Friday, July 06, 2007

A Merry Unbirthday

This is my birthday, now registering 53 years of being surveilled, scripted and learning impaired owing to the "radiation therapy" I have recieved over the course of my life. This would be non-ionizing, and likely a mixture of electromagnetic (EM) radiation and the relatively unknown kind, the scalar, orgone, sidereal or whatever it goes by. As mentioned in yesterday's posting, it is the component of the vacuum that is not taught in physics classes, and IMHO, it has been widely supressed for 227 years, since James Clerk Maxwell determined the laws of electromagnetic theory, much of which was "dropped" from his work by his successors. According to Tom Bearden, Maxwell's EM theory was bowlderized by Oliver Heavyside, and then later ignored in the wake of Einstein's Relativity, which by many accounts, has kept us in a dead end since about 1920. There remains the two unresolved pillars of quantum mechanics which covers atomic level energy interactions, and then Einstein's Relativity that covers large bodies, and yet these are currently incompatible. The holy grail of physics is to find a Grand Unified Theory, one that embraces both, and according to Thomas Bearden, Maxwell had it all figured out, though he perhaps was unaware of the breadth of his theoretical advances in EM theory.

Anyhow, I am getting mind-controlled into this discussion again, and all relevant links are in yesterday's posting which was delayed by a html error that "revealed itself" long after I had (thought that I)published it. I should go to the posting to see if it was correctly fixed, funny how that did not occur to me earlier this morning.

I got the sleeples harassment last night, or more correctly, at least 2, and maybe 3 hours of being kept awake and forced to flip my head to the left side, then the right side ad infinitum. And it "so happened" that my last two hours on the web were spent watching videos of Carly Simon's songs, interviews and concert performances. I followed her more in the 1970-80's, then she dropped off my interest radar, as her music seemed too commercial for my liking. What I was doing last night was attempting to recapture the period of my interest, though this was of mixed sucess as much of the Youtube material is in her later career, 1990's to present. I have not bought a CD of hers since 1997 when I bought her 1972 album in CD format.

So what happened last night during this sleepless spell? The perps continously bombarded me with images and songs of Carly Simon for over two hours, the entire time I was being kept awake. It was totally nuts, as I have never, ever had so much (planted) "preoccupation" with anyone prominent before. (I refuse to call her a celebrity as she really avoids that entire scene altogether, to her credit).

And it "so happened", the night before, I was surfing Youtube for Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Ian and Syliva in their mid 1960's folk music days. Did I get planted preoccupations over these performers? No, and why would that be?

It was also a Chicken Run today, a big day for the perps to swarm me while procuring a hot cooked chicken at the nearby supermarket, and whatever else they have managed for me to acquire in the same shopping trip. And for today, they put on the wandering males on me, the profusion of males of working age on a week day that "happen" to be coursing about, often "buddied". And as part of this, the perps have many sub-population demographics added in; the big gutted, waddling, chinless, red haired, long haired, tough guy looks, white haired and the rest that don't come to mind. And here they were, five ahead of me in the checkout, and the one immediately in front of me blocking my view with his back, even when I stepped to the side, he "somehow" knew to move across and continue to block my view. I also got the tongue hanging-out act immediately following me (male), this was the dude with his collection of plastic bags he was returning, presumably for remuneration. And so, the red panted checkout cashier and the "plastic bag man" with his tongue hanging out walked in parallel to the recycling area with me in between them, and crossed my intended path before I could exit.

Anyhow, not a big deal in the perp's world of being the Supreme Assholes, but this vignette does suggest that the perps are sucking wind in their games, scripting a tongue act for a gangstalker. (Yesterday the "fireman" (operative dressed up) had his tongue hanging out while doing "inspections" at the OB Rec. Center).

Another item of interest at the checkout was the display of newspapers being opened up on the conveyor belt. One operative's newspaper got the lead page ripped up and the cashier had to reconstruct it, and my chinless blocker duty operative in front of me began to read his newspaper on the conveyor belt.

