Sunday, January 02, 2011

Clunk On

A truncated day, being awakened finally at 1020h, a 10 hour sleep with the usual prior dreams, awakenings to hear dude banter, and a meat aerial the entire time. Then, in-town brother is coming in his Thai girlfriend's vehicle, but no Thai girl for a family get together, if that makes sense. The Thai girl had gone incommunicado, and won't show at family do-s anymore for unknown reasons. But.. she is still ensconced at in-town brother's place in her own room for crissakes, and loans her red colored Toyota Camry whenever needed for brother to brother red color testing that the perps are so fucking insane over. And she complained that the cat smell at my in-town brother's was unbearable back in 04-2010, and is still there. I would agree with her on the cat smell, even if all the right things are done. And I get to look after it while the two of them flit to Thailand for a month, begining in less than a week. I am sure the cat is going to pull something on me; get sick or otherwise necessitate a trip to the vet. And I have gotten a dollar figure from the in-town brother on the maximum permissible vet bill, and having me pay it, and then having my brother re-imburse me for it might be another perp stunt, as they just love to arrange these in-family financial transactions; e.g. putting someone else's item on another's bill, followed by later reimbursement. Fucking hilarious that, just as it was over eight years ago when they would descend on me, backs arranged to face me, at the checkouts and tills all across town. Now, they aren't so rabid at checkouts, but they nearly always put on side-chat, or else cashier chat while I am using my debit card, and of course the freaking dude show that accompanies me in most locations.

And other extra noise eruptions today, even the faux neighbor started his putative shower, or the noise thereof, while shaving at the late hour of 1100h due to today's late start. Then that wasn't enough, as the dude talk started up, the smoke alarm did a one time cheep, and other noises joined the confluence. The assholes cannot get enough of me shaving, and they even expanded shaving to be full frontal in 2007, and are still pissing around on this front.

And when making quesadillas from scratch for lunch, again more through the wall/faux neigbor noise, this time making sure the faucet was squeaking. Then the usual clunks and creakings, all the more strange that this is so consistent, even when mealtime is delayed like today. I can get up anytime from 0500 to 1100h, and the putative next door dude is making the same noises from the other side of the wall, day after day. Amazing. Not to mention the overhead rumbling noise that can also tail me all over this apartment, always erupting overhead, as if there was this insane compulsion to move a noisy sliding door overhead, one that can be heard through 12" of concrete ceiling/floor as well as my earmuffs.

Street hollaring continues into the New Year as well; sudden hollarings from outside timed to high perp interest events like shaving, drying the frypan with a dish towel, and like esoteric moments identified by noisetalking, plasma flashes and maser incursions, defeating my fine motor control, adding back water onto just-dried surfaces, adding crumbs in from nowhere, and other extra-conventional fuckery. The term "adding" really means teleporting, as there is no apparent source for these crumbs, as they often like to introduce a table crumb into the kitchen a few minutes later as some kind of delayed test for color and interaction. Which is why, when dealing with the last of the antipasti, they put on red plasma flashes of the same color and size, and after cleaning the dishes and walking over to the desk to boot up this PC, why more of the same red plasma flashes. In other words, running a series of real red color antipasti, some of which was eaten, some of which is in the left over slices in the fridges, and then having residual red antipasti in the jar when it was being cleaned out and on the dishes brush, and then when no more was visible, why, start up the same color red flashes while in the kitchen and then after vacating there and crossing the room to the desk, why add some more red flashes. All very consistent, but it has taken them over 8.5 years of this insane and relentless abuse to get to this level of red color testing, and I doubt if they are any near the end of it, going by the bloody lesions they inflicted while shaving, and then sneaking a messy post-shave lesion on my neck prior to lunch.

Now the perps started up their clunking and another smoke alarm cheep while I was bookmarking some books on Powells Books a fave book store if you ever get to Portland OR, and aren't gangstalked out of there, which is what the assholes would do to me.

