Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Major Pseudosweats

I am getting the Pseudosweats, (and major typo sabotage as I attempt to spell the word) in spades today. The cover story is that it is 35 degrees C today, exceptionally hot for this location near the ocean. The reality is that I have an E. facing apartment, and direct sun is long gone, the last of the direct beams in my apartment were at 1100h. And I am six stories up, so why am I being plagued with bounteous sweat at every move?

I attempte to take some pictures of myself sweating in serious profusion, and lo, if they didn't come out over exposed when there was absolutely no mechanical reason for the camera to behave in this way.

It is because it is not that hot in my apartment, and I am being messed with, by way of external control of my perspiratory systems to crank huge amounts of sweat over the smallest actions, even journalling in my notebook brought out sweat to render the page soggy. This has gone on for years since AOHO (After Onset of Overt Harassment, 04-2002), and from May to October, there is this unwarranted break out of perspiration, even from the palms of my hands. And while all this is transpiring, the perps have been keeping up the noisestalking; my every forced utterance, folding laundry, cleaning the bathroom (90% perp mess), and the rest of it. This is Fuckover Primetime; a shut-in day (excepting laundry on this floor), surplus sweating, laundry (long a perp obsession) and all the PC/web troving activity. When I was finished cleaning the bathroom it looked as if I had a shower instead; soaking hair, wet face and forehead, "steamed up" eyeglasses, and the soggy shirt. And then to protract the stunt, the laundry "somehow" did not totally dry when it always does in an hour of cycle time, and two towels and a pair of jeans had to be redried. And I had lunch in between these laundry and dryer hijinx, and lo, if the dryer cycle time wasn't shorted again, but the latter load was fully dry this time. And there is no other person using the laundry room this morning, so I can safely assume it is the assholes playing games and arranging my specific laundry items to their degree of required dampness or doneness.

The armrests of my chair will remain soggy for hours longer, as if they got soaked by the forced extra sweating games. They just would not be this damp for the limited arm contact they had. And when returning the extra load of laundry to the dryer I got the in-hallway cellphone user gangstalking from the woman who runs the seeming daycare two doors away. Then when returning from the laundry room, I got the mid-hallway blocking East Indian maintenance repair man with a bathroom sink in hand, who was disinclined to move until I asked this rude fucker to get past him. More of the "on purpose" oblivious obstruction games again, all to get me pissed off and to vocalize my complaint with their directed rude behavior.

I am getting noisestalked over anything I do, and the latest is to add more noise on top of the running water in the sink or bathroom, should I be in a cleaning activity mode. The noises most frequent so far are buses, break squealing, heavy duty vehicles, loud mufflered vehicles and some intermittent voice overs.

I had a break with chocolate cake (last of the birthday cake), but no tea, as that would have been a cover story for a profusion of another round of Pseudosweats. All those highly colored confectionary beads embedded in the brown chocolate icing must have been a perp's ideal color game. That melange of bright colors, including their vaunted reference color of white, all in the same color of brown, the color of significant perp fixation, highlighted in many blog postings on this site.

I was wrong about the similarly bright Skittles being left on the ground in the front of this apartment block, they were cleaned up the next day. I thought is was a very interesting coincidence that these were in place for me to be passing by with the chocolate cake and the similar colored confectionary beads. Another non-coincidence it seems, like yesterday's operative buffoons in mid-street both wearing light brown with no shirts on, as if identical twins.

And upon completion of eating the remnant of the chocolate cake, what do I see outside with only a single second of viewing time as I was walking by the sliding glass door? Why, a brown colored UPS vehicle illegally parked in this apartment building's private parking and a red dressed gangstalker/operative walking beside it. Amazing, that arranged for a second or so of viewing time, with color coordination with the cake I had just eaten.

Planting one color in front of the other is getting to a significant part of the harassment game, in that the operatives are constantly standing in front of the other, and then stepping back, all the while dressed in their red, brown, white, black clothing. There are some other color combinations, but given that they harass me everytime I have peanut butter and jam on my morning toast every day, it is no surprise that they are still chasing down color combinations. Eating the same food every day for over four years has still not aided the assholes in figuring out their color combinations, and yet they are so organizationally psychotic, they won't give up. Fucking depraved, this is. And it is no coincidence that the paid-for clinicians are the ones that paint me as suffering that condition, no matter how flimsy the evidence is.

I had my mandated ginger beer break; this must be the perp's latest idea, to supply me with carbonated drinks, as this offers more harassment action for them. That the ginger beer is a light tan (brown) color is a bonus for their color energetics games. I will try not to look out the window to see who has been arranged to be in the same colored outfit like yesterday's two operatives. Before this, I had at least two siren cascades, one siren being an 1960's version with that extended whine sound. And lo, if yet another siren cascade hasn't started up as I write this.