And the perps have also being playing plasma and lighting games today, darkening down the light on the face and head of two male ganstalkers in the building, and ditto for the array of male operatives at the checkout. The operative on visual field blocking immediately in front of me at the checkout also made sure that I saw him in profile, sans chin in effect. And the perps keep forcing me to look at this freak when I would of had no such intention if left to my own predilections. If I don't want to look at chinless wonders, they why should I be forced to?

And there is a tie-in here, as Carly Simon has a very forward chin, and she appears to be very attractive, even more so because of it, as I see her. I have not yet determined why the chin/chinless operatives and planted images are so important for the perps, but they also created plenty of "obsessing" notions in mind last night, when I, (in the collective mind controlled sense), was watching Youtube for Carly Simon videos last night.

I am getting the left-right side noise games; a vehicle horn beeping from the left, then a coughing in the hallway immediately following. This little act happened twice in succession. And while the noisescape was being "tuned", the pre-dusk light flashings are going on, where a reflected light beam (seemingly) has the unerring knack of strobing onto my keyboard, desk, LCD panel and the wall behind it, ostensibly from an adjacent tower some 120' distant. It is freaking tiresome that grown adults are playing this game and lack the gumption to come out of the closet and admit to nonconsensual human experimentation.

The noisescape has continued with 2 cycle motorcycle noises trailing off into the distance for a protracted sound decay.

Before dinner, the perps wracked me with such a tiredness I was forced to take an hour long nap. And if that wasn't enough, they then rendered me into a sluggish dopey state until I got some dinner in me, and then it lifted some.

The plasma and maser action is continuous and in front of me all the time, and is the major delivery means of the ongoing visual impairment games. I am being rendered into a dull state for at least the latter half of the day, and it isn't getting any better. So I am going to call this a posting, and I expect that whatever harassment abatement my birthday earned me, if any, it will be back to the usual weekend (read, excessive) script for tomorrow.


James F. Marino said...

Happy Birthday, John.

I gave up celebrating them three years ago since there was little point in adding to the daily attacks - and as you are well aware, the perp's take to holidays like sharks to their dinner.

Anyway, I hope that in some way this year is a better one for you
and that those who continue to subject the rest of us to these depraved crimes are finally held (and hung) accountable for them.


AJH said...


Thanks for your kind words; you are absolutely correct that any celebratory event is a magnet to perp machinations and harassment. There is nothing they like better than pissing on someone's parade.

And too, there has been no acknowledgement from my daughter, who is always given (unaffordable) presents by me for birthdays and Christmas. Disappointing, but not unexpected, and affirming the intense state of mind/life control that I live under.

I don't expect to see the perps see justice, but I do agree that they are depraved beyond measure, and we don't know the half of it.


James F. Marino said...

You're welcome, John.

I am sorry to hear that your daughter did not get you a gift but perhaps you will get one from her as a belated gift.

I am still amazed at how the perp's continue their relentless quest to drive us insane.

And their use of our families to do so is the cruelest thing I have ever seen.

These FEDS are like robots -- they don't stop. And their attacks on our families are just as bad.

Tonight I lost my patience in a way that I almost never do, the result of months of just dealing with this 24 hour a day depravity
and writing it about it as a release valve.

I was loud enough to blow roof right off the top of the house -- something that is completely out of character for me. I was always basically very reserved.

Since the psywarfare attacks those days are over.

My Family will use all sorts of triggers and then look at me and tell me that I am paranoid while resuming the same depraved acts over and over again.

You look at these people who you love and they are attacking you as wantonly as the FEDS are.

This goes on daily and has for nearly 1500 consecutive days.

I am absolutely amazed that I have not killed anyone. I recognized this anger in your writing not too long ago which is why I posted when I did.

You can always tell when they are pushing someone very near the edge of their sanity -- and you have to try to bring them back before they destroy themselves.

What is perhaps most disturbing in my Family's case is that they are well aware that the FBI was the catalyst in our harassment and are furious with me because the FEDS invited themselves into our lives.

