Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Downtown Swarms

The number of ambulatory gangstalkers has increased, especially for 0845h when headed to the bank and the driver's licence office to have it renewed. (Thanks to the perps for driving with an expired licence for two weeks, the second such incident in jerking me around with expired driving papers.) Many of the stores were still closed, but that didn't stop the "locals" from window shopping and pausing in mid-sidewalk with their coffee or Coca Cola bottle held in front of them, in the now traditional "Coffee Corps". The entire timing of this two stop downtown visit may have been for me to be walking back with the sun directly aligned with the street direction, such that it was in my eyes, and most of the "pedestrians" were back lit, again, an additional opportunity for the perps to play lighting games to darken down the faces and lighting of anyone walking toward me. Another recent addition to the gangstalking realm is to have vehicles with heavily tinted side windows with the occupants barely detectable. That so many of the facial depictions on web sites are lit as if in a dingy basement hasn't gone unnoticed either.

I got the lime green colored clothing out in force; at least six such outfits in two blocks; it is tedious to have these same colors paraded around me. Then it was the rose pink gang, even in the bank, and then a doorway blocker operative again in a frozen pose that had his arm elevated at my head level, putting on the act of pretending he didn't notice me through the glass. This dude rushed the exit door over the width of the sidewalk just as I was arriving to push it open.

I also got the door exit swarm at my apartment building; seven of the operatives were already on me before I got to the sidewalk from the apartment's front door, a distance of less than 20'. It is simply amazing as to how much investment the perps make for even the most trivial of events, yesterday's crumb attack on my coffee mug being the most perverse yet. When I got back, they had two operatives standing in the elevator that was at the main floor; one got out, the other needed to go to the basement. This game is also new; the elevator is clearly at the main floor, there are no indications that it has just arrived from the overhead location lights, and then the door opens once I get close enough to press the button, and an operative "happens" to be there, and then out pops an operative on gangstalking duty. I suspect the operative has been in there for a while, maybe even five minutes, as this is a regular play.

More vision impairments and the usual constant display of masers and plasma beams. The noise stalking is on, perhaps even muted for this time of day, the pre-lunch time noise ramp-up.

An imposed break to drink pop, ginger beer in this case. Its light brown color is likely the real reason, as it emulates that of one's stomach contents. There are more brown variation tests going on; today's bank teller was an Asian with a brown top on. And I note that the workout class leader now has a brown sweatshirt after some months of a grey one. What do all these people sporting brown clothing and vehicles know about me and my subconscious reactions to specific colors, as I don't really know. Once I drank the ginger beer and washed the glass, the perps laid on some persistent red plasma flashes in front of me, at least a 6" diameter patch that stayed in front of me. For some reason I find this very disturbing, and I have no idea why. It was the same arrangement as yesterday when they pulled this stunt on the street.

And the perps have laid on more red flashing of late; anytime I close my eyes it will "happen", on the street when passing through shade and then sunlit shadows, and other intrusions as they see fit. They can't get enough if it. I read somewhere that one of their (US) "terrorists" in captivity was treated to an all day stroboscopic torture while kept chained the inside of a cargo container. I haven't had the red flashes this bad thankfully, and if it were happening, I know exactly where to go. It is very likely that much of the "redition" and Guantanamo prisoner tortures are to support the perp's current drive that Targeted Individuals come to know firsthand. Its all about the psi energies is my short take on this, and not "merely" mind control, over which I am noisestalked should any uncontrolled thoughts occur.

The perps are keeping me off chocolate these days, which is a welcome relief from the financial aspect, but that reprieve is short lived. Each of my three pairs of jeans is developing accelerated wear in the seat, right under the right rear pocket. It is most unusual, and I have never had this problem before. Two pairs are less than 18 months old, and I have never had jeans that wore out this fast before, and I always buy the same kind.