I am being rendered to be less energetic and sleep prone. I just wonder if I am due to be forced to have a nap on the bed, as its sheets were laundered today, and that might be an attraction for the perps and their color, clothing and laundy interaction games.

Another short screaming session at the perps for taking down my Bookmarks Manager and a few other non-Windows behaviors. They like to get me talking doing all my usual rant lines (syntax), and it usually happens that I get more than one voice change while this depravity of juvenility gets another vocalized complaint. Now the sirens have "happened", so this must be a key perp interest moment.

The perps pulled another one hour nap and a follow-on 30 minutes of lie time as I could not move myself I was so de-energized. Not that I needed the sleep as I had already one hour extra last night, making 9 hours before waking up this morning. It does make me wonder what they do while I am sleeping so much. Today's forced nap was likely to sleep on top of the bed where newly laundered sheets are in place from this morning's laundry. That is a true source of excitement for the perp sickos, putzing with all things related to this activity, hence my brother buying a commercial laundry business in Kamloops where he lives. That one never added up, so in essence, he is doing the perp's work in undertaking that uncharacteristic business operation, as he had always been in retail merchandising before that.

The same sequence of newly laundered sheets and consequent later nap also happened two weeks ago when I last laundered them. They are my only allowed set, so they get instant turnaround, laundered and used in the same day. No doubt this simplifies the perp games, but it is not my problem, so why am I getting fucked with?

And, after some respite, the perps have restarted the Pseudosweats again, even if the direct sun is long gone, and we are approaching dusk time within an hour. When I was mind-controlled for a short chair sit earlier as it wasn't worth booting up this PC, "I" (in the collective mind controlled sense) was looking at the apartment tower some 80' away in all its extra bright reflectivity, and then a shadow flash occured, momentarily darkening down the entire structure at once. Such things are nothing new for me, but always should be logged as a permanent record of this intensified weirdness.

Yesterday, a bikini topped young blonde woman 40' ahead of me on the sidewalk, dropped a bottle on the street, and turned around to pick it up. It was only when she turned around that I noticed her more beach-like wear, but the strangest thing was that the perps had darkened down her entire skin with some kind of light manipulation games for this momentary show of skin they put on for me.

This presentation of Caucasian skin tone darkening is also "showing up" with much more frequency in the online news sites that I visit, as well as Youtube and others. This has also been going on in the grocery stores, and all my operatives gangstalking me at the checkout are getting featured in this way, including the shift of males that I am getting stalked with of late. Earlier today, in the hallway, an East Indian child was refusing to enter the daycare as I walked by and went to the laundry room. It does make me wonder what is going on that there are all these convenient incidences of brown skin exposure time , or other such perp theme managed events, that are not possibly attributable to a rehearsal. In this case, it would seem that the child was mind-controlled to stand there at the hallway corner, and "cover me" from the gangstalking perspective as he was too young to understand the stalking and the rest of the perp agenda.

At the recreation center yesterday the perps put on a "three-fer" gangstalker of the brown skin tone games; a brown skinned male (possibly a morphed-over Caucasian), in a brown shirt, with huge grotesque greenish tatoos on his arms. This dude was on circulation (active gangstalking) duty when I was on the free weights, and then he came to "join me" at the opposite end of the gym when I was leaving, having been out of sight of him for the previous 20 minutes in the floor exercise room. I don't know if that is better or worse than the granny stalking (same one) the perps chased me with for over three weeks at the recreation center, but at least they stopped it for now. Somehow, I suspect they will add this bag back in somewhere else which is what they often do. The "out of the usual context" reprise gangstalking is very common, and there were two examples yesterday where the fuckers "showed up", one even travelling in the opposite direction to his imminent strength training class. The brown fedora act with a poppy (Veteran's/Rememberance Day stick pin adornment) was the other gangstalker making sure that I saw him heading out when normally he would of been heading into the yoga class. He also put on the turned-head-with-eyes-averted act as well, that telltale of a likely operative or closely involved family member. And no doubt that "I" have revisited this topic when it was described adequately yesterday (IMHO), to somehow contribute to the perp agenda.

More diversions/scripted activity found in Youtube. Based on the looks of Francoise Hardy, those chiselled cheek bones and fashion model looks, I am beginning to understand that the perps like me to see certain faces for specific features, and there seems to be a later day history of planting women in my proximity in my last permitted working years in Seattle, who encapsulated many of these kinds of facial features. She is very similar in facial appearence to that of Mylene Farmer who I was Youtube-ing last night. Again, I have no idea as to what the perps are up to in this respect, but it does appear to at least fit the "favored" class of displayed demographics that they seem to draw from.

And I am getting a full round of the infuriating vision impairments, so I am going to call this blog done for the day, and hope all of the above is reasonably coherent, as reviewing it is out of the question at this moment.

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