Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mohawks and Cockatoos

There are more weird hairstylings showing up in my proximity these days, and today I got two more examples. A mohawk haircut with all hair shorn except a center strip that is gelled to stand up vertically was scripted in today's outings, as it was two days ago when I was outside then. A new hairdo is the cockatoo job, where the operative has a relatively normal mid-length cut for a male, except some ten 1/8" diameter strands that stick out and up and are reversed back. Augmenting this are some blonde strands in the black hair, some of which are also the cockatoo "feathers". And these "feathers" somehow manage to consistently sit over 2" off the main body of hair, so I can only assume they are gelled in place too.

I was at yoga class, and a following strength training class in the afternoon, and in both cases I was treated to an operative/gangstalker posing without their shirt on, while I was enroute to the respective classes. On my way to yoga, a woman had her top pulled up, black bra on, and was facing the opposite way, and didn't seem too perturbed that she was only 15' from a public sidewalk on a busy thoroughfare. And there didn't seem to be any supporting rationale as to why she was in this (normally) compromising situation.

Then at strength training, a new resident male weird was also in on this act, standing at the front door to the OB Rec. Center, first without his shirt on, then he put on a red shirt as I was approaching. Then the fucker followed in behind me at the admissions booth. After some 10 minutes, he then "showed up" in the exercise area, with his shades on and his over bleached blonde hair. Then he strutted his weirdness in the front windows on the exercise machines there, while I was doing free weights in the central area where there is substantially less natural light.

And it was here that the operative cum fireman "happened by", this time with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, with shades on, putting on the inspection show. Meanwhile, his buddy, was sitting in the ladder firetruck outside, with it facing the exercise room, broadside. The "firemen" kept the red firetruck outside for at least 20 minutes of exercise time, and only departed when one of the operatives/class members introduced himself to me, shaking my hand.

Regular readers will recall that it was only two (?) weeks ago when the same Oak Bay Fire Department truck made four gangstalking passes by me when I was headed for and inside the Rec. Center. The latter three passes of driving by with the same red firetruck was when I was furthest away from the windows, then at the windows on an exercise machine, and a last pass when I was about halfway between these locations. So what fire department takes two firemen in a ladder truck to a location to do an "inspection" with one fireman? I don't know a whole lot about the business of fire departments and their inspections, but this feint, as I see it, doesn't add up. Especially with the tongue hanging out like a Newfoundland dog. On that note, regular readers will recall the innumerable daily situations of the perps/operatives exposing their mouth contents by open mouthing, spitting, yawning, eating food, moving their tongue in their mouth and a few more variants. So if anyone can enlighten me as to how real firemen do their inspection duties, I would be most obliged.

I got another "military" escort/gangstalking when coming back from yoga, which has to be at least the 8th time in the last six months where these goofs are parading by, and there isn't a base within miles. And it is always new faces, so it is not as if a regular member takes a lunch break at a nearby residence. Sometimes three abreast, today it was two, seeming army or land forces members. Last week I got a navy officer looking operative dressed up, who looked suspiciously like one of the swim club members who "disappeared" back East for a season, as so many of them have done. And, this same naval officer act also "showed up" at a supermarket over a year ago, in the days when I owned a vehicle. In this latter instance, he had just finished at the checkout, and was heading to get into my way (nothing new there), and he was making a turn. Instead of focussing on where he was going (making a turn) he looks at me and gives a two second stare, for no apparent social reason. It is totally bizarre that anyone makes a turn while walking and looks away from their intended path, and puts on a stare onto someone they did not know (by conventional means) was there. And if there is anyone who can tell me why military personnel are swarming on North Park St. in Victoria, BC, Canada after yoga (after plenty of spine twisting) at about 1240h on Thursdays, again, I would be much obliged.

The commonality in the above events is that these actors are wearing a uniform, which likely conveys certain repetitive garb, and there must be some color energetics interactions that are readily detectable, and that the perps are looking for that same energetics signature from me. Just speculation, but it is on Thursdays only, the more rigorous of the two yoga classes I take each week.

I also got a Native Indian gangstalking swarm arranged outside a church on my way back from yoga class. At least 40 plus a few Caucasians in the mix, the young blonde women being visible last most in this mass of people, who curiously created a path in the center for me to take. There wasn't any apparent funeral or wedding arrangements, and the grouping was another of those mysteries that fall under the brown color problem the perps have, and tell me about all the time in depraved ways.

I got my usual 500 to 1,000 vehicles on vehicular gangstalking duty on the major thoroughfares that I walked to get to the OB Rec. Center. There were the clusters of red vehicles, (six at a single glance being the top count), then white ones, silver grey again, and the others which are less clustered. They will put on two dark metallic green vehicles in file at times, and same for black and the grey vehicles. Outside the OB Rec. Center, in a single 180 degree visual sweep of the street and the parking lot, the perps put on 12 red colored vehicles, all parked, including the above mentioned red firetruck outside the entrance area. Invariably, the perps send a white or a silver-grey vehicle down the middle of this red color vehicle gauntlet. In the 10 parking stalls that face the workout room, they put on 8 white, silver-grey, mid-grey and black vehicles, (grey scale "colors"), and inserted a navy blue and a red vehicle into the group. I cannot believe the amount of organizing that goes on to arrange all this, as I am quite sure that many of the vehicles have been in place long before I get there, and likely, the same after I depart.

