Thursday, January 27, 2011

No Show Yoga -stretches only

Last week's yoga got cancelled in advance, but one week was too much to expect civility, so.... the instructor doen't show up this week. And if daffodil picking starts next week as indicated, why, a whole six weeks or more with no yoga. What is the fucking problem with a billion dollar budget covert harassment outfit that they cannot allow me to take spinal flexing exercises? And furthermore, when I attempt to start the yoga habit in the morning, or any other time, why, I "forget" in a day or two, and only weeks later am I allowed to know yet another initiative was spiked by remote mind-invasive means.

And seemingly a BIG Fuckover event today, starting with serial noises from outside, extra frequent and extra amplified; heavy duty truck noise, bus noise, tire whine noise, back up beeper noise and hotrod muffler noise, leading on from yesterday it would seem. (And the siren cascades have started up as I type this).

Maybe it was the new jar of cashew butter that was started, replete with an oil separation on top, as extra noise came on when I stirred it in, being brown too of course. (Or should that be, as cashews are white colored?) Then it was laundry, but that is not a big deal, except to get me out of here for a few minutes at a time. Then the Seasonic PC power supply (PSU) arrived in its brown box with green foam chips, biogegradeable, and strangely, the manager had accepted the delivery and mentioned it to me on the way out the door to yoga.

I get the "usual" freakshow parade, starting with the dayglo-coated negro as the pseudo security personnel wandering on public streets for crissakes, and then there was the dude force and vagrant cluster too. I get to yoga and the disgusting negro woman was sitting there in the dim light, and around the corner was the babbler. I do ten minutes of stretches before I gave up the instructor showing up.

And one would think that with the yoga class cancellation without prior notice that the freakshow wouldn't be prepared, but no, they were out in droves. I get the parcel from the manager stuffing her face with food (a common Fuckwit prop) with a tattoo dude next to her, and at least one more in the lobby with the elevators long gone. So I humpf the parcel up the stairway to the sixth floor and change and then open it up. Yessir, just what I ordered, and I won't be the one to put it in as they don't let me do that, causing my hands to tremble for no seeming reason but blatant capability sabotage.

And it seems that daffodil flower picking will be my part time vocation for next month, to pay off the PC sabotage bills, though not yet finished with that one, and then the PSU and the recent DVD and CD ordering compulsion that erupted for no reason.

 And why has Facebook stopped responding to my polite emails/messages submitted via their Help web page to remove my email address from the accounts, as I did not register and gave no consent. Here I am getting 10/day Facebook spammings from people I don't know. The infernal Facebook so-called Help page had a complaint form for those who want to report an "impostor" and who don't have a Facebook account, and then they turn around and ask me to supply the imposter's email address. How fucking lame/inane is that?

And another jerkaround on the local alterations shop; I had taken two pairs of pants there to be altered, and I get the "out for lunch" notice at 2:00pm. As this isn't the first time that one-person shop hasn't pulled this on me, I hope to make it the last. I am so fed up with getting fucked with. That set the stage for me take them back to my place, and head out again, past the alterations shop to the LD store where the gangstalker gauntlet was set up. Double motorized wheelchairs lined up outside for crissakes, and two of at least four freaks hanging around outside for no seeming reason. All tthese aimless dudes doing their shopping on weekdays just blows me away; I had the big hat dude, the negro on stand-there duty, the ballcaps, longhair male, the do-rag dude, at least five hoodie dudes and a few more. One hoodie dude was on street for the abortive mission to the alterations shop, and was near my apartment building crouched over a bicycle with another Fuckwit in mid sidewalk for my second outing. The hoodie patterns are getting more varied; horizontal stripes in classing colors like turquoise and brown, and even ill-matched print-on tartan patterns. Never were hoodies so fascinating, and it seems, to be an continuing Fuckwit presentation  feature.

Attempting to purchase labels for my label printer has turned out to be another wall of obstructions. They messed the web page up in Firefox by removing the Buy It (purchase or like) button, so I put it up in IE and had the same problem. I phone Dymo this morning as they put their phone number on the web page, and lo, if their phone lines/staff are unable to take orders because of the snowstorm back east. Like who plans all these impasses for me and why? This all got started over a month ago when the local big box stationary store didn't have the needed variety of lablels in at least two visits.

A 55 minute near-nap just finished; I wasn't seeming to sleep and could hear arranged noise like serial buses on the one half route portion below. though, I am sure I did nap, and somehow got messed around in thinking not. I haven't had napping dubiance before, but like for so many things, the FUD show covers the smallest details.

This might be the last post for a week or more, as PC system crashes are increasingly adverse. And not to put too fine on a point on it, so is the blatant sabotage; my Google Search settings are cleaned out at the start of every session, and the Firefox settings for retaining the tabs/sites on startup are disregarded no matter what. This Firefox session took five minutes to get going, and even Task Manager, the supposed system supervisor, took three minutes to appear. Back to reading books and farting around doing squat, and forget about the job search thing too. And also, I will be picking daffodils for remuneration next week to pay for the technicians to slave over this and keep the bullshit string going.

Bye for now, up in a week or so.

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