Monday, July 09, 2007

A High Disruption Monday

Nothing new there, in the perps going extra depraved on Mondays, as they have been doing this for years. I even told my shrink that I always get sleep disruption on this day, and he asked why, and I gave him my best answer, and he didn't say anything, just the typical dead response I so often get. Which is to say, "I" supply the scripted answer, and my respondent goes conversationally dead for the purposes of leaving that thought still circulating in my mind for the perps to gain longer study time. This conversational "technique" has happened sporadically for decades, but not to the degree that it suddenly evolved into when the the perps began the overt harassment in 2002.

My best explanation of why the perps go extra nuts on Mondays is that I am coming off staying at my parent's place Sunday night, and have breakfast there. With their involvement, and likely a whole lot of cooperative testing, there is likely some considerable advantages in studying the energy fields there, as they had the house built in 1967, and I am staying in the same room. Even the Ms. C from the initial story, who may in fact be someone else in morph-over (I am not saying yet), stayed in the same bed when I was incarcerated in hospital.

And also, a new developing trend, the perps are having me start this blog posting late in the day, when there has been a number of stunts and jerkarounds that have already transpired. The silliest one was the contents of a package of Skittles on the ground, multicolored as they were, immediately in front of the door to the apartment building. And why would that be? Why, it "so happened" that I was carrying the remains of yesterday's brown birthday cake which had its vertical surface plastered in the multicolored confectionary beads. And these same beads have also been "self-erupting" from the box and appearing on the kitchen counter as well. Not enough things to keep these perpetual juveniles busy.

Another prediction; that the Skittles in front of the main apartment building door won't get cleaned up until 07-12-2007, and the perps will keep them in place to offer color calibration opportunities in their endless games of senseless depravity. I will be finished the birthday cake by then, and I reckon they will keep the Skittles in place for Thursday, my big workout day with vigorous yoga and strength training on then.

And now that I can successfully predict that the perps will keep me awake in bed for over an hour before letting me sleep on Mondays, making such a prediction is too much of a given, it doesn't count any more as a novel predictive event. Not that I expect the doctor to be in any way curious as to this clinically anomalous consistency.

I have been getting regular deposits of white plastic bag fragments outside my apartment door, which is no different than the last residence location, the putative rooming house. Even that stunt goes back to 2005-6, when I was last in a concrete highrise building. Today, I got a white sock outside my door instead, ready and waiting for when I came back.

Now I have a conference outside my door, the manager's characteristic voice is going on about something, maybe it was that white sock outside my door. Funny how there are so many persistent themes, from the depravity on down, and I am the only one that raises this matter, and continues to refine the knowledge of the perp's methods and characteristics.

I came away from last night's family dinner at my in-town brother's place thinking that they are all going a little more nuts, as in crazy, which is probably a perp planted notion in the first place, given how often this perspective "happens" to come to mind. One example was my brother pulling out a 2'x2' side table, and "managing" to hang it up on the adjacent sofa so that it was pitched at an obvious angle, one end being 2" off the floor, and then he puts a mug down on it, and pours tea into it, all the while the mug is also pitched at an angle. So "I" check to make sure that I am seeing it correctly, and prop myself up to look at the table leg as it "happened" to be obscured, and sure enough (in what I saw), it wasn't level. Then I mention something to him, and then he levels the table. There was also my mother who was right beside the table, and I could not believe that the two of them "allowed" this to take place. Then my brother, the sick asshole that he is, walks off, putting on the big smirk. I have told him in the past that if he had the balls to sign up for two weeks of this harassment that the smirk would be long gone. That solved his smirk habit for a while, but now it has come back.