With the hot weather now, some 24 degrees C, the perps have begun their Pseudosweating of me again. This is where I am made to sweat profusely out of proportion to the activity that I am engaged in, and in their book, they will use any excuse that they can. The intake of two cups of coffee in the morning will now bring on the Psedosweats, and the assholes really worked me over at yoga, having many of droplets of sweat "fly off" me, and they also soaked the shirt on my back. So if I am getting better at yoga, then why am I sweating more? And don't tell me it is the sunlight, as this class is in a below-grade location on the North side of the street, meaning no direct sunlight anytime.

And it was the same at Strength Training later in the afternoon; I am not allowed to do the most arduous treadmill running anymore (deterred by remotely invoked hand bashings), and yet, "somehow", I am sweating buckets. I can only assume the condition of being wet offers the perps more possibilities in assaying my energetics from their remote locations, as well as all the proximate locations from which their plasma and maser beams are originating from. Hence some 15 years of swim club level swimming 3x per week until 1999.

At the strength training class the members retire to the exercise room for the latter half of the session. At about this time I look for the class members making tracks, and today, like many, they would of walked by me, and I then finish up my aerobics session and joined them. But "somehow" the other six class members managed to get in the floor exercise room unnoticed, either slipping in the back door (that they never use and don't have the key for), or they teleported in, or else they zoned me out so I would not "see them" passing by. I don't know how they did this, but they all were in the room before I got there, as I was told that the time to meet was 5 minutes after the hour, and not the usual hour. It is another case of setting up ahead of me, as this happens at the yoga classes as well. As this was a first exclusionary move by the remainder of the class, I suspect that more of these "you are it" (read persecuted for our enjoyment) games will continue. And yet, the same instructor was so diligent in the last class, two days ago, that she came over to me at the same exercise machine, to expressly tell me that the floor exercises were about to begin. Just like a lyric line from a song, "always on the outside of whatever side there was". At any rate, I am totally pissed off that I am now the "butt end" of these games they make no bones about, and this was their debut.

The perps also like to perturb me in my perceptions of being comfortable in a specific activity and/or location. The Tuesday yoga now has a regular gangstalker coming 30 minutes "late" who just stands there, to whom the instructor gushed, "Shirley, how great to see you", as if long lost pals. As it "so happens", the putative Shirley, likely someone I know who has been morphed-over to look different, hasn't been to any yoga class for the past four months or so, and since she only stands there, I am hard pressed to believe she is any long lost yoga class participant. This is what I call a "gimme"; a setup of pretense to send me the message "you are getting fucked over here". Which then leads to what the perps really want, which is to make me feel annoyed and prone to quit the class altogether for the blatant show of gangstalking and criminal association. Today's exclusionary strength training class activities (above) had the same effect. And the perps like to put these on back to back, say, within a week, so that they can then determine what common energetics there are from these stunts. And as it so happens, they pulled the information board from the yoga class that could of supplied alternative venues and instructors. Such a coincidence.

And the perps put on a show for me today at their "Dick Heights" location as I call it. It is a seeming residential tower built in 1967-68 on the best in-city prominatory, where the Rockland water tower is. It is only the fact that this tower has as many aerials as a battleship suggests that there maybe an ulterior motive to the activities inside. And by way of telepathy, the perps have also made the same suggestions. And today, in concert with other locations lately, they were installing more aerials, three per side on this building, deploying a vertical rectangle design that has the appearence of being related to cell phone repeaters. More of these same aerials have "arrived" on the top of the hospital building and are sited to be line-of-sight to the OB Rec. Center, situated to be seen between two buildings on the opposite side of the street. Last week there were two in sight from the workout room, now there are three. I no expert on aerial design or cell phone networks, but I cannot believe that the recent profusion of aerials, even on low buildings is related to cell phone networks.

It has been argued that Maxwell's theories of electromagnetism and the role of the ether were bowlderized and reduced in significant form to be what we know today, which is taught in current day physics theory. (Thomas Bearden makes this claim on current electromagnetic theory anomalies with his incisive analysis). The nature of the ether was also shortchanged when the rather limited Michelson and Morley experiment "proved" that there was no ether, and that then promoted Einstein's Theory of Relativity as the eminent treatise on matter, one that many qualified experts in physics, call a "dead end".

I am getting into "my" physics rant here, and most of this has been covered before. But suffice to say, as mentioned in past blogs, there is an certain malaise in current physics teaching, and it may well be that this has been imposed upon us to keep the luminiferous ether energies, or as their other names, sidereal, scalar, psi or psionic, corpuscular, longitudinal, from becoming part of current day physics theory. That way, the population can be tied to earning income to pay for energy to heat their homes and fuel their vehicles, not to mention being mind-controlled from remote locations, which the perps can now do handily as I have detailed in my profile. I can only assume that my "mind keepers" wanted me to lapse into this topic, and to no surprise, they have brought on noise flurries as I type or link to specific words. The vision impairment and the typo sabotage with invoked coughing for no authentic reason have also been imposed as this paragraph was composed.

Time to call this a wrap; the seductions of Youtube are immense, and I am having a retrospective of the 1960's folk wave.

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