Monday, September 22, 2008

An Exasperating Excursion

Ah, the tapping of "building maintenance" in the hallway at this hour no less, all to welcome me back to my abode after a week away, and continue the high level of disruption that has greeted/been arranged for me since I got back about 1630h today. New events make for great precursors to harassment and disruption, and arriving from a week away with a number of shopping acquisitions from Marks Workwearhouse (my brother owns a store in Kamloops, and we visited him and family), and Ikea this morning when in Vancouver, would suffice as elevated "disruption/harassment worthy".

In the case of the latter shopping destination, I was allowed to acquire one of those vertical under-the-kitchen-counter plastic bag storage devices, one that my parents "happened" to leave behind when cleaning up my apartment in Seattle in 2003, and one that I got skunked out of being able to use as the last residence location had an too-short vertical cabinet dimension. It wasn't a big deal to acquire such an item (again), but as the perps make no end of fuckery out of all things of plastic composition, and as this represents a return to this kind of same arrangement I had over six years ago, it just may be "evidence" that the perps are finally getting a handle on one of their "plastic problems" they have involved me in by way of their abusive nonconsensual human experimentation.

The list of disruption to routines and my apartment so far have been;
  • having me relocate the absurd extra under-counter extra kitchen shelf 8" lower on the cupboard base to accomodate the above mentioned Ikea plastic bag recepticle which included removing the contents of the shelves and the temporary removal of a cupboard door,
  • having me install a new cuphook that had to be bent straight for the Ikea window cleaner wiper that was acquired today (after having the sliding glass door smattered with some kind of strange scum that the rain somehow deposited, even if the window is sheltered 5' back from the building perimeter),
  • having runner beans from my parent's garden, picked today when we got back to their place, before dropping me off (beans were good, but the perps don't ordinarily let me have green vegetables),
  • having me clean new dishes tonight, a saucepan with a glass lid in particular, the same kind of glass lid used at the two hotel stays over the last four nights,
  • having me do laundry tonight, alternating with a woman also doing hers, and she being equally unthinking as to how to arrange our laundry to optimize machine availibility, and thereby have me store the wet laundry on the laundry room counter while waiting for the dryer,
  • forcing me to take a shit with some extra cleanup fuckery (enough said),
  • creating ongoing hoarse/loud mufflered vehicle noise, running at about 5 per minute so far tonight,
  • the apartment manager starting the vacuum cleaner outside the laundry room as I put my dryer availibilty delayed laundry in the dryer and started it up,
  • the manager verbalizes a "hello" (again) after I exited the laundry room over the noise of the vacuum, which he augmented with a friendly head nod gesture as I had no idea what he said, or why he said anything to me (being made momentarily clueless as to what was said or why is a long running perp harassment/scripted stunt),
  • having me take the garbage out earlier (via the elevator, per "damaged" garbage chute), and arranging a tow truck operating near the dumpster, with the directional assistance of the manager, to remove a black pickup truck under the building overhang, and lo, if the same tow truck and towed vehicle didn't "happen" to be seen through my sliding glass door when I got back to my apartment just as I "happened" to cross the room,
  • having a "bread stalker" (gangstalker packing bread) stand in the doorway of the apartment (sliced bread loaf in hand, the loaf in the clear store (plastic) packaging only, not in a shopping bag), and giving me the fucking stare for no reason, when I was exiting with the garbage, and then when returning, said "bread stalker" was exiting the same elevator that I took to get back to my apartment,
  • screwing me into "not observing" that I bought chocolate with embedded hazelnuts at Ikea today when I wanted pure milk chocolate, and which "happens" to coincide with the acquisition of 5lb of farm fresh hazelnuts yesterday (and carried into the apartment at the same time, both now stored here).
But I haven't said anything about how the week long excursion went with the First Feral Family went, and I think I will leave that for tomorrow, and keep tonight's blog on the blow-by-blow details of the action on tonight's return. I was not allowed to take my paper journal (a forced "forget"), and it may well be that I will get my recall purged and/or pissed with such that the extent of the exasperation in dealing with an Alzheimer's act (father) and a Power Ditz (mother), both who took extra measures to exasperate me with their elevated and relentless instances of verbal;
  • extra frequent and extra wholesale misunderstandings,
  • getting it totally wrong (as to what I said),
  • don't hear what I said that was spoken with adequate volume, to then play "what-what" (they say "what" again while I am repeating my statement in response to the first "what", all to create a third round of "not getting it"),
  • talk over while I am talking (usually in response to their query),
  • totally ignoring what I said, often to result in many rounds of pointing and repeating.
They both ramped up the number of these verbal "gaffes" seemingly to piss me off, or more like, arrange for a rationale for the perps to script me to get irate sooner and faster than ever before. For two "verbally impaired" individuals to coordinate this together and in greater frequency takes coordination and orchestration IMHO. They did not do much of this last year when making this same junket, so why this year? Like anything else the perps do, pissing me off, infuriating and exasperating me is their number one play, and has been utterly consistent for six years of this abusive and depraved life rape. Nothing new there, and of course I was not allowed to see this coming.

