Monday, January 24, 2011

On With Pruning

I can always count on landscaping pruning to be big perp attractant, and so it was today. It was today, after doing the hydrangeas at the First Feral Family house, as the rain came on, shortening the time permitted and then giving me availible time to make a sortie to the local mall to get a resume faxed. Talk about silly, the amount of vehicular gangstalking in spades, some 50 or more grayscale color vehicles in the first half mile of suburbia with the odd navy blue in the mix, and then the dude-force once I was parked, raining heavier by then. And they had me "miss" my turn, and vacated the street so I could turn in mid-road and return to the same intersection making a left instead of the right turn if they hadn't dithered me. By then, many more hundreds of vehicles were in place on the four lane thoroughfare, McKenzie at Gordon Head Rd. And at four jaywalking hoodie dudes, all supposedly independently traversing the intersection also arrived as part of the gangstalking panalopy. More vehicular activity erupted when I exited the office shop, and then the "big browns' were also moving about in the too tight parking lot.

Back to online action after reading Saturday's newspaper on Monday, today. I don't know what the perps get from this exercise, but they are cautious to make sure I don't purchase a newspaper each Saturday, and also that I skip-read sections of it, especially if Unfavored Fugly pictures are next to articles I would ordinarily read in full. Talking up the multicultural nonsense seemed to be part of the drift, not to mention all those baubles in the ads I have no hope of acquiring, should I have the interest in the first place. Just keeping this PC running will be a $500 exercise by the time it is done. I ordered a new power supply, and will need to have it put in, as the perps don't like me to do my own PC repairs, turning me into a fumbling wreck just for the occasion.

Which means, getting some income soon, which means at this time of year, going daffodil picking and getting paid by the buch, $0.20/bunch of 10. They only let me do two weeks of it before we locals were all laid off last year, and the horde of 60 import Mexicans worked on picking for the next few months. But I see the perps had me purchase cashews last week, one of my typical break-time foods, and I see my mother had a potted daffodil in the house today, so it looks like it is going to be another horticultural year of earnings, such as they are.

And too, they had me acquire my father's unused old laminated steel knife from my mother's place, to replace the same knife that I lost (also formerly his) because they screwed me into "forgetting" where I left it. The foreman was headed in that direction and I asked her to retrieve it for me, and she "forgot" too. I had a spare knife, and used it for a few days before the show was shut down, per above mentioned layoff.

The perps have revitalized their interest in knives, and knife sharpening today. I also came across some one sided razor blades as well as the knife, and when I walked through the dude gauntlet at the front of the building and got into my apartment, I washed up one of the razor blades to be used in a low angle scraper to clean up perp paint spots that arrive in the night. As soon as I finished setting the razor in its mount, a sudden need to take a crap came on, and so that had to be dealt with, plunging and shower and all.

Later I honed the knife with the same diamond file I used last year, and apart from drilling a hole in the handle to put a loop through, it is ready for daffodil flower cutting. I can hardly wait. And too, I have one lime green bootlace remaining from last year, the same ribbon I used then. So here we have the same make, model and steel of knife, the same diamond file honing/sharpening, and the same material and color for the loop ribbon as last year, all in readiness to undertake the same yellow flower cutting toil in the fields as last year. Maybe they will let me more deft fingered so I can cut more flowers and make extra coin to defray these expensive PC repairs they laid on me. But it does go to show how far ahead the perps are planning, and to what level of detail. With the big question as to whether they will steal my knife again, so they can compare the energetics of using different kinds of knife edges; the Swedish laminated steel (unusual nowadays, except for expensive kitchen knives) or a more modern day mild steel. Who knows, and I care even less.

And it is a No Yellow Medication Intake Day today, as it is most Sunday night stayovers at the First Feral Family house, and sure enough, the infernal DHL courier trucks in gaudy yellow and red signage were out on the gangtalking trail today. Then two big yellow school buses were on my tail for the aforementioned driving Mackenzie today, one next or behind me, and then another some 100' back. Just to think, that the daffodil picking will also entail pickups in a yellow school bus. And that this scenario is identical to last year should it come to pass. At least the currency isn't yellow.

And watching the ice skating last night, the Canadian championships, held here locally for the second year running. The perps were up to their pixellization games, freezing the skater in mid-program and then laying on some coarse pixels in black, white and their sweater color over top of the skater. And lo, if this didn't "happen" for most of the skaters. Now tell me, if one gets a glitchy digital signal, does it happen over top of the central object of the picture each time? Only in TI World can that "happen" and these tactical TV pixel glitches have an unerring ability to dither persons or faces, especially at their eyes. Go figure.

