Thursday, July 26, 2007

Early Awakenings

And bizarre dreams, ones I am allowed to recall for reasons that later became obvious. I was dreaming about nuclear energy and reactor designs, about which I know absolutely squat. And lo, if there wasn't at least four news items about this topic, and all were placed in the usual news sites that I read. And as I type this, the topic is of so much interest that I am getting siren stalked, so perhaps mentioning this topic is feeding the perps in another round of "trigger" themes.

And it is curious that such a topic was in my dreams as I never have anything so technical as a dream topic, so it had to be planted by the perps in another round of elevating this theme. And a second round of sirens is now playing as I type this, including the 1960's variant version. Hilarious, if I knew the script and was a spectator instead of being on central stage in a freakshow for which I did not grant permission.

And a third round of siren cascades is going on. This beats out Seattle for siren events by a factor of 10, at one third the population.

So far today, the usual perp games; ripping the soap from my hands when in the shower, and then foiling my efforts to kick the bar into a location where I could retrieve it. I can only assume that the real intent was for the perps to have my foot pass over the white color soap bar at least twice as a continuation of the color energetics games, as they have a foot and footwear fetish that has continued from the outset. All those "preventive measures" in the days of constant assault of 2002 were to fuel their remote assay activities as it turned out.

Another stunt at breakfast was to slap an annoying 1/8" diameter spot on my glasses, and when I dealt with it later in the bathroom, to no great surprise, it was a light brown color. This color and shade seems to be the perp's entre to understanding the color energetics for all hues of brown, as they have laid on many more tan colored vehicles in their vehicular gangstalking of late. (And a yellow plasma burst came off this LCD display as I was typing this up). The number of brown colored trim instances on clothing and footwear in my proximity has increased of late, and the perps don't particularly care if the color combination is wretched. Yesterday, a male ambulatory operative in a muted peach colored shirt and a light tan colored jacket over top took the ill-matched clothing award for the day. I don't think I have seen anything so insipid, but there is always next time as this freakshow continues. One past combination was light blue, a color the perps seem to have "mastered", whatever that means to them, with a mid brown for a workout jacket was the previous "vile clothing color combination" award, and I can only assume that it wasn't a big hit, as it hasn't occured since.

And staying with the topic of brown colored objects, here is an excerpt from an group posting on Yahoo that puts the perp's juvenility in its usual pathetic light:
Many of the organized stalkers do daily, or almost daily things to targets' homes to
make sure the target knows they were in the home when the target was out. An obvious
ploy to keep the target feeling violated and powerless.

Things like spreading dirt, making stains, making small rips clothing and furniture, moving furniture around, and sometimes stealing small items (often later returned)
or dumping some of the target's food or medicine.

These things are hard to convey to non-targets, because it is easy for non-targets
to think to themselves that the target is just imagining these "ordinary" things, and
did them accidentally without knowing.

Well, my stalkers have started a new thing with me. My retirement hobby is hanging
out with squirrels. Consequently, I have some bags of peanuts ready. Just in the
past couple of weeks, my perpetrators have started planting a single peanut each
night in my bed.

I tend to sleep with my hands inserted under my pillow or restrained somehow
in the bedding, in other ways.

The stalkers pick one of the hand restraint places, which are well covered and could
not possibly have a peanut accidentally "drop" there, and insert a peanut each day,
which I discover at bed time.

There is no chance at all that a peanut could somehow "stick to" me, unnoticed, and be carried into the bedroom. At no time are peanuts stored or handled there.

I don't lie on the bed with any outer clothing which might accidentally have a peanut left in a pocket.

Now quite often, stalkers leave pennies in odd places in targets' homes, but this is a very unique variation. A penny could have been accidentally dropped, but there is no way a peanut could accidentally get into my bed, especially every night for two weeks consistently.

I'm passing this anecdote on as it might, in some conversations, serve as clear
evidence that at least one target has stalkers entering her home regularly, daily. We don't get many perpetrator slip-ups, but this is definitely one for our conversation-with-non-targets "kit."

Eleanor White
What I would call that is "peanut stalking", right up there with crumb stalking; just to think, adults plan and execute these activities as their 9 to 5 job, and get paid for it. I haven't yet got over this, how a billion dollar a year budgeted operation fields its operatives to develop these exercises in adolescent excess, all to continue remotely applied nonconsensual human experimentation under the premise that they are too afraid to come out of the closet.

Though, I do have a theory on this one, and it relates to the perps and their games with olive oil and other EFA's, essential fatty acids. It is likely that the peanut's EFA's are being remotely analysed in conjunction with the TI's brain cells, and they are attempting to find some kind of color and/or energetic commonality between them for the TI and for the squirrel.

Another siren cascade before I log out from this session and head off to Thursday yoga and a gym workout class in the afternoon. This is my rigorous workout day; no talk therapy in this yoga class thankfully.

I am back from my Thursday yoga and then a following gym workout. And more feints and games as well as plasma inundations in both classes as well as to/from each.

The gym class convenes for the latter half hour to do group exercises, and it was in the floor exercise room until this week. Now, we have been shuttled to the public stretch area, which means that all the regular gangstalkers for the first half, can now loiter around me, or us, in the course of the exercises, which they do, and don't make any bones about it. Some members of the "public" cut through the group even, one that was loitering around me at the end of the Tuesday workout, and one who looks quite familiar from past gangstalkings.

