Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Duelling Suck Jobs

Back to the routines of apartment existence after a week away, but I notice that the disruption games are still in play, though to be fair, are muted. A streetworks project began early this morning about 0800h in time for breakfast, and they are still at it, up to some kind of steam/suction from a manhole at the intersection my apartment overlooks. And as part of this morning's rounds, I walked past it, and wondered why the gormless dude as the flagman "happened" to let a vehicle pass by under the noses of the pedestrians on the crosswalk, crossing with the signal, while this fucker in a silver-grey SUV made a sharp left turn to insert his vehicle between the dayglo orange plastic lane markers. Said flagman did absolutely squat, save hiding behind the service vehicles that are blocking one lane. Other dayglo orange coverall clad dudes were also "walking along", aka gangstalking, after I departed the grocery store. They even tied up the top portion of their coveralls to reveal white T-shirts underneath, and made sure to take off their hardhats and run their hands inside them for some curious reasons.

Another suck job, a hallway vacuum cleaner, ran for over an hour of cummulative time on three separate jobs, presumably to complement the abovementioned streetworks suck job. I "happened" to meet the apartment manager in the elevator when returning with my grocery shopping, and he also "happened" to be going to the same floor to continue to deal with an apartment renovation, the same one as last night's "repair noise" opposite the laundry room door. He claims to have evicted the dwarf woman, one of the gangstalking themes of late. I called the apartment Common Room #2 as there was such a varied collection of gangstalking fuckwits circulating from that apartment, and I am sure this "tenant turnover" won't make a stitch of difference in the hallway gangstalking scene. (While travelling the fruit growing country of the Okanagan last week with my parents (First Feral Family), I noticed my mother twice baited me to say the workd "dwarf" with respect to the new varieties of fruit growing on trellises. I wonder what the dwarf thing is all about, as they put one on when they circulated a freakshow around me for some two hours in a faked takedown in a computer store in Seattle in December 2002).

After breakfast I did a now three time routine; went to the ATM, went to the opticians for the third time to replace the mysterious greening silicone pads on my glasses ($10/pair), and then to the grocery store to get goat milk and hot cooked chicken. I have done this same beat three times now, using the same route, and had the usual heavy gangstalking scene on the street, a totally absurd situation for 0930h. The suits, the hoodies, the lard asses, the tattooed, the waddlers and other aimless gangstalking vermin from the Unfavored were doing their feigned shopping and transiting. The attraction seems to be that I have got new silicone nosepads on my glasses, an every two month event now. I had my usual irrigation PVC pipe bearing truck to stop at the intersection when traversing it, and the perps even pulled a totally illegal parking job next to the yellow line so the gangstalker/driver could run his red vehicle some 1' from the curb where I was waiting. I haven't seen anything quite this blatant, but I am sure the perps will have figured out their harassment escalation games they like to introduce to "welcome me" back from being away.

The woman optician put on a valiant bullshit string about how body oils are causing the silicone nosepeices of my eyeglasses to turn green, and I gave her some pointers to suggest that this was not the case at all, as this green goo emanates from the bracket that holds the silicone pads and then mysteriously oozes onto them, and "somehow" inserts itself inside the nosepad so it cannot be cleaned off. Neither of my parent's glasses have this "problem", so it seems like it is a big game to have green color reference at my nose. And the perps have been green color crazy over the past week, and even today. The abovementioned optician woman was doing her song and dance wearing two colors of green herself, and holding my glasses with her green clothing visible through the lenses. Some 10 minutes later, my gangstalking thuggy dude who followed me through the grocery checkout was wearing a bright green shirt. The often-but-not-always chirpy cashier was on duty today, she being blonde once at a grocery store I frequented some miles away until I disposed of my vehicle in 06-2006. Then she relocated here as a cashier. Her unfriendly stints have taken place on early morinings on the street when I was setting off to the crew bus waiting location, and in each case rain was threatening and she was under an umbrella with her face darkened down extra with some plasma games the perps routinely put on. They like to create huge variations in the lighting of what I see, be they faces, vehicles and other objects. I suppose it was her turn, being a decidedly Favored demographic subpopulation member. I sense the cute cashier (Favored) and then tuggy dude (Unfavored) in green was one of the predictible juxtapositions of opposites the perps like to arrange, the etheric penumbra games.