And there was a mystery guest invited that no one told me about in advance. I was my brother's on/off Native Indian girlfriend, and she arrived about 40 minutes after we did. The first I saw of her was walking in the driveway to the downstairs carport access, and she slunk into the kitchen first for at least 20 minutes helping my brother out and not saying hello to the rest of us in the living room, only 15' away, on the opposite side of the central fireplace. Nothing new there for me, as she has done this before, and my theory is that this is a slow introduction to proximate brown skin in this case, that color being of intense perp fixation. The dinner went OK, and 30 minutes after dessert, the above mentioned chocolate cake, my parents wanted to go, and as their captive driver, I was obliged as well.

An add-on to the above Native Indian visitor, was that when I first saw her walking in the driveway through the window from the upstairs living room, for all of two seconds, her face was a Caucasian skin tone, not her normal brown skin tone that was evident when she was dining with us. So, the perps either messed with my visual perception of seeing her facial skin color, or else she was morphed to a lighter skin color, and it was gradually browned by the time I first saw her face to face, some 20 minutes later after her arrival in the kitchen. And I have seen some of the regular operatives with racially variant skin tones, usually consistent with the race characteristics.

And the fender bender "incidents" keep happening in the family. My brother "somehow" dented the front driver side of his white van. He claimed he was looking back, and somehow missed seeing something at the remaining 2' of van length in front. I didn't buy it, but what I always wonder, is how are these arranged for the shills and quislings? Do they sign up for certain levels of vehicle mishaps and spring it on them, or do the perps directly bash it with their remote energetics applications and supply a story? I don't know if the event of a fender bender is something that the perps are stalking for.

Then when it was time to go, there was the usually dilly dallying, "look at this", "help me with this", and the (same old) back and forthing of covering the same tracks in both directions, something that I also see on the street nearly every week now. And then when in the vehicle with my parents, my brother goes and kicks the tires in some kind of "vigilant duty" behavior that is uncharacteristic of him. When one has the perp sickos looking after you, one needn't worry about anything. It is only me that has to be concerned as they can fuck anything and everything I do, think or say, 24x7.

As always, when driving my parent's Ford Escape, I had my 300 vehicle (minmum) escort of gangstalking vehicles in each direction, arranged in colors and by vehicle type. The latest thing for the perps now is to present the full size dump trucks to me, empty or full, and they even arranged for me to see limited portions of the box or cab through arrangement of obstructions and my precise location, e.g. a specific yoga mat. And to add one more absurdity, they painted the normal silver or aluminum box surface with a dark red paint, as they did with the cab. Doubtless this was intended to trigger some kind of red response, as they kept this vehicle in play, keeping it proximate (within 200') by jerking with the traffic controls and the the intervening files of color coordinated vehicles.

The perps are putting on more brown colored vehicles in my proximity, arranging two or more together, when they wouldn't of done this a year ago. And this is only after working through the reds and green vehicles, which follow the inital flush of white and silver-grey vehicles, their first level of color calibration it would seem.

And now I get the backfire noise with a coincident zap to make me jump out of my skin. I have had too many noise intrusions to be surprised at any of them, hence the added jerkaround of making me jump as a "reaction". And while that was going on, I also had some kind of strange wheezing noises coming from the opposite direction to supply more human sourced sounds that take up extra emotional center processing. My take on the current noise games is that the perps will continue with their combinations, and often these are added when I am forced to scratch an itch they have created. Same for the all day long farts that have no association to food digestion and again for plasma flashes and on-screen perp sourced colors that are constantly added and displayed.

Another 10 minutes of constant motocycle noise, and with the usual provisio, there isn't a biker's club or bar within 10 miles of here. This constant parade of noise, and then they stick me in the eye with some extra pain while I am selecting a web page. The litany of depravity never ends, on and on, all fucking day.

My Youtube listening is now getting "backgrounded" with all the noise samples I have been pummeled with for the last few hours. Now I understand why the perps set up this Youtube "habit". And now the headphone cord is wiggling all by itself as yet another example of being under the microscope. End of that diversion and back to the grind of the noisescape.

Another jerkaround, a forced "forget" to publish this last night.

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