Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Ten Hour Sleep Imposition

If memory serves me, and that is now a caveat and subject to external manipulation, but today is the third 10 hour sleep in a week, and it makes no sense that this is happening, when 8 hours would be more than adequate. (And as I write this, a breakout of "hot rod" engine noise and squealing tires erupted, just to time iteself with my mental evaluations of what I typed in.) I can only surmise that the controlled get-up times are to calibrate the perp's remote energy assay measurements to the time of day, as this seems to be a critical variable to all their actions. And it was to be sunny today, as it is meant to be all this week, but somehow, and high cloud cover has "arrived", and evens out the more directional lighting of the sun.

There were no interuptions or stunts in the night, and for me to have this amount of sleep in one night takes me back to the few times I have been jet-lagged owing to intercontinental flights, to Europe. I have my maser "floaters" in front of me all the time now, what I call zingers, as they can be suddenly animated and pair or triple up and move in formation. The optometrist would use the term "floaters", but probably wouldn't if I told him what my my "floaters" could do.

And strangely, I haven't been to see an optometrist for over four years, possibly because one of the re-occuring operatives was on my ass when there, and was even headed to my vehicle until "warned" by a beeping vehicle and a supposed spotter warning him of my vigilance. It was likely that this was an entire mind-control event, as they don't need to break into anyone's vehicle, as the manipulation of objects, and persons, is operationally embedded in the perp's methods. I cannot count the number of items that have been stolen from my vehicle or my apartment, and no doubt, these items are sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

The street hollaring has started up early in the day, but this is the post lunch digestion period when the perps put on the intensified noise harassment, all to dig deeper into the color energetics of the color brown (food) and how that interacts with whatever brown color related early childhood traumatizations they laid down, and are attempting to ameliorate for unstated future purposes. I am suspect that they are not taking on traumatization remediation at deep neural sites for "making good", as they are particularly rapacious and mercenary as to human life. There must be some pot of gold on the horizon, and very likely, long after this insane harassment campaign is over, whenever that will be, now over five years of it. If I don't like the color brown, then why is anyone else's concern? Not my problem.

I am getting sensitized to this color, and am particularly intrigued as to the many current flooding stories in the news, especially when the floodwaters are almost always brown. And by way of extension, that includes the late 2005 Indian Ocean Tsunami that killed over 280,000. Just where did those brown flood waters come from if the water source was the ocean?

And if I haven't mentioned it lately, it is because it is so commonplace; I am constantly bombarded with brown colored crumbs that erupt from nowhere, usually at meal times, and the perps make no bones about it as to how much of an artifact these are. The crumbs don't even fall from the food items, they just "arrive" from nowhere, often when my back is turned, or else they plainly materialize from nowhere and take (the same) improbable trajectory in contacting the plate, and then skittering 4" to 6" horizontally to cover more plate surface with the same crumb. I am also getting more transitory brown plasma "enhancements" that will show up, and then will be gone upon a second look.

When they first attacked me in 2002 with large, full vision brown plasma clouds, I would collapse from an instant tiredness that came over me, and they even pulled this while I was driving once, and lo, if there wasn't an SUV next to me stuffed with male "buddies", the still current (and obvious) method of presentation of their operatives.

More link and html "problems" have self-erupted in Blogspot, as I am getting the html when linking or bolding, hence minimal use of these until the perps give up on this game, possibly the next "upgrade", the proverbial cover story for many of their PC games.

And there have been enough red and yellow flashes of plasma of late in this apartment to make me think that some kind of theatre event is on, as if I was watching a stage show. I often apply the metaphor of being the central actor in an ongoing play for which I am not supplied a script except by way of mind-control, and that the play doesn't end, because it is my life, all of it. Someone's sick idea of a joke no doubt, which speaks volumes as to their mental maturity and regard for the human condition.

Even before I get up, the perps pollute my "eyelids" (eyelids closed, vision operative) with reds, greens and violets, and often interleave these colors in a pixellated melange that is designed to test some kind of color responses.

And I note that more of my street photos are not "turning out"; instead of the twit (male) operative wearing a red kilt on the street, I get the top of the nearby building. And instead of three silver grey vehicles lined up together, I get a picture of concrete. and the "surviving" photos are getting messed with by the introduction of extra contrast which darkens or bleaches out the colors. At any rate, here are two more red vehicle clusterings that would never happen in random-land, the place where most mortals reside.

As this is a Sunday, and a parental gangstalking day (the First Feral Family), I am going to call this a posting, and hope all of the above makes sense (I am not allowed another review).

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