Friday, July 20, 2007

Back Online

No doubt that the re-introduction of a normally functioning LCD display is a big deal for the perps, having had no internet access for a week. I got a siren cascade (i.e. noisescape addition) when I first turned it on, and the local hammer drilling is also going at full bore. This same latter mentioned noise was in place in the morning, then when I was streetside to walk to the bus stop for bussing to my parent's place to use their vehicle for retrieving the LCD panel from the computer repair shop, and it now continues, while back in the saddle after a near week of being offline.

The hammer drilling kept up until 1330h, after making, eating and doing the lunch dishes, and even some 30 minutes afterward of web browsing time. I reckon that they wanted noise and vibration continuity over this varied activity time, particularly the post lunch digestion period which is of intense interest to the perps. My sprouted wheat tortillas are brown colored, and are even a darker brown when cooked in olive oil, and I reckon their digestion into light brown colored stomach fluids is where the perps have their food digestion monitoring problems that they inflict on me. Regular readers will know that the perps are intensely fixated on the color of brown, and the current inundation of brown crumbs at mealtimes is but one example. These crumbs simply materialize from the air, and are not "falling" off my food. In other words, the current brown crumb battles have been removed of the usual cover story for their "arrival".

And after a week's absence in the repair shop, has this PC's "failed" on/off switch been adequately repaired? It is the same switch, and is slightly skewed in its current position, and with the possible exception of some emanations and display issues, it appears to be just the way it was. All TI's are aware that should anything be removed for outside repair shops, the item will likely be sabotaged, or otherwise modified to suit the perp's purposes.

And there are now stronger emanations coming from this "repaired" LCD, and it is reaching vision buggering proportions. The display has also come back brighter, which was only partially ameliorated by turning down the monitor brightness. Thre years ago, when my Sony Palm Pilot came back from a "battery repair" job there were all manner of maser emanations coming from it, and that caused me not to use it. It seems that having that device, even if used on my desk was not allowed, and possibly because I liked it very much, was reason enough in the perp's juvenile minds to apply a takedown for good.

In the case of a PC and the LCD panel, I suspect the assholes need it more than I do, for all the emanations, color and graphics games that hide under the name of unblockable Flash graphics, and the constant display of plasma beams onscreen. In fact, I have seen enough oddities online that I suspect that the actual source of my software may in fact be one of their computers, emulating the PC I have here.

The noisescape has also been active in noisestalking me as I visit my usual websites in a week for news. And as I use the familiar words in the previous sentence, the overhead pounding started up. And again, that is pounding the concrete and steel floor of an 12 story apartment building. Now the sirens have started up; did I say noisestalking?

One characteristic is usually consistent with major fuckover stunts that the perps pull; that they serve multiple objectives. A week's break from a PC might also allow the perps to detect how I know familiar web sites (recall study), and the rest of the re-aquaintance with my web world. Plus, they have been working to get more red point sources of light trained on me in the past week, and my PC's system Isobar powerbar with its red on/off switch may have also been at issue. It is another who knows, but I am begining to suspect the perps want this harassment to go onto another year or longer.

I learned this while sitting in my parent's vehicle with my father fast asleep and my mother inside the adjacent supermarket on a short shopping visit. An dark steel blue vehicle was arranged 80' away in the public library, and no end of ambulatory and vehicular gangstalkers passed by, behind or in front of it, and including some round trippers on a "short library visit". All the time in the vehicle next to me sat an operative reading his book in the driver's seat, both windows open to remove the intervening glass between us. He was there the entire time we were parked beside him in his dark metallic blue-green pickup truck, and as mentioned before, I have never seen so many people just sitting in their vehicles as I have in the last two years. And usually for no purpose but to emerge from the vehicle as I pass by, or am proximate to within 20' or so.

I notice that the light metallic tan colored vehicles are now making their appearance earlier in the vehicular gangstalking frenzy around me when driving, my parent's Ford Escape in this case, to retrieve my computer repair item. And that the perps are putting on two vehicles of this color together, sometimes with a third one passing by, in front of, or parked nearby. This is the biggest advance that the perps have made in placing brown colored objects around me in five years of being harassed. Simply stunning this incremental "progress", and even more audacious is that they could of got there with my cooperation inside of a month IMHO.

And my longstanding practice of bookmarking films and music artists is also being noisestalked with renewed vigor as I have just found out. A change is as good as rest, something like that, and it drives the perps into fits of increased noise that I am resuming my online habits today.

The week's highlights while offline were;
  • having me read books, David Icke's And The Truth Shall Set You Free was like a visit to the conspiratorial church, as I came to most of his primary conclusions over the past five years of harassment, albeit without his far richer research into secret organizations, their connections and their history
  • the rain came all this week, and as so often happens, its timing for being off/on or heavy/light is highly coordinated with my activities
  • more bizarre operative behavoir onstreet; one male of a pair unilaterally attempting to appear as if he was about to step in front of me to jaywalk, projecting his arm horizontally, and then abandoning his attempt while his buddy was walking behind me
  • the same male pair "showed up" at the exact same time, location and circumstance two days later, this time jaywalking across the street, and then paralleling me, walking abreast, 15' apart (where an access roadway offered a greater offset from the road)
  • in about 50% of my egress in my apartment building I am now gangstalked by negros; again, I suspect this relates to the perp's brown color problem and their ongoing associated stunts
  • Tuesday yoga was arranged to have 4 operatives/shills around me in varying orientations, and Thursday yoga had 3 operatives/shills around me, one of whom was on pink plastic bag rustling duty and who later "showed up" at the recreation center where I had strength training, but not as a member of the class of the supposed mental misfits, the entire reason both these classes are arranged
  • an AWAC aircraft flying low over my parent's place as I just "happened" to exit the garage and see it going by. I have never seen such an aircraft in Canadian airspace before, only at Boeing Field south of Seattle
  • another book that was allowed to be read was Entangled Minds, by Dean Radin, demonstrating that other force fields must exist for an electron "to know" about its entangled pair mate instantly over 25 miles away and that this same field is likely responsible for paranormal events, as well as telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinetics and premonitions.
Another of today's gangstalking treats was to take the bus this morning to my parent's place, a 25 minute ride to the suburbs. For about the first time, there was a more likely passenger count, about 4 others, instead of the 20 or more heading to the suburbs at 0930h.