Said -n-town brother managed to phone and interupt me for the Cling-Wrap moment, a sure indicator to know that the perps are stil working on this subject. For all the eight years of this insane and abusive harassment, they crank it up worse for when I am handling Cling-Wrap. After loading the three quesadilla slices on the dish and washing my hands, why, he phones just then to get me out of the kitchen area for whatever continuing Cling-wrap fuckery is in play.

Blogging off for today.


Anonymous said...

Today I was greeted with the phone ringing at a very early hour (8 to 9 AM). What's odd is the call wasn't important enough for them to leave a message. Also, at the same hour, I was awakened by some "Creaking", "house settling" type sounds, which were unusually loud. I found them quite scary, and it's suspect that I hadn't heard them again. I'm wondering if those "house settling" noises were perp induced, and if they could be doing something to the house to cause them. Also, the were inducing voices in my post-dream state. This time, they planted sounds of a puppy whining. They always do this; planting voices or sounds upon me awakening. It seems they are pulling those sounds out of "audio memory", and throwing them back to me. It's like V2K, but at a very subtle threshold. I believe they are using Remote Neural Monitoring to pull this stunt off.

The have done Remote Neural Monitoring very extensively, and at all hours, and it could be why I require so much sleep. Or maybe they just want me sleeping all the time, so they keep me tired on purpose, so I can fall asleep and read my dreams. It seems they are getting information they need from my dreams, or they are reading them for entertainment.

AJH said...

Answer to: Today I was greeted...

The creaking noises... I get them all the time and I live in a steel-concrete building which has no wood structures to creak.

As for sleep, they can regulate its duration to the second, which they might be doing. There are giving me 10 hour sleeps these days (Dec. to Jan.) and might be doing the same to you, for whatever reasons they have for the N. hemisphere.

More than Remote Neural Monitoring; Total Neural Cognitive Control, 24x7. I reckon they like to play dream sequences to then compare the neural activity to that of when this occured in real life. This way, they compare the two to get the difference, and then use this as the next round of neural energetic analysis to determine the base psychic energetics of the experience, be it in dream or seen (on TV say) or experiennced as an observer, or experienced as a participant. Of late, I get whine noise from them changing the running faucet noise, so it must be to leverage their neural research objectives. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I guess that would make sense, though. There are plenty of documents out there about RNM, and surely someone with enough technical knowledge who isn't a perp operative would've figured out how it is done. It has to be far more sophisticated than that, now. The army of gangstalkers, informants, shills are in place to make sure the perps are completely covered, in case their technological fuckery gets interfered with. That way, they have the gangstalkers and informants to finished the 2/3 of their operation for them.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they do have me getting 10 hours of sleep per day, I've noticed. That's probably why they have me teaching just two days a week this upcoming semester. That way, they can have 5 days of guaranteed 10 hours of sleep. Sometimes they have me doing 2-3 hour naps on top of the 10 hours of "regular" sleep. They have me teaching just one class during the Spring semesters, and 2 classes during the fall. They definitely have my employment cut way down.

Back in 2006-2007, that's when they tried to fix me up with a female sex partner. That went on for about a year, and I wouldn't let them fix me up with a "mistress". They are pissed off about that. I'm sure having sex would be one of their "topics" they like to pursue. And they are still at it, in 2011. They have another tall, thin "hottie" they want me to get "with". Not as a sweetheart, but as possible "bed-mate". There are a number of hotties they tried to get me to hop in bed with: all 3 are kind of tall and thin. There were 3 in the past that were all short, with stocky or square builds. Usually they prefer me to get with "skinny" hotties, not sure square and/or stocky ones.

AJH said...

Answer to: Yes, they do have me...

Ten hour sleeps and two hour naps is a whole lot of sleeping. They haven't done this to me yet, usually one or the other, especially in winter.

As for Babe Plant, they can make one horny or not, over the slightest provocations/set-ups. It seems they are testing your Favored/Unfavored babe morphology, thin or fat. And, doing the same gangstalker/shill multiplicity; not one thin one, but three. I had multiple "hoodie girls" when doing farm work; they hung out together and both had black hoodies. There were many other variants of these Unfavoreds, two or more together who would hang out, though, not the same as the Babe Plants, presumably serially. Thanks for the comments.