Monday, July 23, 2007

The Jackhammer Treatment

After no post yesterday, I am positively slack in getting on with this at this time, as I returned at 1100h from my parent's place. Regular readers will know that this is the pit of where my nonconsensual testing began, with these assholes. They were on their regular gangstalking behavior while I was visiting, my father's cover story is that he has Alzheimer's, which I don't buy, because all his moves have every bit of consistency with the myriad other gangstalkers. The constant getting up, sitting down, getting up and just standing there don't make any sense. And many of these are immediately tied to my mother's movements, usually entry to the living room, and then on exiting too.

I suspect that the perps make great progress on my First Feral Family Sunday visits, and that the succeeding perp gangstalking nuttiness on the Monday (today), following a stayover is arranged around their "findings" (whatever they are), and they attempt to replicate the same at my current residence location. I get the usual plethora of vehicular gangstalking, and now there are three vehicles ahead of me when driving my parent's vehicle before exiting the subdivision onto a thoroughfare.

And there a plenty of masers and plasma beams flitting around at my parent's place, in front of the CRT type TV as well as elsewhere. And my parents are also coordinating the moment they stand up to the remote control being used, sending an IR beam to the TV. Another trick is for them to "frame" the TV, that is, standing on either side of it so I can see the TV screen, but everything immediately to the left or right of it is blocked by the First Feral Family Fuckers. This view obstructing or "framing" is also carried out on the bus sometimes where they will get an operative to sit or stand in my way for a time.

And my father had another go-round at standing in front of the TV screen blocking my view, or at least until I told him to move, and in the ensuing dialogue, it is quite clear he knows what he is doing. As always, he hams it up, this time pretending to not even know what "downstairs" means. And this constant game of pretending to not understand, and then lapsing into this "what-what?" routine that is totally belligerent. And he doesn't really seek an answer when ignored. Just more vocalizations to attempt to get an emotional reaction, assuming it is not governed and controlled in the first place.

When sitting in the living room watching TV with my parents, they move their feet together at the same time, or cross or uncross their legs in apparent unison. Meanwhile, there are all manner of masers and plasma beams flitting about, often in the TV's magnetic field, and they don't say anything. And of late, the perps have been creating TV sound drop outs, where there is no sound for some 10 to 30 seconds. Other perturbations are pixellating the TV display; having 1 to 2" pixel aggregations, often in the shape of a horizontal line, and often across someone's face as displayed.

Enough of that dismal event; something that I engage in but doesn't make any sense except blatant sick minded mind control. Why would I visit the very fuckers who cast me into a monitored, surveilled and harassed life from birth? Never minding the developmental learning difficulties that arose from being radiated in the process. When my shrink of 1998 wanted my school records I then saw very low marks for a test that was run in 1960 and 1962, and no one told me that there was this problem. And I suspect the perps also made it worse sometime in the late 1960's to make my grades worse and less capable. This topic enrages me everytime it "comes up", likely by planted thoughts from the very assholes who created the problem.

And is there anything else that is uplifting, more than so far, lapsing into the same tirades as I do. The vision impairments have also been increased today as well, another topic of grief. Then there is having a topic in mind, and suddenly it gets purged by the perps. This is "happening" more often of late, these very short term memory purges. I suspect that the perps have been making advances on short term recall of late, as they are still up to their games of pissing with it.

I am currrently getting blasted with an extra-conventional light source coming at me by reflecting off the windows of the residential tower some 100' away. As I live in a E. facing apartment there is no direct sunshine at this time, being dusk. But "somehow', an incredibly bright beam is passing into this room and casting direct light onto me, this keyboard and making shadows on the wall, some 15' from the balcony window. Never before have I seen something so odd, and yet the perps continue with these dusk-time illuminations with no apparent cover story. I doubt if a targeted mirror would be as bright, never mind a window. And as there are ongoing coincident noisescape additions, e.g. overhead rumbling noise, faux neighbour water use (louder than my own), neighbour tapping noise, hallway sourced voices etc., I can only assume that this is a "combination harassment moment". The perps even added some jackhammer noise, which ceased sometime around 1400h, and yet "came back" for about a 10 second duration.

There are some deep grey clouds visible outside that the opposite tower blocks in part, and they continues as a backdrop. Perhaps this is also a grey test, aka anomalous cloud formation, of which there have been many in the past five years of harassment. I am also getting some concurrent vision impairment harassment.

Now some overhead clunking has occured, and somehow, that is also the same source for overhead vacuuming, another long used method the perps utilize to stimulate more vortex energies to then examine possible interactions with my own mind sourced energies as they quantify them with realtime neural monitoring.

The extremely dark grey sky is contrasted to the white tower opposite and the contrast has become more intense. One rarely sees skies like this in Victoria, but there is no accounting for what weather "arragnements" have been made. I recall someone bullshitting me about specific cloud formations over 30 years ago, and I could not understand why they were first so certain of their explanation, and then wouldn't back it up when I objected to that interpretation. Funny how much of my history of with individuals with strange explanations and/or expressions validates the current scene of a totally managed environment that I am being kept in, right down to litter on the street, and sub-pinhead sized crumb placement.

The tower has gone yellow, the dark grey clouds are now dithered with blue sky, and the overhead tapping noise has started up, especially when I look over at the perp's latest color/weather games.

More faked coughing from the hallway while my vison is fucked with. The opposite tower is now cast in a red-pinkish glow, and it is still miraculously casting a beam into my room.

A wrap-up, and enough of the blow by blow dusktime color games, even if there is no cover story. I can only assume the perps have done this in the long past, and today's colorific events are a more intensified color testing.

I noted at the waiting room of my mother's chiropractor today, that the perps are into creating shaded and veiled images of people, and making sure I am exposed to them. Which is why they now like me viewing videos of late. One of their familar motifs for me to see over the past month is a woman's right back shoulder, exposed, with some kind of black colored top that expressly allows greater shoulder exposure. Today, they put on this woman ambulatory gangstalker outside, carrying a brown cardboard box, and I was viewing her through a gauze-like blind in the waiting room that was pulled down, giving the scene, and her, a light brownish cast. She made two passes by, and then took off in the light metallic blue vehicle that she arrived in. About five minutes later, another same colored vehicle arrives, and out steps the white bearded male, also putting himself on show for me to see, possibly as a comparative unfavored object/being.

All very exciting for the sickos, and more of the grind that seems to have no end. I am getting the impression that they are making some progress with metallic blue colors, both light and dark, though what this means for a marker for their progress is unknown. My parents had a light metallic blue Peugot for over 10 years, so I can assume that the metallic blue color games have borrowed heavily from their contribution to this outrageous depravity.

The vision impairments are continuing, time to blog off.

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