Friday, July 13, 2007

On With the Full Open Window Noise Assault

The Pseudosweats, the imposed profusion of sweat at every turn, even at breakfast at 0730h in this E. facing apartment six stories high, came on again. Yesterday's "response" to open the sliding glass door and "accept" the bizarre levels of street noise was duly tried again, and lo, if the Pseudosweats didn't stop while the horrendous amount of managed noise increases.

And the perps have launched another little stunt that has a potential $300 to $400 price tag with it. The switch for this 15" LCD panel which works without complaint, has been rendered into a skewed state in its housing, and has every indication that it will fail. As it happens, the on light is embedded in the center of this push switch, appearing as an "eye" and providing a magnified green light source that is aimed straight at me anytime I am using the PC. That is consisten with the ongoing perp games, e.g. last night's strobing ceiling light in the hallway area, but it seems that this switch cum light source isn't doing what the perps want anymore. So they skewed the switch, turning it to face some 30 degrees off center, and have planted the notion that it "could fail", and of course take out the PC for a few days until a new LCD panel is acquired. Past history of "failed" objects indicates that repair is unlikely, though worth a try. That my ex and my daughter have been using 19" and 17" LCD panels respectively for the past year hasn't gone unnoticed, and it just maybe the perps have my specially modified version of a 19" LCD panel with my name on it in warehouse nearby. Stay tuned.

That they have also been grooming me to salivate over the prospect of a 19" LCD panel for the past two years, and recently showed me how relatively inexpensive they now are, also tells me that this irrational coveting is not of my making, but an entirely introduced notion. I am quite capable of changing my needs according to my income level, and yet there are these "exceptions" which appear to suit the perp agenda, chocolate consumption (think brown color games) being the most egregious example. (For a whole week in late 2002 I was treated (read, mind-controlled) to the sensation of not wanting chocolate at all, and couldn't stand the smell of it, therefore I did not purchase any. Then that "trait" dissipated, and it was back to chocolate "needing" again.)

And that example of on/off/on again events related to the perp's color games just maybe what is driving their LCD switch light games that are likely still in progress. In other words, don't be surprised if this blog goes down for a week and I begin the first one by complaining about another budget incursion. And they do like keeping me in debt on a fixed income, though it looks that with certain tax rebates, and no more extraordinary expenses, I could be solvent on a budgeted basis by 09-2007. Not a big debt, and not a topic I want to dwell on lest it seem that I am asking, as I am not.

I meant to get into the topic of wood lately, as this is beginning to "show up" in perp behavior, aka gangstalking methods. As I type this, my hands are resting on a bare wood surface of my Ikea knock-down furniture, and then the commonality of this, and the perps having gangstalking vehicles packing wood around, at least at the onset of my outside activities, was allowed to be percieved. And that the seagulls have just started up their squawking upon mention of this topic does suggest that this is getting extra applied high frequently noise, aka noisestalking.

At the last apartment building (05-2005 to 08-2006), before being jerked into the putative rooming house, the adjacent property had an antique business, and they would have a number of furniture items placed in their parking area, facing my apartment. This was anything from broken palettes and dunnage to their "chosen" furniture items, some of the latter being left out in the rain no less. This method was also complemented by vehicles packing wood around when I was in traffic, the ubiquitous renovation jobs. And it should also be noted that my in-town brother is a furniture afficionado, and chases garage sales all days of the week that he can, having a day job in a hospital.

Now that I don't have a vehicle, the presence of wood packing vehicles is of particular notice, including some ridiculous palette packing pickup trucks with the box removed as a special configuration for packing stacks of palettes. And to no surprise, these "palette pickups" happen to have loitered in my last residence location for absolutely no apparent reason, save the vehicular gangstalking games. And again, these same vehicles are now "showing up" in traffic, or are parked, on my walking routes, which are mostly thoroughfares in residential areas mostly.

As the perps are also having a dumptruck fixation of late, evidenced by parading them around me, it is no surprise to me that some are packing a load of dimension lumber, attempting to look as if involved in a construction job. That dump trucks are packing lumber is new to me, but again, it is not a coincidence. Also, some pickup trucks are now packing lumber, often within the first few minutes of stepping onto the street. I don't know what the perp's fixation is all about, and I will only add my generalized notion that whatever "wood aura" they have discovered (in quantified energies), they are now attempting to capture the same "glow" from the associated dumptruck or other vehicle. Consider this the non-material replicate of the perp's overt blonde women placement that has recieved many blog observations. A perverse prediction; blondes wearing a wood outfit one day.

