Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mystery Care Keeper

I went to my in-town brother's this morning, as I am the assigned cat and house care person, attending to his viscious feline, likely deranged because he keeps it inside all the time. The house smells of it, and he doesn't seem to get it that he will be in for a big bill to clean it up afterwards. I do this every two days, and that includes the disgusting litter box duty.

I also look after the mail, and was also obliged to deal with the freaking newspaper, even if it had been cancelled by him for the duration of his holiday. Why, the newspaper carrier suddenly re-started his delivery after stopping it for over a week. That meant coming back inside the house when I was set to go, and then doing the cancellation to find out that it had already been cancelled. So I get to make another call with plenty of on-hold time to talk to a real person to end the unexpected newspaper delivery. That was two days ago, and then today, when I get there, I see an older newspaper somehow arrived in the house, still in its plastic bag. Like WTF; I cleaned up the front porch of all newspapers two days ago (Thursday), and somehow an Tuesday newspaper arrives inside the door. Plus, it seems that a heater got moved. No matter, the house is in good hands, because if it isn't me, it is one of his abetting perps who is doing these silly games.

I had a "sticky" gangstalker on me when outbound; she "happened" to be ahead of me on the way to the bus, then on the same bus at the same bus stop, then got off behind me at the same stop, and then continued to walk behind me at my same fast walk, then crossed the road to tail me for some 12 minutes of walking before she disappeared over the hill. It is rare that I get someone who walks as fast as I can, but even if 6" shorter, she could, and made the most of it. I call these ones "fellow travellers", the ones that get on and off at the same bus stops as I do, but she went one further, covering me on street before the bus stop, and again when I got off. A first for this level of extra obvious coverage.

And when walking back, a woman with the same color hair, but different clothing, also "happened" to be covering me from the other side of the street, strangely waiting to cross at the pedestrian activated crossing, and then giving up, and continuing on the same way.

A sudden ear itch that had to be attended to by first removing my earmuffs at the instant of re-reading the above mentioned phrase, "sticky gangstalker" as well as the woman's image being placed in mind. Exciting moment for perps, and also telling as to the level of detail they pursue me at.

Other "big events" for the perps would be the inclusion of the much offered Amazon bookmark symbol in my Firefox browser. Normally I don't like to clog my browser with other commercial products, but since I bookmark interesting things extensively, or alternatively, put them in my Amazon Wish List, I have a large collection of "might purchase some day" web pages. And since 2004 when I got my PC back together, the Amazon bookmark button has been missing from all their web pages. This wasn't too much of a problem as all I had to do was put the mouse pointer over where it should of been, click it, and lo, my Wish List page comes up and declares that I have added an item. So after over six years of this nonsense of clicking on an empty location and getting the item Wish Listed, I can now do this from my
just-installed Amazon browser button. I know this sounds trivial, and it isn't a big deal, but for the perps, it signifies a significant advance, especially given the duration before an Amazon add-on was allowed directly in the browser.

A large number of fuzzy maser balls have been coming off items in my immediate proximity and coming at me, often slowly drifting. Often these fuzzy balls come at me in pairs, and if I move my head because I cannot stand the visual perturbance, they are re-arranged to be in front of me again. There is no relief from this insane invasion.

A screaming rage show when I found out that I got screwed into clobbering a site download into an existing one, rendering the directory totally confusing as to what page what file belongs to. The the 290 page site is taking 10x longer to download the second time after I cleaned out the mess to start again. There are some interesting sites that should not go unnoticed, and I download these, though three only so far. I am totally pissed that I got set up to do a download twice, all to have the latter dowload take so long, and its task bar button flickering between yellow and green. Which is what the big deal for the perps is; slowly changing colors, over 20 to 50 minutes or so. Now I see the job stalled out and stopped, an apparent sever error. Why is it the perps have to fuck everything I do, from the simplest things on up?

And the second smaller download is now stalled out; two downloads that worked perfectly fine, except they were into the same directory (read, total mind fuck) leading to total confusion had to be redone, and then neither of them completed, getting a supposed server error. This is totally fucking sick that I am not allowed to dowload free and availible material for my own use.

Doing resume update and re-work while music is playing in my headphones. I am reminded of a big perp moment with overhead rumbling noise that gets layered on when saving files, copy/paste etc.

Enough high excitement and now blogging off.


Anonymous said...

Had the perps telling me one of their standard story plots again. I am not going to share it publicly.
it is one of the calling cards I card use to know it is truely from the perps. I think I have kind of turned a corner on the perps. their games are seeming to bother me less and less and it is almost becoming like entertainment. Sometimes I really enjoy a fresh reload of the operating system, everything seems a little quicker and cleaner. but that is just me.
dont let the perps get you down.
thanks for the posts.

here is a video for you.

AJH said...

Answer to: Had the perps telling me...

I think all TI's carry their own private plots/themes that can only be from the perps as they are so perverse, consistent and usually out-of-context. I will check out the video at a later date, as it seems that post-evening tea time is when I am allowed to put the headphones on, either for videos or music listening and/or ripping. The special USB cable I need to hook up the speaker set has been running for over a month of forced "forgets", surely another perp contrivance, as such "forgetting" is totally uncharacteristic. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. More perp manufactured violence?

Also, with the angle that was shown, it looked a lot like the Wal-Mart in the previous town I lived in. Another "coincidence". That would make it yet another of many psy-ops I encounter in the media with photographers getting involved in the perps' games. I've heard of photogs for the Associated Press and other major newspapers getting targeted pretty hard. I think that's why so many photogs are going along with this.

