Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rumble On

The overhead rumbling noise has started up; it is an emulation of a very loud sliding glass door, of hyperactive use (back and forth), and one that moves to a location overhead wherever I am in my apartment. Some door, that.

And, it is a regular dull Saturday; brilliant sun outside, and I am "disinclined" to go anywhere, though getting a newspaper might be the big outing of the afternoon.

I attended to the recyclable garbage which is accessed on the ground floor through outside doors. I had a young blonde woman to accompany me (aka gangstalk) me in the elevator and out the front door. Then, in accordance with the perp's drive to have me "escorted" by negroes at the front door, one was posted there when I returned some minutes later.

Dealing with the recyclables got extra complicated as the perps knocked out the lighting in the enclosed room (with sprung door hinges), and so I was obliged to unload the items by feel into two containers from this recycling bag that is supplied to the tenants. (And that I see other gangstalkers also carrying as a "general purpose" bag). Fortuneately it wasn't the disaster it could of been, smashing glass and all. And outside these doors was parked a light metallic tan (light brown) Taurus station wagon, identical in model to the one my ex-wife had for a year or so. Why an apartment resident would park their vehicle in a tow-away situation doesn't add up, as there were plenty of other vacant stalls, some of them for visitors. But as it was really another case of vehicular gangstalking, it makes perfect sense, and I wouldn't doubt if it was there all morning in readiness for my entry to the garbage room. So far, light metallic brown is the most brown color that the perps want to expose me to at any length. And don't ask what that means, because I don't really know.

Other hijinx so far were the daily accelerated wear of the seat of my jeans; they are now holed, and weren't yesterday, so this accelerated wear isn't sticking to the cover story of coming out of the laundry with a larger hole, but is happening overnight. That one is new, and as I type this the overhead rumbling has started up; and noisestalkable moment, exposing blatant sabotage online.

Another stunt was to intercept my power bill last month, and have the utility give me a "must pay now" notice, a game that has been played a few times before. What the perp's objective is from this stunt is unknown to me, and this is so juvenile that I am not going to distinguish it with any speculations. As far as I can tell, they did not inflate the power usage, something that has also happened twice before. Another perp signature, jerking with power (electricity) bills, all the more bizarre and ironic from the hands of an organization that can extract limitless power from the vacuum, while the rest of us pay for it, never mind the complex delivery infrastructure as well as generation, mostly hydroelectric here.

Another game of late has been to freeze-up sensation on the right side of my right hand, the one on the mouse. This has been going on for days now, and when I take my hand off the mouse and flex it to rid the numbing sensation, the noisestalking starts up, most everytime.

More overhead rumbling, and this is the post-dinner digestion period, one that holds boundless fascination for the perps.

Earlier, I was "napped" again; made to lie down at ~1700h for an hour long nap. I cannot recall if this is the fourth or fifth this week. They occur at the same time, leave me "wasted", aka bozo-ified for an hour, and then cooking or reheating dinner immediately follows, no online interim activity, and no journalling in my book.

And dinner got to be a battle with the assholes, simple as it was; at one point they opened up the tortilla in my hand, then forced it into my face, and then held it there for a second. There was nothing I could do until unfrozen, and that was swearing at them, something they like me to do with food in my mouth. Anyhow, it tells me that the perps are sucking wind in their scientific research games, especially that this is now over five years on of direct and interventional harassment. Why don't they ram food into their own operatives and test them, some of who do some very strange things for the perps anyhow, the ones that I see in public.

More diversions in Youtube, with the noisescape going in the background with the headphones on. Time to blog off, and call this day done.

An aerial picture; this one on a residential tower, and has been for decades, with some additions in the last two years. The flat panel aerial (white from the other side) has always been there, and I have never seen anything like it anywhere else.

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