This wasn't all the vexation on the week long excursion; my father had an unerring ability to put on the restlessness act and "happen" to position himself exactly where I wanted to go, plant himself at a constriction (typically a doorway), and could do this with exceptional frequency. One example was pulling this off in three separate instances inside of one minute. He also did his pacing and "sentry" act, parading around behind me, from left side peripherial vision to right side, and if I wasn't scripted to blow up at him, he would retrace his beat, all to escalate my infuriation. And he could also lay on extra "cognitive impairment" acting as needed; one fucker parked his vehicle 12" from my door on the ferry so I couldn't exit via the driver's door. I had to exit via the front passenger's door, my father being the front passenger. So...., what happens? Why he gets extra "ditzed", situationally escalating his feigned befuddelement, opening the door, closing it, opening it again, "forgetting" to undo the seatbelt, on and on, taking at least a minute to "figure out" how to get out of the passenger door when he had been doing this with relative success all week.

And as it "so happened", the vehicle that parked so close to me in another never-before instance of ferryboat parking "ineptitude", was a light blue color, and from Washington State, where I worked for 3.5 years BOH, Before Overt Harassment, 04-2002. This significance of this, beyond the "getting close" excuse/fuckery, is that the light blue color is usually the "starter color" after being sampled with the greytone colors, black, white, silver-greys, mid-greys, and that this might represent an attempt of the perps/abusives to introduce a color association with vehicles of other geographic origins. As I have mentioned in past blog postings, color and material composition have everything to do with every harassment objective. As an example, the perps will gangstalk me at the entrances, doorways and exits to all buildings, and as part of the exercise, they will utilize "bread stalkers" (per above), Unfavored subjects (negros, Asians, East Indians) all in varying clothing colors, as well as the thuggy males, gut-strutting males (plenty of them on this week away), shorts wearing males, skinheads, hoodie wearers, and other fuckwits of the Unfavored. As there is an geographic or provenance objective to the harassment fuckery, it would seem that this objective/perp intention is being "colored", that is, having an out-of-state/province vehicle park extra close for a 2 hour ferry trip, in a "starter color" (light sky blue, once a 15 year long family vehicle color). And of note, the perps had hosed down the steel ferry deck for no apparent operational reason, and had also delayed the ferry loading by some 10 minutes.

Astute regular readers will note that this same wine country and family visit junket last year also suffered two "never-before" driving/parking behaviors on the ferryboat deck. One asshole parked so tight on my bumper that I could not access the Ford Escape's tailgate to get my newspaper, In the opposite travel direction, when the ferryboat had begun to sail, two next-lane silver grey sedan vehicles in file, after bizarrely leaving 20' of vehicle lane space ahead of the lead vehicle (no one does this if there is space), were each started by their respective single male drivers and proceeded to drive ahead together at the same time (in file), and then stop after consuming the availible lane space, and then both single male drivers exited their respective vehicles making themeselves to be unknowing of the other's duplicate driving activity.

Anyhow, enough of today's doings, and time to post this one. The comments are now viewable, moderated of course. Perhaps Anonymous (aka TiDBunker -get it?) will leave us all alone to detail and speculate as to the intent and purpose of all that is anomalous in all its intensified and abusive orchestration. I haven't yet caught up on the TI news for the last week, so I hope all my "regulars", the TI bloggers I read most days, are all OK and haven't suffered any further depravities and debasements.

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