventional one that everyone agrees on (not just my own circumstances), is to do a Google search on "gangstalking" and note the result;
Results 1 - 100 of about 66,300 English pages for gangstalking.
This is a challenge to Anonymous and the rest of the facile debunkers. It was over a year ago that I ran this same Google search and it was about 19,000 pages of results. Funny how this topic is growing so much, three times larger in over a year.

A session on websurfing for a place to stay for next week's intended visitation to the south Okanagan. Some would call it a holiday, but that term is nonexistent in the current circumstances of targeted mind-invasive actions, gangstalking and other harassment phenomenon. The masers and the plasma beams are nearly constant in some form in my vision, and the thick " plasmic fog" and the vibrational appearance of all objects is dominant. It is no longer furtive and frequent.\

Time to call this one done, and have the once per week bath that so interests my tormentors.

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