Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Haircut Fakeout

I was all "ready", (read, mind planted with this notion by remote means), to get my haircut this morning at a new location, one I haven't been to before. I had shut the PC down and when walking to the door I "recalled" that another needed task was to wash my backpack after two months of grubby farm dust accumulations. So, I was then suddenly disinclined to go outside, and washed out my backpack instead. This serves only as an example of how one's TI life can be jerked around; a "need" is readily diverted and a replacement activity is swapped into its place. Just more of the same, this task substitution games, not to mention many like it.

There have been a fair number of provocations today, all to get me ranting about these assholes; it is the continuance of their most reliable tactic; piss me off and ensure that I vocalize about, using the scripted vocabulary. After the confirmation of the farm worker's crew bus discontinuation yesterday, I have a whole week of doing nothing much. Even chasing partime job prospects isn't planned as I will be away next week, driving my parents on a week's holiday, similar to last year. No doubt the intineray has been long planned and that it is up to me to "find out". Wine making and tasting will be a significant component of the activities next week, and I am sure that this fits with a perp agenda in some way as they had me making wine for over 20 years, and taking to a high level of craft. Sometimes a whole case of wine would disappear, usually when I was away working in Everett, Washington State, and I thought it was my ex guzzling it when I had instructed her not to. So, it may come to pass that many of these "disappearences" will return one day. Three folding penknives of the same kind have also gone missing, one from my apartment.

These highly constrained life circumstances of living in an apartment with the aid of a subsidy don't even allow for purchasing wine, and I will have to settle for wine tastings next week.

A shut-in day as it so "happened", not even allowed to put the garbage out, which is still on the ground floor as the garbage chute is still "broken". And so, the "plastic bag people" have greater reason to pass by toting their plastic bags, an ongoing anomalous population that sprang up when the harassment began in 2002. This, and other consistent activities indicate that the perps have a problem with many kinds of plastics, compounded by the fact that I have trace level plastic pollutants in me like anyone else does. I routinely get a PVC bearing irrigation services vehicle passing by when on my outings, and also garbage bag toting vagrants as another.

My assigned duties have been to research more graphics cards, now the ATI and NVidia lineup, having "gone off" the Matrox line as they don't have the performance. This would be another covetous search the perps like me to go through with every so often. Two years ago it was motherboards, and the research went on for weeks, even if I hadn't figured out who was going to put it all together and ensure the parts would be compatible. I really didn't have any intention of replacing my PC then as I was running out of my savings then, but lo, if the motherboard on my extant PC didn't get cooked, and then I did need one. The perps won't let me work on anything now, and so I was mostly constrained by what the PC repair shop was selling. This Foxconn motherboard has been very reliable, but from that I had to get an Intel CPU when the covetous research was based on a AMD CPU. So much for all those months of planning, all for naught in the true perp tradition of swapping out my intentions for something they had long arranged. But it would seem that I am being lined up to get a new graphics board, with the same problem; who do I get to put it together when it is unlikely that I would purchase one from them as bricks and mortar retail will run an extra 50%? Like before, I just might have to eat the extra costs, though I have ordered online to be delivered to the PC repair shop as I did with the Foxconn episode; the CPU and memory came from back east, and the motherboard from the repair shop. Why the perps arranged this I don't know, possibly as part of their geographic research. I also went through this with the PC case upgrade of a few months ago, taking a lesser model when I could of got one better (quieter) for the same price if ordered online. The exigencies of the situation meant that ordering a case through the PC repair shop was minimal down time. Enough of that dulldom.

Another round of knee torquing torture and imposed restless legs means that I am going to call this day done to alleviate this fuckery that has been playing in concert with noises and forced itches that need to be scratched.

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