Friday, September 26, 2008

Locked In or Out

The absurdities just keep on coming; the lock on the front door to this apartment block is not working. Both the key in the door lock and the relay lock mechanism from the intercom panel box are not functioning. I learned this while a gangstalker was on my ass at the front door, a wizened granny in yellow, another "newcomer" to the building it would seem. No notice on the door of course, or in the elevators, and after a minute of the two of us fiddling with two locks, an outbound person opened the door for us. I thought we did the "no notice" stunt yesterday with the unannounced change in the yoga classroom, but this one tops the onset of the garbage chute shutdown stunt, (still in progress) another "no notice" event some months back. All part of the FUD, the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt mandate the perps routinely deliver.

My big outing for the day was to walk outside for a block to the mail box and post a letter, and then to LD to get mouthwash. The freakshow was all in place for this 15 minute outing, with the strangest one being a gangstalker walking past the mailbox some 5 seconds after I had mailed the letter, holding an envelope that was folded in the middle, at orthogonal angles. And she didn't even post it, but kept it in hand as she cruised within 12" of the mailbox, presumably as some kind of reference/calibration item, for its color (white) and material (paper). Or call it, parallel action stalking, doing the same thing as I am, or close enough. Fucking bizarre, and another "never before" event.

I had my posse waiting for me at the LD store, this time in the aisles that I needed to visit. I was to get dental floss, but there was a fuckwit gangstalker standing over that section, with his mouth hanging open, as it was the rest of the time he tailed me to the checkout, and back and forth while I was there, and then he takes off, to leave another male gangstalker to arrive. And at the moment of keying in my password for the debit card, a kid screamed from outside, and then again. The gangstalker male had this odious British accent, and made a joke about the screaming, saying "we need a spot of murder". Hmm, the "murder" word is a favorite one to be noisestalked when encountering the term online, so I can only assume he was fulfilling the script. Other Unfavored demographic group representations were vagrants, stand around biddies, waddling obesers, hoodie acts and suits. They also put on five motorcycles outside the store for me to walk through, a ridiculous number, especially at 1130h on a weekday.

And that just might be the most exciting event today, given this week seems to be one designed as a "study in situ" after being away last week, and not unlike the week in advance of last week's excursion. A seeming pre and post away time containment of sorts. Even my email responses have been neutered today.

More online time has passed since the sirens went off for tea and chocolate, and then again after doing the dishes and sitting down at my desk. Now a train of loud mufflered vehicle noise has replaced the sirens in part, also aided by extra squeaky brake noise as well as some chirps which have erupted from nowhere. Just a regular dull day, never mind being rendered into a blah and demotivated state.

The perps planted the notion of Morgellons Disease in mind first thing this morning, and lo, if I didn't encounter this interesting article on the topic. The unfortuneate sufferers are finally getting some respect with the Center for Disease Control. And lo, if the medical establishment isn't up their hoary classifications of "delusional parasitosis" as their avoidance diagnosis. When the identical detailed symptoms/observations happen to two or more disparate individuals, it cannot be psychosis. This is what a doctor told me who has identified harassment as a cause of ill health among some of his patients. That it took so long to get the CDC to look into Morgellons is a tribute to clinical denial, and the power of being able to persuade one's political representatives. Thankfully, I don't have these symptoms, and the only reason I mention this disease, is that I have seen these very Morgellons fibers of a brownish coloration being remotely manipulated and pushing through channels drilled in my apartment walls, and then dangling down the wall. They have also been inserted into my vehicle among the floor's pile carpet. The perps also used them as fiber optic carriers, a little point source of light was aimed at me from the end of a fiber. I even found the fibers in a pot lamp housing that was immediately overhead, this being in a vertical standing tanning booth. Which is a long way of saying that these unfortuneate Morgellons Disease sufferers, over 12,000 in the US, could be the subject of remotely applied biological harassment. Nothing provable of course, but it does interest me that the perps took measures to ensure that I saw and even handled their fibers, and have likely guided me to see websites that describe similar fibers inserted into people as a possible planted disease. Why would they do that I wonder, exposing me to yet another prop of their depraved stunts, all arranged around the fact that they won't declare themselves and their human experimentation agenda. Beats me.

An earlier stunt by having me log off for no reason, all to stop the knee torquing that was imposed upon me at the time. This became a "need" for a nap, but 15 minutes worth of lie-down time did not bring sleep. Then a phone call, with no one to respond, and so onto other activities. Making tea and having chocolate for the third round of the latter today was the next activity. The stainless steel sink got extra scuzz on it while I was away, and so a round with oven cleaner "solved" that problem. I am sure there is some advantage for the perps to have this substance on hand, and occasionally used to clean their messes up, but I don't go too deep into their curious ways, and resign myself to the fact that they have it all figured out, right down to the (somehow) missed spot in the sink, every snort of oven cleaner I got up the nose, as well as imbalancing me at specific intervals.

I have been put through at least 10 unrinations today, all of them timed with respect to finishing reading a web page, finishing email, finishing up on a category of bookmarks, and before I headed out. It is all too odd, and I don't really need to pee all that often, perhaps 3x per day. More strategic pissing, something noted in past blog postings, and no doubt, of increasing importance to the third party making clunks overhead as I type this.

Time to call this day done, and ponder the night's interuptions. Last night it wasn't imposed dreams so much as imposed erections, something they get considerable mileage out of for whatever reasons, and it is not associated dream content, as there are no dreams during these episodes.

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