There is absolutely no question that my Family knows I am a government sanctioned mind control target, but they have been so beaten up by the FEDS that they don't care anymore.

This is nothing like our Family used to be. We were always close and looked out for one another.

In the 1980's things gradually started to unravel for me in the job market.

I would find things missing from my desk at work and went from a confortable working environment to a very uncomfortable one.

It continued throughout the 1980's
until I finally gave in. In 1993 I contracted chronic Lyme Disease and the situation has only gotten worse since then. 14 years of sheer hell -- the last 4 of which I not only learned of the mind control aspects of my harassment, but also became targeted for organized stalking and the systematic destruction of my life.

And to learn that I have been targeted for COINTELPRO for more than two decades and an NSA satellite prisoner is just about enough to make you want to cash it in.

Except that I now live to expose these FEDS for what they are. And I have every intention of doing so or dying trying to do so.

However, each day is misery. If I can find a few hours a month where there is a minor lull in the harassment I take it as a gift.

But the gifts are becoming few and far between. And the ugliness that the FEDS have caused between my Family and me is something that I will never get over.

It is too painful and it is left very deep emotional scars on all of us, as the FEDS sit back and laugh at us looking for yet one more way to torture us.

Please understand that I don't blame my Family at all for this.
They are victims of this sadism
and never should have had to deal with any of it.

They have lived through their own nightmare.

However, they have become brainwashed and it breaks my heart to see the collateral damage that the FEDS have done to them -- something I can't fix.

There is no doubt from your posts that your parents most certainly have also been brainwashed and this is why they subject you to what they do.

The perp's want to control every aspect of what we do. And they don't care how they do it -- so they attack our Family's and get them to do their dirty work for them.

I think what bothers me most is the pathological lying. My Family can look me square in the face and lie about everything they are taking part in.

They can meet with the FEDS and then come home like nothing happened. That is until they start a brand new series of psyops which is quite obvious.

For me the only way to end this nightmare (if it is possible to do so) is to continue to expose these FEDS for the outright anathema that they are.

Nothing else is going to work.

These organized stalkers are just a symptom of something much more sinister. Without heavy financing and authorization they wouldn't be here.

We'd be able to look out our windows and see normal activity. We'd be able to leave our homes and not be surrounded by perp's conducting street theatrics.

Instead we are subjugated to this daily nightmare.

A dark side to humanity
that seems to have taken over the fabric of society.

Anyway, I know that you are well aware of these attacks first hand
and that as a mind control target you can certainly identify with what it is like to have someone trying to drive you insane.

Thanks for the opportunity to post
and get some of this rage out.


AJH said...

There is very little opportunity for us TI's to talk to anyone, even our own kind.

The disruption of family relations is one of the first things the perps will do in cranking up the harassment level.

In my case I had a wife who suddenly went wretched after 10 years of marriage, just as our daughter came along. I can only assume that my wife was taken off "mind-controlled happiness" to then pollute the family dynamics with her sore attitude that continued thereafter. I never did get any rational answer from her as to this sudden behavior change, but she surely cast a pall on everything since then.

My (now) ex-wife was in on the game from the get go, and my daughter is in on the game too, though I also suspect she is mind-controlled and she does not know it. It is a solitary life when one cannot take anyone else's behaviour as authentic, even down to fleeting glances.

I don't know quite when this purgatory will end, but one of my "colleagues" from my former worksite did mention that Vera, of Vera's Story, blogged a post saying that there is a way out of this (intensified harassment).
(a update of 02-28-2006 at the very end of the web page).

Funny how this was mentioned by this perp managed shill, and that this update occured after I had read Vera's story for the first time, courtesy of your link, Jim. Maybe this was a future outcome hint, but as always, I take any non-TI supplied information as suspect.

Anyhow, I hope you feel better for describing the harassment in more detail, Jim. And if you want, I will make my phone number availible.


James F. Marino said...