As usual, they put on a big orange T-shirted dude to loiter around me. Two days ago, one of the orange shirts placed his weight near me while I was doing lunges in the mirror, and then took off. About two minutes later he comes back to retrieve his weight and take it away, all the time accomplishing no gym work and did not use the weight.

I also got the same Asian dude loitering around me doing stretches almost exclusively, this is in the free weight area. He was doing the same two days ago, and "somehow" didn't know about the stretching area. Then a blonde woman came in close as I was doing lunges, and once I moved 2' over to work on the bench, she then moved and placed herself in the location where I had been doing lunges, which she did also.

There is more copycatting of what exercises I do; a vertical lift of the free weight behind my head is "catching on" as I see at least one person doing this per visit, when no one did before.

And yet again, when walking to the gym class, I see a member on the street headed away from class. In this case it was a woman who made no bones about hanging around me, and here she was getting on the bus only 10 minutes before class and taking off. I don't quite understand why I am made to see classmembers heading elsewhere before class starts. Another "so what?".

And more starings at me, along with an added smirk before they turn their heads. All very slick, and intended to be as close to social norms, except perhaps an extra half second of stare time. I have not determined what the smirk is for, but it is a very common experience among all TI's.

I got the lead-ahead gangstalker ahead of me while walking to the OB Rec. Center. My walking speed was governed down and I was unable to pass her, and remained some 10' to 20' behind. It is rare that someone walks faster than me, but somehow she consistently did so, and I suspect the perps had a hand in that.

I usually get a profusion of LEO or military dressed gangstalkers on Thursdays, but today all I got was a firetruck emergency call, as much for the light show and the siren noise I am sure.

What I did get was another "wood stalking"; an ambulatory operative was packing two pieces of siding, one 4' and the other 10' ahead of me as I got out of yoga; I crossed over to avoid trailing him, and then he crossed the road ahead of me at the same time. This was only for a block or so, and then this absurd act made a turn and took off. All the male gangstalkers I met from then on, some four of them individually, all had red shirts on. This is as bad as the red vehicle gangstalking, also out in force today.

The dusktime games continue; it began with another forced nap at 1715h for 1.5 hours, and I did not need the sleep in any way. As usual, they have me start into dinner preparation immediately following, no interim web surfing or journalling. And they have me bozo-ifed afterward, which is another cover story for more brain manipulations to serve their objectives. And the noise has been ramped up; freeway traffic noise, and no freeway anywhere, with all the government workers long gone. One look out the window shows very little road traffic, so where is the noise coming from? The same place as always, the perp's noise projection device/methods, augmenting the noisescape for whatever brain/mind control research remains, (not much).

What the perps seem to be testing me for of late is a form of latent knowledge; having the operatives and shills ask me a question, I don't know the answer, and then the questioner answers their own question, and I affirm it as correct. Another jerkaround of late is having me read and "somehow" miss the negating word "not", and then when I detect the error, it begets the noisestalking . The perps have been weeks on this, and are likely incrementally encroaching on controlling and messing with my logical thought, ones they cannot yet fuck with.

And more self identity jerkarounds; waking up from that unneeded nap and not knowing what I was going to do and continue with. It became apparent in this imposed "waking state" that my knowledge about myself was coming in way too slowly. I was zombied in effect. Fucking scary to say the least, but as I get noisestalked on every turn of a page, opening the fridge door and all matters trivial, this identity muting stunt is likely to serve their purposes of attempting to tag all psychic/mind energies with the causal source.

And more examples of operatives from nowhere; I was at a traffic intersection and there was no one in my view. "I" looked away at the crazy left turning stunts that are the new norm, and poof, this fucker operative was on the other side of the crosswalk once the vehicle had cleared the intersection. My rule of thumb is that if it seems that the operative came from nowhere, they likely did, i.e. were teleported. There are simply too many of these visual discontinuities of "arrivals" to be anything but. I never had this problem before, and now there is at least one per day. I have seen them teleport once, and there have been at least three other events where operatives or their shills arrived on my ass as I happened to look away for only a second or two, and did not hear their approach. In two cases, this would of included vehicles as well, and there is no way I would of not heard it.. (And at that time, the perps could not fuck with my hearing like they can now).

And there have been instances where an operative/gangstalker has disappeared to nowhere; usually they are out of sight for an instant, and then poof, gone. And I suspect that they are also doing this more to find out the psi energies related to all things that I can see, and what better way than planting a new person in a scene that was taken to be devoid of persons, as there were none there.

I recall once in a line at immigration when getting off an commercial flight, remarking to my then wife that the crowd seemed to be thining out more quickly that it should have. She gave me this bizarre stare, and then looked away. I could never figure out why the most elementary and innocent of observations got this brusque response. Now I know; she knew what was playing in the script, and if I noted anything irregular, it was likely an orchestrated event. Oddly, the perps never gave her a covering response, but perhaps my comment then wasn't scripted like I am now, down to every breath I take.

More Youtube, and more music, this time Capercaillie and the lead vocalist, Karen Matheson. All that Gaelic singing, and I don't understand a word, but love the voice. Dropping foreign speaking gangstalkers into my proximity is nothing new in this orchestrated life, though I cannot be sure as to what the perp's objectives are.

Time call this a posting, I am getting the vision impairment assaults again.

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