And the recent (three days ago) event of a dedicated gangstalker with a wood cane, with no shopping in hand or other apparent cover activity, to stand by me at the checkout while I am paying for my groceries just might be another example of the perps "blending" certain materials (e.g. wood) and appearences (male, near identical to a once-thought swim club colleague) together with other activities that are of interest to them, e.g. payment for goods or services in any form, cash, debit card, check etc. There have been many long past "wood" references, but suffice to say that I was nearly always up to home renovation mode for the last 30 years, save the past seven when I was in Seattle, and now being coralled into smaller apartments that don't offer any renovation possibilities.

Now that I have finished lunch, the digestion period noise assault has started up in earnest; having me digest certain colored foods has been a near continuous test for the perps, and currently, I am still on the mandated same food choices and "somehow" have no complaint about this. Mind-control, writ large.

Next, I will be retracing most of yesterday's route to visit the doctor. The big deal is an insurance form that is "required" to continue coverage of my life insurance premiums, which would of never occured if I had to pay this myself. It serves as an annual event to see the doctor, have him and I fill in the forms, and pack the papers there and back, some of them colored. Again, the perps have an endless fascination in having me take papers to various locations, recieve or circulate them, and the rest of the ordinary events that are typically associated with documentation.

I am getting a case of the "floaties" again as I am typing this, which is instantly relieved by rubbing my head, except that this relief lasts only 10 seconds or so. This is written under duress, never mind the noisestalking of faux neighbor bonhomie, excessive road traffic noise etc.

I have had an interesting afternoon, always better than killing time on the web, or at least, that is how I am managed to percieve it, as my mind-jailers are long masters at this. And now, my name is being called from the street, only the fourth such incident in five years where someone knows my name, but I don't know them.

There first was a pointless doctor's appointment, and nothing contentious or unusual. I got to explain to the doctor what blogs are, web pages, chat groups, online forums, and how the term "blog" came to be. I mentioned that I had a blog, but he didn't even ask about it; its name, content etc. That tells me that he has no interest in my day to day events and perceptions or that he has no need, given my model of being 100% controlled and managed, down to the nanosecond.

Then when I got back to my apartment, the excitement started up, as it "so happened" my mother got something in her eye, went to see the doctor, and came out with a patch on her eye with instructions not to drive. Hence a plea to rescue the vehicle in the parking lot, and for which she had "cleverly" (out of character in relation to automobiles, IMHO) left the key under the driver's side floor mat. She offered to cover the cab fare, and so I went in a nice Toyota Prius, a vehicle very much favored in the vehicular gangstalking "community", and it was a pleasant enough trip, but with an incident. There was a collision between the two vehicles behind us, one of those tailgating kind. The miscreants were a blue sedan with a large pickup truck, with the former vehicle getting the worst of it, as it passed under the truck bumper. Not a big deal for me in the cab, and both vehicles pulled over to sort matters out. Or, alternatively, the entire event could of been faked as I only viewed in the rear view mirror, and the perps have been known to co-opt reflections and plant images that simulate a reflection.

Anyhow, my mother's vehicle was still in place, and I drove it home for them, but she couldn't drive me back. I stayed for tea, dinner, the TV news and a nature program with plenty of gore, as it featured predatory animals, dog and cat family members. It was a Sir Richard Attenborough presentation, all with his comforting tones, even if the animals were cast in a gory light.

I have been crafting a major comment for the past hour, and all this time the faux male jocularity has erupted in a near continuous stream. Regular readers will recall that this was a routine event at the last residence location, the putative rooming house. As this is a concrete 12 story building, with a more varied resident profile (in theory), I did not expect this particular noise pretense to follow me here. But it has, dogging me while I compose and put thoughts together, in conjunction with the "floaties" and the vision impairments. Having me do anything with an ongoing "voice over" in the background is significantly more frequent than it was even three weeks ago. As always, this noise could be totally fabricated from the perp's noise projection methods, something that most TI's are aware of.

And on today's walking route, I noticed that the seeming residential tower with the complex nest of aerials on it has at least three more larger aerials since I took the last photo, one that was loaded into a blog posting, and I cannot recall the exact date. The reality is that the perps appear to be staying for longer, and no imminent cessation of harassment is expected. My creed, when allowed to express it, is "one more year", which of course never comes, as there is no specific date implied.

I did notice today that Pres. George Bush talked of "promising events in Iraq", which I take to be code for promising harassment discoveries, with some justification that has been detailed in past blogs. So, if anyone wonders what planet Pres. Bush is on to make such a statement, I have my own unique perspective.

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