There seems to be an escalation in the amount of people "going postal" and killing others. I remember when it was rare for this sort of thing to happen once per year. But now, it seems to happen about once per 2 weeks. The AZ shooting was only 2 weeks ago. I suppose the perps have a schedule for these sorts of things, like they must shoot for one every two weeks.

AJH said...

Answer to: Here we go again...

I too, don't regard these public shootings and massacres as all random. Not when I get 5 to 15 lesions inflicted while shaving each day, sometime they even erupt beside the razor blade in full view of happening. So it would seem the perps need direct blood-environment interaction, outside of the body to compare to that of whom they follow before and after such tragic altercations. The major perp investigation parameter seems to be magnetic, keeping me in a 1600 Gauss field, 3200x normal. And blood itself is magnetic, so there may be some confounding interactions that they deem can only be sorted out when there is direct blood-environment interaction. It seems in my case they can extract body fluids by their "action at a distance" technologies, so why don't they apply this to their research instead of these tragic massacres? (Also, cattle mutilations, just about all of them with the blood drained from them is another interesting "coincidence" in the perp research objectives). I don't have the complete story on how red colors fit into this either, but this color seems to be a significant part of the perp harassment that I experience. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I don't really buy into the "satan" theory either, about why there is so much red and black involved. I think it has more to do with not only the way the colors contrast, but the wavelengths of the colors, as well as the wavelengths of absorption.

I do believe there is military involved in targeted individuals, though. Had a grandfather who died in 1979 of cancer. The way they treated him, was intense chemo and radiation therapy. My mom said she thought the radiation was what did him in ultimately, because his skin was all burned, and that it likely just fried his internals. And he did serve in WWII, and she thought the reason for his cancer years later was the DDT or whatever that was sprayed on the vegetation. She said they sprayed that chemical everywhere. I wouldn't be surprise if the chemical spraying (the DDT or whatever) was part of a deliberate experimentation. And the other grandfather was very mean and irritable all the time, liked no one, and kept railing against corrupt politicians who needed "hanged". He used to say "take 'em all out and HANG 'EM. HANG THEM ALL!!" So I'm thinking that maybe the mean hell-raising grandfather had been targeted, which made him constantly pissed off all the time. He died in 1994. I'm sure the perps were onto both of those men, which could be why I'm targeted so intensely. I figured, there's no way they could be pounding me to this extreme, and be just a random victim the system picked out for harassment just for shits and giggles. That wouldn't make any sense. No sir, for it to be this intense, it had to have started early (like before I was born). I could be wrong, and all that other stuff with both grandfathers could be coincidence. But there is too much coincidence there, esp. the railing against corrupt politicians, and the constant rage.

Anonymous said...

I guess that would make sense, as corrupt politicians are the ones who somehow benefit from all of this, and to also "look the other way" while the NSA, military, or intelligence agencies abuse TIs' civil rights. Had a relative that was turned into a medicated vegetable from all the meds his doctors was prescribing for him. I'm sure that was by design, too, as the perps want certain people turned into walking zombies. His brain chemistry is all fucked up now because of all the meds his doctors put him on over the years. Now he has to stay in an institution where he is constantly monitored, because he is mentally unstable now. With the meds he is prescribed (to counteract the chemical imbalances from the other meds), he is more or less a vegetable. Well, he doesn't have much of a soul or personality left because of the constant meds in his system.

See, the perps have ruined many lives like this. I have been harassed so hard, I could never go into entertainment like I wanted (acting and musician). I would get mobbed right out of the theatre. So I've been reduced to a part-time teaching job with no benefits, but that's OK with me. I'm sure I can find happiness with my simple existence the perps forced upon me.

Anonymous said...

On my last job, I was getting kind of sick a lot, and I found myself actually nodding off to sleep while at my desk. That was interesting, because I was reading documentation on the Texas Instruments DSP processor, forget which model it was, but the whole process of reading through the assembly language programming was really wearing me out. I'm glad my company laid me off in the middle of the week one day, with no explanation, because I was really worn doing that job. The part time teaching doesn't earn me much, but I am so much more alert, it seems.

I do know the perps can sap one's energy at will. I have felt the effects of that while walking: at certain key points of interest on my walk, I will feel a strong sap of energy being taken from me. The harassment I get from perps in various stores saps some of my energy, too. Mostly, though, the perps get my anger level steadily rising, and I have to manage my anger internally, else I know I will have a not-so-pleasant public show of contempt, which will make me look crazy.

AJH said...

Answer to: I don't really buy into the...

Many TI's come from military families, and it is a conspiratorial notion of mine that the military is just one big perp monitoring, surveillance and nonconsensual human experimentation exercise. I know that sounds extreme, but given the commonality of perp parentage with military or police, it is a notional consideration for me. And too, all that intergenerational testing and experimentation they like to borrow from, it reduces the variation of their study subjects considerably. There are certain aspects of the immune system the perps seem to be still studying, along with Vitamin D and related sunlight interaction, so it makes sense that certain immune system depleting "treatments" are applied from their perspective. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I guess that would...

Hard to say what the perps' neural study objectives are in total, but I am sure that the proliferation of various types of anti-depressants in the population serves their interests. Not to mention those drug formulations getting into water supplies and fauna. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: On my last job...

I have had the job capability takedown applied to me; the perps won't let me read anything technical in IT without losing cognition/interest. It seems my ability to learn is also highly governed, and who from, and in what circumstances. I didn't realize this until the last few years, but it seems to be the case, and the asshole likely created and governed all my learning difficulties since birth.

Musicians seem to get regularly treated to adversity in their early years when they try to establish themselves, and too, also expiring early in life with a big fan following. A dangerous path for sure, and one that few but TI's seem to be aware of. Thanks for the comments.