Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Late Day Blog Start

For reasons best known to the perps, they have delayed my blogging start to this time for the first entry. This is post-dinner time, and they are also laying on the overhead pounding of the floor above me, even if 4" of steel and concrete.

And they finished up my dinner by pissing me off again with their tired stunt of imposing a "forget" in turning the oven burner off, another "never-before" event. (Before Overt Harassment, or BOH, beginning 04-15-2002). Then that wasn't enough, so that became the excuse to pump in burning oven smell which in turn was ameliorated (slowly though) by the overhead kitchen fan. It never fucking ends, one jerkaround after another.

There isn't much else to report as they have been relatively slack by their usual standards of invoking screaming rage at their extra-gravitational games, breaking things up, pulling plates from my hand, tagging my actions with extra noise and the rest of it.

I did go out for a two store shopping trip, 20 minutes elapsed time at the most. It was the usual gangstalking fare, more male operatives are swarming around me, even if they are in vagrant disguise, as that serves as an excuse to then have them sounding off (human voice) in public. Though at LD, they did put on a willowy young blonde woman in black and white, and she reprised for two more gangstalkings, one at the checkout, and again on the street after I had finished shopping at both stores. By then, she was on Coffee Corps duty, holding the ubiquitous Starbucks paper mug out in front of her, and she was in side profile this time while waiting at the crosswalk, even if 90 degrees displaced from the direction she was headed.

By then, I had the big gut old (male) fart on my case, he being the operative that was ahead of me in the checkout line, who "somehow" conspired to dilly dally after transacting at the checkout, and then followed me out with his two cases of non-alcholic beer (no plastic bags for him), and down the street to the first intersection. I thought he was going to follow me to this apartment building, but instead, I got two more farts on me as I entered the building. He must have had a chin, unlike yesterday's operative gangstalker, as I don't remember the perps forcing me to look at his face as much as they did yesterday. Though I did get the stare from a male operative from the adjacent checkout station, this operative peeking through a 3" vertical gap in the cashier's station. He was a near skinhead, and that was enough of a rude sight for my tender sensibilities, the true battleground for the perps and their games.

As in past posts, this relates to seeing "favored" or "unfavored" sights, objects, personages etc. The young blonde women are decidedly in the first category and the male operative schlubs, with large guts, skinhead form, white hair, red hair, "buddy" pairs, chinless and the rest of the stunts/displays, are in the unfavored sighting class. What the perps get from this I have no idea, but it is more predictable that the weather sequences that they put together with my activities.

And this is the dusk onset time, which is always of intense interest to the perps, so perhaps they wanted me to start at this hallowed time, to get a profile of me doing this regular task at differing times of day. And I am also getting the "floaties", where they de-energize my temporal lobes to get some kind of advantage. Two days ago, at the end of strength training class, the perps gave me a severe case of brain de-energization to a level I have not had before, darkening down my vision to a very faded appearance to the room, where I was barely aware that I was standing vertical. My ordinary response to this it to run my hand over my forhead and hair, and I get instant relief for a short time. Except that they defeated this response, long used since BOH, and wouldn't let me react until some 5 seconds of this "barely alive" state had passed. Of course all the operatives had fucked off by then, and only the class leader was there, but there was nothing that I did or said that indicated this horrific mind-fuck was in progress. Anyhow, it did not impinge on my "cred" as being a stable personality, and then I got on with dealing with finishing up and heading out.and the rest of the mental hea

Yesterday I was lead to an news item on the web in the science news about rods and cones sensors in the eye, and how one is used in the daytime, and the other at nightime, and it would seem that is what the perps were attempting to test for; the energies of my rod and cone cells independently by forcing an artifical dim light situation upon me by directly accessing the visual and temporal portions and governing their activity to create the "dim light" without changing the lighting of the room. Also note that it was at the end of the floor exercise session, so they would of built up a energy reading on me for the entire half hour of the classroom. And I thought it was most curious that the mirrors had been mucked up on a horizontal line that was identical to the height of my eyes, so that all reflected images had some interference. My bathroom mirror is also regularly "augmented" with streaks exactly where I look when shaving. And, they even made these permanent to thwart glass cleaning which I will do to remove this game from play.

