Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Shut-in Day

I was given an 10 hour sleep, and was awakened at 1000h after a rare midnight get-to-bed event, so taken was I (in the collective mind-control context), with having sound on my PC again. That is, until it was unilaterally stopped, and "for some reason", I haven't bothered to find out if it is working again. The perps have very strict constraints as to what I am allowed to see and hear, and they also have an unknown agenda and methods to detect exactly what is too much A/V viewing. At any rate, they aren't about to let me watch a feature length movie, and the most A/V viewing I get is on Sunday nights at my parents, four hours of news, 60 Minutes, a mystery and news again. Of course my parents are there doing their coordinated leg crossings, uncrossings in unison, and sticking their feet up to have it as close to the bottom of the TV screen as it appears in my view, without blocking it. Invariably, a brown cushion with projecting tassels has been arranged on the left side of the TV sitting on the adjacent couch, which too, almost encroaches on the screen. And it doesn't matter how many times I have removed this prop, it "resurfaces" the next week in about the same position. More of the games.

And the perps were up to shit games as I came to suddenly discover in the shower; they somehow planted a lump in my ass that "somehow" didn't leave any soiled underwear tracks, and stayed undetected until then with a few other technicalities that defies common sense and conventional physics which I shall refrain from elaborating on. There were at least three "firsts" in the course of this event, not including it being the first time that anything like this has ever happened. And given the number of first-time events that have gone since they have come to plague me over five years ago, it can only be them and their abiding obsession over the color brown, shit and all manner of combinations, not the least of which is their energetics assays, something most of us are unaware of. Anyhow, this depraved fuckover event only serves to substantiate yesterday's observations on a commercial aircraft's sewage backup problems, and the perp's likely hand in that one. If only they stuck to cattle mutilations i.e. anal coring, and probes into abductees.

By any measure, they have fucked me enough, perhaps moreso than any other TI. I can only surmise this, as I am quite sure that they would keep a similarly harassed victim from any contact, and that includes even minimal measures such as email. A recent example is an intended email to "welcome" a new TI which got blocked twice in the past two days, so I can only assume it is the perps up to their games again. Other communications are constrained down to only exchanging comments in blog comments, no actual email even. The perps seem to be building a profile of degrees of communication, from one time events, to sometime events, all the way up to weekly. And as part of this profile, there are varying methods that they have imposed; verbal, email, blog comments, financial transactions only, with snail mail being the only exception. It is also important to the perps as to the gender of the communicatee; male or female, they like to have one of each for these profiles of communication they so assiduously prepare and maintain.

And they are still pressing on with the email drought, not even the spammers are sending me email. And it is most strange that all of them stopped at the same time, or at least to someone who is not targeted for harassment. Coordinating the activities of the supposed friends is nothing new to me; over three years ago, three of my hiking pals all stopped returning calls, and thereby forcing me into solo hiking, which wasn't a big deal.

So far, the collective "I" (me and my brain keepers) haven't had the need to go outside today, and likely this will be a shut-in day, possibly to keep me in a low-key mode while they are at home enjoying their July 04 holiday. And don't forget, commuting is a no-brainer for them, as they can teleport to wherever they want to, and for those who are morphed over, it seems to take a half hour or so unless it is a huge transition, say from slim to overweight, say 100lb or more of weight gain or loss.

And for some reason the perps have me obsessed over as to how long morph-overs (shape shifting) take, reverting from one appearance to another. And, to no surprise, they also like to drop hints, and have the operatives look similar, and even telepathically tell me that, for example, the cab driver of the yellow cab turning the corner into a side street just behind me and crossing my tracks, is the same person as the staff member at this activity center I take Tuesday yoga at. And sure enough, the guy is 15 minutes late in arriving, and plopping down his mat 3' from me. In this case it would of been a hair color change and a facial change, so it was not a technically onerous morph-over IMHO. It was only then one of the cretins in the yoga class "decided" to stand up and gangstalk the pair of us. This was after he was donkeying around with a foam roll that "somehow" escaped his grasp and ended up on me.

And in case you think I am being led down the perp's own trail of feints and jerkarounds as to morph-overs (aka shape shifting), I too have been morphed over in some respects. The asymmetry of my eyes and eyebrows is at least a 1/2" in the vertical, and one eye is now appearing larger than the other. The perps have also undertaking skin fat thinning, and even did this to the palms of my hands yesterday, as I had never seen them to have veins before, and they did. And of course the macro feature on my camera is dysfunctional, not allowing a photograph. Too many coincidences, and all the time.

I have found a new trove of activity on the web, I am now discovering Youtube, late to the party as usual. The noisestalking has taken advantage of me wearing headphones, and the usual noises are scheduled when I am listening to music, or even between songs. As all my likes and dislikes are of intense interest to the perps, they also noisestalk these moments. A continuous farce, all this activity as I change tasks, now blogging. I have a notion the perps have another year or more of harassment, which is not difficult to discern when they noisestalk my every word I type. And there are plasmic emanations coming off the LCD panel as well, a pseudo stroboscopic effect.

That is all the news and observations for today, but they do like me to re-open files or documents that were thought to be closed, and that is another mystery, as they surely set it up by scripting me to "forget", and then remind me.

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