Other major events so far were to have a single acrobatic aircraft (or the noise thereof) fly over low for one or two passes; they were here two days ago, and put on a single aircraft early to join the abovementioned suck job noise.

A constant idling motorcycle noise has been arranged while I have my earmuffs on; revving at the same speed outside for at least 10 minutes now. It is simply stunning as to the new juxtapositions of noise I get and from what source and time of day. I haven't had anyone do this, and I suppose the perp's plan was to to sneak the noise in, as I had been wearing the earmuffs in advance of its onset, and as a consequence of some squealy on-off faux neighbor water usage noise.

Earlier, a three hour nap was scripted, taking out my afternoon altogether. It was preceded by this strange urge to log-off and lie down, even if it wasn't a sleepy sensation. It was like all pre-nap instignations of late (last six months), a planted "need" to bail out of online activity and lie down. That set the timing of teatime, and then later, dinnertime, back some, as I didn't finish up on the latter until about 1830h, at least a hour later that usual.

Like many TI's, I have an highly acute sense of what news events might be related to perp games, as I experience various associating incursions all day long. I also see the perps go beserk sometimes in having their fuckwit gangstalkers stand exactly where I had been standing, likewise, they have them walk exactly in my track, and playing left-hand drive pedestrian games on the streets. I am always noisestalked at the moment when reading about deaths in the news, whether it be apparent accident or war related. (The sirens and overhead pounding noise just erupted). And so, like many TI's, I feel that there are news items that are arranged, and it can be gruesome at times to think that some directing and controlling assholes have snuffed someone out all for their games they like to play, such as their geographic or provenance associated research interest that I have blogged about in the past. And so it is again, most tragically, there is another school massacre, this time in Finland, and I suspect the perps' hand is in this one. I don't know why they cannot get consensual experimentation subjects, instead of arranging another tragedy, but it seems far beyond the norm to have so many school massacres at the begining or end of a school term. (September, December, January and May/June). There is something the perps want to learn about the energetic interaction of a person and the location that they live/work in, and also the changes that take place after an absence, the summer vacation in this case. Readers can be assured that I contain my conspiratorial notions for the most part, and don't routinely engage in attaching a link from news events to that of my own circumstances, however, these school shoot-ups and their amazing tendency to occur a specific intervals noted above just grinds me up.

That the above event has occured at a high disruption period of harassment while I settle in after a week of being away isn't likely a coincidence, and I have no idea as to what exactly the perps are looking to learn from me after a return after a week absence. I also was wondering if the US banking and financial crisis that is topical might not of been arranged while the First Feral Family was driving about on an excursion. It was no holiday, I can tell you that. There is always increased gangstalking when I have my parents or other family members with me, and there is something about financial activity/transactions the perps want to learn about, most evidenced by the noisestalking that goes on when I am partaking in such activity. Yesterday, after humpfing around Ikea with my parents, I noted they suddenly "flaked out" and needed to rest after purchasing the items, and left me to shop alone in the food section, now placed after the main checkouts. My take on this was that the perp assholes wanted them to make a transaction for the selected goods, and then have me do this at the food section immediately following. That there were inexplicable delays, dipshitting and buggy pushing mothers with infants arriving around me while waiting for these delays/obstruction games to complete did not surprise me in the least. And once done and in the parking lot, there were gangstalking fuckwits still cutting through our party with their fucking shopping baskets. And then some brown and copper colored vehicle movements erupted around my parent's vehicle before we reached it was also not a surprise. The fuckers go into rabid gangstalking mode when I am with the First Feral Family in public, and especially so after partaking in an activity they have an abidding interest in, that being anything financial related. And as I recount this, I am getting the on-off faux water usage noise and overhead clunking. An exciting moment for a sick mind, and there should be a motorcycle noise erupting any minute now.

No motorcycle noise as it turned out. It is time to call this one done, and I am disappointed that I didn't get to detail the rich harassment experiences of last week with the First Feral Family on the road.

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