I am getting the cessation of hostilities planted notions again, something that I get at least four times per year, when there is no expectation on my part as I see them up to all kinds of games that suggest longer term harassment. They have more streets to rip up and put a center bus lane with bus stop islands (of concrete) in them, there are more aerials going up (two days ago), and they have 53 years of covert surveillance history, never mind having a city of some 350,000 pop. fully engaged with this operation. It doesn't make sense that they would stop anytime soon, even if they are 1 to 3 weeks from total mind control. (Detectable by the lack of noisestalking of any ideas that come up, as they are all supplied. The only time I get noisestalked on thoughts is when I might pick up an error in typing or syntax).

What I cannot get over is the number of compliant shills that they perps have arranged, and that they must be getting the Boy Scout's version of the perp's noble objectives, of which, mind control is the most evident from my perspective. I have come to the unsettling conclusion that there are multiple layers of this perp organization that don't talk to each other much, except to sometimes inform their front line colleagues of a major event for which I should be suitably primed. What I call the frontline perps are those who make themselves known to the shills in the course of script rehearsals, vehicle operations and the like. That is, another level of the perps arranges things like real vehicle accidents with injury and deaths, screws with certain children to have them develop more psychosis and dysfunctional tendencies for possible later use (even if the parents have been gungho shills for a decade or more) and otherwise creates more havoc, though at a random, or near-random frequency of occurence.

Then there must be the political level operatives above them as a third layer, and these are the ones messing with worldwide events and political machinations, all the way to the room of the prime minister or president of a country. There has been too many circumstantial events that fit with this current harassment operation in other countries even, for this to be random. Though, I am quite sure at this third tier of perp organization, that their operations are planned for not only the current outcomes, but for many TI's and not just me. That is my speculation on how the perps are organized, although I could be wrong, but I am quite positive, without meaning to be overreaching, that the political machinations (third) tier must know about me, as I seem to be in one of the most focussed harassment operations going.

And with at least two more perp levels above me, are they going to stop and cease hostilities for a major milestone of accomplishment, 100% mind control? I doubt it, as there are too many expectations built up and investment made in me at considerable personal cost, the "radiation therapy" (brain development diminution) for them to stop. They still have to figure out why I cannot stand the sight of specific objects, features and colors. None of which is my problem, so why am I kept and controlled?

I got a call from my in-town brother over a $4,000 1994 Nissan Maxima with 112k km on it, full leather package and all the options. He wanted to flip it for at least $2,000. As he wishes to remain a web luddite, I did some research for him, and determined that it was a good price for ownership, it didn't have enough financial cushion for him to get his intended profit. He is an inveterate garage sale trover and hence the request. But of course the vision impairments come on when I am doing the research, just as they are now as I relate this story, so one can safely assume this was all part of the intended script. And the perps do like to jiggle the phone cord, it is never still, and even speeds up by remotely applied energizing. And currently, as then, the overhead pounding started up again. Time to cease this journaling for now.

Back to the difficult to understand stuff, albeit with alluring titles which appear to offer some connection between what the perps are up to and their methods. Here is a piece titled; CONSCIOUSNESS AS A SUB-QUANTUM PHENOMENON by Ronald D. Pearson, who calls the ether variously as the i-ether or the nuether. This is another paper that seems to have plenty of perp relevance, though, I did not get very far until my cognitive powers gave up. Anyhow, this act of select, copy, paste and link is getting all manner of simultaneous noisestalking and vision impairment. Time to go retro and listen to Youtube.

And time to call this a wrap, as Blogspot is doing some strange things, such as showing me the html string for links, bolding and the rest of it. And I am getting fierce flarings of plasma off the LCD display as I write this.

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