When on the bus there first was a males grouping around me, and then an oversized blonde in a turquoise blouse and carrying a white sweater on a rainy day sat opposite. Most of the males then departed one by one, until the timing location where the blonde got off and jaywalked across a busy road, (5 lanes) with one male-female pair, staying as close to the bus as possible. The policeman in the "happening by" cruiser said absolutely nothing to the three jaywalkers as they were standing in midstreet on a concrete median. Then over the next 4 stops the Asian women boarded and clustered around me, but leaving the seat of the former blonde women passenger vacant. Then a red dressed and overly made up brunette with vile red lipstick came to sit in the same seat as the former blonde. And of course I cannot prove that this was the same Caucasian blonde woman morphed over, but given that the Asian cluster left this seat alone, it did make me wonder.

When picking up the PC today, an apparent technician (hadn't seen him there before), came to assist me, and he was wearing about the most loudest frizzy red haired wig I have ever seen. More hair volume than a 1960's afro cut, in a natural red hair. His facial features were darker, e.g. eyebrows, so his freakish hairdo was at least a dye job, except that it was so over-the-top, it couldn't of been. I have seen this guy before without such abominable hair, but I couldn't, or wasn't allowed, to place him in his non-wigged state. I got the usual checkout confusion there, him crossing between desks back and forth, and having me turning around at least once in the process. The other "customer" managed to finish his business to then lead ahead of me by 3' out the door. This is a significant tipoff of late, getting the operatives in closer and for longer. Expect more street confrontations soon.

The above mentioned oversized blonde woman theme has also come up at strength training class, where a recent new member has joined. She too, is at that level of being overweight that she is almost obese, but still barely in the attractive range, saved by her good looks and being young and overtly happy, unlike many of the ostensible mental health cases for which the class is seemingly arranged for. The Ms. C of my story, was also similarly apportioned; almost too fat to be of any interest. And I don't know what this demographic means, except to say that it is a combination of favored features (young blonde woman) with (almost) unfavored ones, (large body size). If this is where the perps are at in demographics mixing, they have a years long way to go. Next I suspect it will be blonde and chinless, then blonde and in a wheelchair, and then a blonde with both afflictions. Who knows, but it is interesting to follow these themes that I have identified.

I note that the above blonde woman at strength training class is slowly being "featured", in that at the floor exercise room, she was first located behind the instructor. The next time, there is a direct line of sight to her, some 8' away, and the instructor moved to my opposite side while I stayed in the same location, usually by virtue of there being "herded" there by the rest of the class. (The other class members took all the availible locations, and it seems that they want me to have a view through the door, be close to the mirrors and the AC outlet. Having an emergency battery powered light overhead is likely part of the plan as well, and I now note that after 12 weeks of this class that its red light now comes on, something that might be related to the perp's red light fixation of late, noted above.)

More rain, and also a protracted round of communal male jocularity and feverish "oohs" and "aahs" as if they were watching a sports game of intensity. Except that there are none at this time of year; hockey is long gone, and I cannot imagine what else it could be. This is a Friday, and I don't know enough about the television schedule to think that it could be that. As this identical noise event erupted next door to me at my last residence location at least twice per week, I can only surmise that it is more of the perp's noisestalking, as they also have concurrent overhead ceiling pounding going on. So much for concrete buildings being quiet.

And the vision buggering emanations are continuing from this LCD screen. The perps just got their wires crossed with a throbbing motorcycle noise in the pouring rain. I usually ream them out over this unlikely coincidence, so they must be testing me.

There have been a number of turquoise blue gangstalkers of late, the above blonde woman is today's turquoise feature. Three days ago, when at the LD store, there was a blue turquoise bloused woman with sleek raven colored black hair on "stand there" duty, whom I passed by. I was then looking for a possible replacement LCD display in the store's computer section, and was lead-ahead gangstalked as I was shopping by an Asian man. I got out of there, and in the first aisle I stopped in, the perps sent a turquoise blue shirted dude to pass me by while I was looking for household oil among the many plastic displays that were placed in mid-aisle. The gangstalking never ended in that store until I got out, but it did start the notion that there must be something to this particular color that the perps like for me to see. I suppose that there are various chakras (energy sites of the body) and color combinations, but whenever I look into this, I can never get a consistent answer to how many chakras there are and the associated colors.

I am getting scrambled; just as I am about to update my blog template, I get screwed so that I "forget". And reading is getting impossible because of the emanations of some energy form coming off the LCD display.

And I am getting the raucous jocularity from both sides; the putative communal event up or down stairs, and now eruptions from the hallway. These combinations are sounding familiar, just like the last residence location.

More forced coughing by me, not the coughing and hacking parade that erupts around me.

Some pictures from the last week, with the caveat that many of my photos, e.g. the six clustered red vehicles in a nearby parking lot, did not "come out".

Four identical color silver grey vehicles parked in file on a thoroughfare. The big and the small, but of the same color; a yellow tank minibike, and a large yellow school bus behind it, orchestrated as are the many other like vehicular events. Three similar blue color vehicles at Oak Bay junction with a white-blue two tone pickup behind them.

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