John, when you first told me that much of what we deal with is controlled I was skeptical. But I have had many subtle yet noticeable things occur over the past few years which I must now admit maybe mind controlled. For instance always appearing to look at a digital clock when the time is precisely 4:09.

This happens constantly whether I am at home or in the car. Even the prior post on another Website which I was getting ready to post on left at 4:09.

The hull number of one of my parents' boats was 409. Like I said, they like to play with our thoughts using information that they pickup spying on us.

And of course there are the voices I hear in my head as well as the scenes that are played out in my mind -- something I have no control over. Then there are the physical assaults as well in which this technology is capable of targeting any part of my body causing pain, shortness of breath headaches etc.

Of course you are well aware of this. However it does create a sense of paranoia in us and that only makes the matter worse.

Those who perpetrate these crimes against us have that significant advantage of knowing what we are thinking and even at times controlling it.

If I leave my home they know where I am going before I get there. They don't even have to bug the place since they just read my thoughts to know where I am heading.

Another problem is the manipulative aspect in all this --when are their thoughts displacing your own?

And to think that the entire planet is mapped out by way of satellites with these capabilities with humans being made unwitting targets for non consensual cover research and human experimentation.

It portends the nightmare that is to come for many people who have yet to realize what is happening on this planet, at the hands of a more powerful force than most can imagine.


AJH said...


We each have out own view on the breadth and depth of perp intrusion based on our individual experiences. That is how we as TI's, initially "end up" disagreeing on how much we are controlled, or can be controlled.

In my case, when I first realized that the harassment was (at least) about nonconsensual mind-control research, my first reaction was, "OMG, how long and deep has this been?". I spent many hundreds of hours immediately following those questions to arrive at the model I did. I put my entire life in review, down to every last odd glance, event, behavior (mine on occasion, others more frequent), down to the odd facial expressions, and down to the unexpected non-reactions. My entire life was under intense review for weeks, but only then did all the past "weird", odd or faintly unusual events add up.

It was a major life change event to say the least. I told my then doctor in response to a question of his, that my past now made a whole lot more sense, and that this harassment and arranged-life scenario/model had been validated. But to no surprise, he didn't want to go there. He later said that I was "being persecuted", but as it "so happened", it was the last time I saw him in that capacity as he retired afterward.

And to help evaluate the past, I applied what I knew about the perp's objectives at the present, e.g. colors, stalkings, zappings, habits etc. and then re-evaluated the "coincidences" that led to the (assumed) perps favorable outcome and the intensely managed model fitted.

I have also remarked on how the perps have been making progress in my first blog of 2007, and I have detected further advancements since then. I have been wrong on determining when 100% mind control will be attained, but given how little they need to noisestalk my thoughts, my usual indicator as to "who" thought of it (them or me), I have come to the bleak conclusion that I am just a shill for them, doing their bidding, including these very words and the typos, the re-editing etc. In other words, they have kept my combative and intrinsic nature intact, but all along, have slowly and stealthily usurped it, and made it controlled by them.

And also, I have re-evaluated the events on the news, and have come to the grim reality that much of it has a tie-in with what the perps seem to be interested in. (Using what I know about their interests with respect to me.)

And more; the applied reasonings of Tom Bearden indicate that this "radiative ether" that we live in, makes for a ready method to access minds, change thoughts and otherwise invade one's privacy. This view is also consistent with what I have read from alien abductee's descriptions as to what the aliens said.

I could go on at length on this topic, my suspected take on the perp's intrusions into fomenting the events of the news, but I will refrain. All my blog postings are conservative, and only on the odd occasion have I put a real "out-there", (flakey to the uninitiated), comment on a news item and its coincidence with the ongoing harassment and mind-control I experience. In other words, there is a whole lot more I would say in a private (usual caveat) TI dialog. My perspective on my blog postings, (assuming it is mine and not a planted thought), is that the perps have given me a rich exposure to their methods and objectives, and I am reporting only the undeniable details and associations.