Though I did note that the jeans faded to a light blue in three laundry cycles, so it could be that the perps want to now test a darker blue, as the they seem to have made some progress with light blue, now a rare vehicular gangstalk color. That the family car was light blue for some 20 years, I suspect that the perps gained something from this color exposure. My one-time friend repainted his Alfa Romeo from silver grey to the same light blue, and I am quite sure this was in keeping with the perp's imperatives and direction. There are many more navy blue gangstalking vehicles out now, especially noted when I first step outside.

An imposed 1 hour 40 minute nap again, leading up to making dinner, the most frequent timing sequence of these unneeded excessive sleeping events. Plus, I am rendered to be in a blotto/zombie mode afterward, the usual post nap mind state that must serve ulterior motives.

And the noisestalking was ramped up all the time dinner was prepared, eaten and the dishes done. The overhead pounding (concrete floor), started up when I was cleaning and drying the frypan, an object of considerable perp fixation, including trashing the last one. As I am using the green kale pesto sauce, and it seeps into the tortillas, it is of intense interest to the perps who have yet more color games to play for this one.

And I am reading about mind/life control as conveyed by Allan Yu; it seems he has come from a military background in Taiwan, and has more inside details than I could expect to glean, being kept in a state of being the last to know anything about my circumstances, including the subconscious traumatizations the perps keep beating on and stimulating for their testing/remote assay purposes. Interesting that he uses the terms of mind/life control as the same, which in my experience is exactly what is going on for me.

More coughing outside my door; just like old times at the putative rooming house, the perps cannot get enough noise planted in my life, so they post their operatives outside my door. (Or else it is a facsimilie thereof, projecting the sound to be there, when in fact the source is elsewhere.)

And it is curious as to how much coughing and hacking goes on still, and these are the supposed "healthy months" of summer. And of note, that they often come from opposite sides if the perps can arrange their cover story.

The dusk time lighting games are on; I am being illuninated by a unseen light source from the East, at dusk (correct, not West), which is casting shadows on my keyboard as well as being used to strobe me with flashes. This is a near daily event for cloud free days, and who knows, they maybe alternating the weather just to continue their testing and remote energetics assay work. I see that they have also got a balcony full of shirtless rubes it the tower some 120' away facing me, and as with all things in "my" (read, as orchestrated) purview, I am forced to look at this show every so often. Given the unconventional attire of this tower's residents in making their egress, I do wonder if it is populated, and bereft of tenants as was my last two locations, as this current apartment may be. It is all very curious, as anytime I meet someone in the elevator, they are on the gangstalking payroll, judging by the selective colors they are wearing or the demographic fit. Three towers of 12 stories is whole lot of residence dislocation, but I would not be surprised if true. The extent that the perps go to have crumbs, food, nightime arrival of ceiling hooks and just about anything else placed as a surrogate for their action-at-a-distance games for nonconsensual human experimentation continues to boggle my mind. Why not cut a deal and get this litanty of torment over in a month, instead of running me and my life into the ground? It is fucking depraved to say the least.

The typo sabotage is getting out of hand; six attempts to spell a four letter word; what is the matter with these sickos?

Three attempts before I was allowed to upload these picture from the last few days. It never ends. More of my pictures didn't "turn out", and some have never occured. I have taken three pictures of the massed shopping carts at the Safeway I pass by, and not a one has shown up on the SD card.

Here are the highly contrasted lighting situations out of my window two days ago (07-23-2007). The dark dusktime clouds and the opposite tower still in sunlight. Very unusual for this area.

I didn't plan this shot; but there are plasma projections (ghosted images) from the overhead wires, though only the horizontal wires.

A shot of bicycle stalking; a broadside in close, about 6' away; all for what; he was on the road anyhow, why go on the sidewalk in midblock?

Three pickups arranged for similarity; same rack. This isn't a pickup truck town by any measure.

Time to call this a wrap for the day; I got some Youtube music clips in that weren't too perp influenced, and the typo sabotage I am subjected to is fucking senseless.

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