Friday, January 07, 2011

Biblical Rain

Two days of constant rain for Victoria is most uncharacteristic, though not uncommon for the nearby metropolis of Vancouver, across the waterway of the Straight of Georgia. And regular readers will know that I believe that a number of weather events seem to be arranged around my circumstances, say light rain onset as I exit the same supermarket twice in two weeks, when it was sunny when I entered the store. Other rain onsets when departing the First Feral Family home by vehicle was occuring with significant regularity last year, at least 5x in succession over as many weeks. And my perp-abetting mother also talks it up, knowing I am not going to engage in any conspiracy-speak with her.

Interesting that the perps let me get busy on paper sorting, filing and tossing as well as my visiting my locker to take file boxes there, and retrieve some 150 CD's for digitizing on this here PC. Altogether, a most productive day, and not much remaining time for blogging and online putzing/web surfing, my typical lot in (my controlled and orchestrated) life. They did let me go two blocks to the ATM and deposit a check, and then have me visit the office products store on the way back to get file boxes, aka, brown cardboard printed with white, red-brown and black tones, a standard product. And said boxes in flat package form did strangely slip around under my arm, also a big perp gangstalk objective, having me use my umbrella hand to aid the other one. It was the debut of rainy weather use of this Blunt umbrella, the one I had to have all the way from New Zealand, ordered late spring in 2010 and not used for rain, only fake-out rain conditions until yesterday. And having this aqua blue umbrella seems to be a big deal, as they put the gangstalking assholes closer to me so they too might get under it momentarily. One E. Indian woman in a white coat got particular close, oncoming and looking sideways as we both approached a sidewalk constriction, and she even flinched from my umbrella getting to close, even if safely overhead and with no eye-snagging points on it. This was just after the shiftless negro male standing elevated on some stairs was in just-stand-there mode, dressed in black and white. And have I mentioned how much I loathe the sight of white pants, especially loose ones?,- and yet even in winter the white pants wearers/gangstalkers have come on strong.

It was yoga that got me out today, back to the Thursday class again for the bodacious blonde Hilary Swank-like instructor. She first hides herself behind these narrow black framed glasses, and takes them off some 10 min. into the class. Initial face hiding isn't anything new to me, as this "habit" erupted when the perps went overt/beserk on me in 2002 and have kept up the abuse and harassment ever since.

The road traffic noise on wet pavement brings a hiss noise to it, and I suppose one day of it when working on papers and cardboard (yesterday), and then doing spine flexing activity (yoga) the next, is just the perfect noise coordination they are looking for. As mentioned many times in this blog, spine flexing is a big deal, and seems to be the most significant constant in ambulatory perp behavior; looking sideways while going forward, looking up at things of no significance and the rest of their strange public goings on. (Crouching down is another, often playing up the wacko cum deranged bullshit). Even drivers of vehicles often will look in the opposite direction to which they are turning, making for even more hilarity in public perp behavior. That they have their Fuckwits do 360 degree sidewalk spins isn't new either, with the asshole giving me a stare at the conclusion of this epic derangement. So on with the show, and it seems I will be apartment bound for the rest of the day, keeping company with my just-laundered sheets now on my bed.

I got a triple interuption while making the bed with the just-laundered sheets this morning. The gratuitous red post office van was parked outside, and so I got mind-fucked into getting the camera to take a picture, but it was gone by then in typical piece of adroit coordination. I had put the camera back, and was fluttering the top sheet to lay it down, when in-town brother phoned for making vague arrangements as to meeting him either this afternoon (now unlikely), tomorrow morning (Friday) and again on Saturday. In the latter case he asked me if I would drive him and his girlfriend to the airport and I said I would (his vehicle), and then he tells me he isn't flying to Vancouver but overland to Surrey BC to stay with said girlfriend's friend overnight, in preparation for a Sunday (Jan. 09) departure from Vancouver to Bankok, Thailand. He is on a four week vacation with his Thai girlfriend, though how friendly she is can be debated. Another brown girl, a follow-on from his native Indian ones. As in perp abetting brown color testing, especially skin tones, if you follow me and all the invective I have over the perps and their senseless obsession with all things brown, especially those same colored substances in us. (And by extension, the extreme and relentless harassment when I take a shit, every one since 04-2002, when the in-apartment perp blocked my toilet with a balloon. And is also the central reason they have planted this 3x/day chocolate eating "habit" on me).

A tool use web browing just done; the perps encourage my interest in tools, but when it comes to the reality of using them, they screw me over bit time, no pun intended. They can even mess my head such that I cannot tell if a level is level or not, or which end needs to be raised; bubble at the front or the back of the spirit bubble line. Needless to say, I am much more wary on taking on projects of any size. I had a wood handle of a cleaning brush that I wanted to put an eyelet in so it could be hung up vertically from a hook. I secured it to my table with two clamps and I tested it to make sure it was secure. As soon as I took the drill to the end of the handle, the clamps and handle all moved together, as if a 1/16" drill could move it, which it couldn't of, having tested it with my hand. Just another example of the ongoing bullshit I have to deal with, the extraconventional physicality bubble containment.

Busy with reading Jackie, Ethel, Joan -the Kennedy sisters-in-law, and getting hammered with planted emotional wracking that is the perp's trademark abuse. I don't get emo-trashed from books, and rarely from film, and never for TV, and yet this goes on all the time now. My new planted emotional angst, has been considerably elevated from my normal baseline unemotional self, and it better come back the way it was, because I don't know how I will be able survive the real bullshit that will doubtless come. They attempted their manipulations in 2003 in what was likely a staged funeral for Ms. C's mother, but since about 2007, they can now access my emotional center and manipulate it at ease. And I don't like what they have done one fucking bit.

A total Windows 7 crash a few minutes ago, not even Task Manager, normally the last possible application to go down, was accessible. So, the one finger MS salute; hold down on the physical switch until it shuts off at the box. This stunt was pulled while Iris Dement was playing, and I was copying and compressing the last CD of the evening. Anyhow, all part of the slings and arrows of being a contained victim of senseless extra-conventional abuse.

More games with font sizes tonight as well; bolding some letters and not others, unlike the usual Google search of whole words being bolded. On and on it goes.

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