Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Always Monday Sleep Deprivation

As predicted, the perps kept me awake for over two hours before allowing me to go to sleep. I can barely recall what they were planting on me for the "thoughts", but rest assured, if I went off script, they immediately responded with some form of noisestalking. They also put on another backfire noise within a minute of me getting into bed, and continued a full treatment of street hollaring, extra "busy" road traffic, bizarre numbers of loud motorcycles and the rest of it. Even the hallway noises were amped up at 0200h, and it was a regular source of voice noise to augment the entire picture.

So if sleep disruption is now back to the regular time slot of Monday nights, post stayover at my parent's place on Sunday, how can that construed to be of clinical origin? Of course it can't in rational terms, but that normative constraint never bothered the perps or their clinical shills any.

As there is a insurance form for the doctor to fill out, I wonder what he is going to put in it. Last year, I never saw his writeup as he said he would mail it. Anyhow, it is all very curious as no one asks about what is going on anymore, another component of the Great Conversational Void that is maintained around me, and more lately with the email constraints. Even the spammers are getting blocked.

A very noisy morning, with the emphasis on brake squealings, backup beepers, vehicle horns, the curious logging whistle; noisestalking my every move while being online. The same tedious game.

There are more masers and plasma beams about, and the perps are getting more keen to show off how they can be used to follow my finger tips as they move through actions of shaving, showering etc. Yesterday, when making tea, the perps blew some tea leaves off my spoon and onto the stove top. I swore at the assholes per usual, and then picked the tea leaves up an put them in the pot with the rest of the tea leaves. And lo, if a maser didn't erupt from the former stovetop location of the tea leaves, taking a reading on the combination of my finger contact and the tea leaf itself.

The perps are keeping me irritable when there isn't any genuine reason. It is very hot today, and I was out on my Tuesday yoga and the later gym workout, both being organized classes. It was the usual litany of freaks in yoga today, though the emphasis was on an all male class, save a regular woman who came in 15 minutes late. And as one freak arrived, the one from the last two yoga classes was slinking out, presumably to to do his neighborhood gangstalking while I was in class. Then two hours later, this same freak with a brown fedora hat, on what might be the hottest days of the summer, "happened" to be at a bus stop on my route back from the OB Rec. Center, at the usual stop where the perps cluster at least five operatives each time I pass by. It is patently absurd to have that many there, but bus stop malingerers are one of the biggest cover stories going. The stop before had at least 10 operatives milling about, portraying themselves as travellers. More absurdity for mid-day bus travel at that location to downtown.

Then another regular strength training classmate was walking away from the recreation center when I was walking toward it. This makes the second such event of the day, a regular class member (one each of yoga then strength training) heading the opposite direction from the class before it has started. Fucking bizarre to say the least.

And there were two new male lugs in class today, putting on the stupid act, but when it came to gangstalking and timing of their blocking position with the ugly red workout ball, they were dead on. It is always the case, even the most deficient bimbo is somehow able to gangstalk with precision timing. And then it "so happened" that one of the lugs was ahead of me on the street when departing the recreation center. I think everyone in the class has now done this gangstalk manouvre now, leading/following me out on the street after the strength training class.

The perps put on a collection of six same color deep metallic red vehicles in one cluster at a traffic control. I could not believe it, and I have some pictures of this inanity. They have their moments when putting on a lot of the same color is vital, and then they supply the vehicles in groups of two or three for all later vehicular gangstalking formations.

The perps put on a moderately heavy gangstalking contingent today; they put on a blonde woman with a brunette sticking tight to my ass some 10' behind me, and they made sure to keep up to me, as normally I am one of the faster walkers out there. This was the pair who crossed the major thoroughfare without benefit of a crosswalk, (jaywalking in the usual location all the other operatives are doing the same), and then were timed to step right in front of me, only 3' away, pretending they did not know I was there. This "accidentally on purpose" act is getting tiresome to say the least, as I usually get at least two of these per outing.

And when at the grocery store on the way back, the perps were all over me before I got there by putting a lead-ahead gangstalker doing a back and forth, and then leading me in his white, black and olive drab banded sweater for the entire block nearly. Then they had five gangstalkers at the (brown colored) tortillas again, another sweeping ahead of me at the deli case, then two more at the carbonated beverages, and then I was out of there, or at least the checkout, where they put on a dedicated gangstalker who had no legitimate purpose, and came to hang around. Then the "customer" ahead of me dithered around until I made my payment via debit card, and woman behind me in this hideous pink summer dress was getting awfully close, as in socially unacceptable. Three of the fuckers clustered around me while paying for my groceries. On and on this goes, everytime I go out.

After doing the dishes, I was sitting in my chair having a ginger beer, a light brown colored pop. And for the two seconds I looked out the window, two male operatives were standing in mid street both wearing light brown colored shorts, and both without shirts on. And between them was a black lab dog with its pink tongue hanging out. It is totally absurd that every nanosecond of my life, every glance that "I" take is arranged for the perp's stunts and color games. If I don't like the color brown, why am I being harassed over it? My family once owned two black Newfoundland dogs, and I owned one in later years before he was mysteriously taken down by cancer at seven years old. I suspect the perps didn't want me to have the dog for longer. And the perps still try to set up raven haired women in my proximity (gangstalkers) who have a similar high gloss black hair as the Newfoundland dogs'. What this means to the perps I have no idea, the only notion that I am allowed to think of is that they are attempting to replicate some kind of "aura" detection at greater distances (>160') and are "borrowing" from tried and true (and favored) objects (raven black haired dog) and textures that were formerly in my immediate proxmity (family dog).

It never ends, and there were a large number of light metallic (tan) brown vehicles arranged around me as I walked a half hour each way to/from the above mentioned events of yoga and strength training. The perps must of put on at least 600 vehicles, and they are still on their dump truck obsesssion, as they must of planted about 20 or more of them when out walking.

I have been seduced by Youtube again, this time Mylene Farmer, the French Madonna in red hair. Here is a video clip of her that one won't forget, though I prefer to watch the live performances more.

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