Other momentous perp event must of been yesterday's inaugural use of the coffee grinder I got for Christmas. The first time I have had self-ground coffee for over ten years, and they made sure the grinder sat unused for a month as I had plenty of store purchased ground coffee on hand. The first thing the perps did is have two coffee messes erupt from no seen cause, one on each counter, 90 degrees offset. I don't know how these messes arrived, as I took exceptional care that it didn't happen because I know they will exploit every possible event to create one. So I was fucking pissed over this, and they have me poised to chuck the grinder out for their mess games.

Yesterday afternoon, instead of the First Feral Family tea-time we had tea at the ex's place with out daughter present, so I can assume this too was all about gangstalking the TI Victim with different coffee in him, having it burr ground at home instead of purchased ground. The in-store coffee grinding ended a few months before, as the assholes kept sabotaging it to make another mess. Apparently, it wasn't enough that they had their Fuckwits in full flight around me while the brown coffee beans were being milled, so they had to fuck me over some more and have all three grinders in the store go glitchy and make coffee messes. So then, they allowed me to find the pre-ground coffee, as somehow I had missed seeing it for the previous two years, and that was working just fine until yesterday when another round of coffee messes started up, this time arriving from nowhere and on the first day of using the new burr grinder. I am sure the brown coffee battles have a long way to go yet, and it may well entail chucking the grinder for the simplicity of pre-ground coffee, assuming they won't constrict the supply or my cognition in seeing it in the store. Yet another asinine battle ground with the perps that was evident from early on in the overt/beserk stage, and ranks up there with Cling Wrap handling in terms of consistency and relentlessnes. Who would ever believe a limitlessly funded secret agency would be fucking over innocent citizens over the color of their coffee, where it came from, how it was ground and made for close to nine years and counting? And that they have legions of gangstalking Fuckwits parading the streets everytime when I am out, packing their coffee as card carrying members of the Coffee Corps? And now, on the city bus no less. Stupid and stupider.

But the perps have had a long standing pre-occupation with the color brown; when they invaded my apartment in 04-15-2002 they put on brown plasma displays that caused me to collapse in a heap. Five days later, while driving at 0500h on the I-5 N. of Seattle, they banked a brown plasma beam off the inside of my glasses and the same thing happened, I started to slide down in the seat as I hadn't the ability to keep myself up. Just then, a vehicle of four adults came up beside me and some kind of jolt was applied to me and stopped me from collapsing in the driver's seat. Which causes me to wonder how many vehicle accidents have been created in this manner, or was my brown plasma flash experience unique to me? I don't know, but they also plugged up my toilet with a balloon during the invasion, and I had to get a plumber's snake to unclog it, and taking a shit has been a high risk experience ever since. Not my problem, so why am I hounded by the brown-clowns everywhere I go?

And am I the only person who gets a Purolator tracking number and then gets the response that they don't have the number? Does the litany of insane trivial obsessional Fuckover games ever end? Just fucking bizarre to say the least, but since the overt/beserk harassment started I have all manner of odd parcel delivery events; not knowing that it was shipped and having the courier unexpectedly arriving, the parcels that stay in one place for a week, the parcels that the manager accepts on my behalf and doesn't tell me about for a week and only responds when I complain to the courier, the no-notice deliveries where no notice of the delivery was provided and having me find out via the tracking number, and so it goes. Constant intervention and fucking around over parcel delivery, and I won't get into the brown box color games that go with this stupid game, yet another one to join coffee mess and Cling Wrap as three of the Most Stupid Perp Obsession and Disruption Themes going.

Am I getting spoofed again? I had 22 Facebook messages today when I first went online, and another ten trickled in later. I don't have a Facebook account and I have not "friended" anyone, and haven't responded to any requests, and yet I get this spamming all the same. Any idea how that can happen?

More music listening tonight, and that is when this PC starts slowing down. Downloads too, when they weren't ever much of a problem before. Soo... not something a PSU would fix is my take on it. But I wanted the Seasonic 460W Fanless PSU so bad, (read, perp planted notion), that any excuse will do.

Anyhow, time to blog off and contemplate how long they are going to keep me up tonight, lying in bed awake, per usual Monday night post-FFF visitation.


Anonymous said...

I got some extra gangstalking today. They had me go to 2 Radio Shack stores in two different locations today so far. Now, it looks like my soldering iron tip is not heating properly. Looks like I have to go to my 3rd Radio Shack today to get a new soldering iron tip or maybe a new soldering iron, as this old one is not getting it done. The first Radio Shack, I got extra gangstalking, because my visit involved gathering some components for a repair project. Have a vintage Hi-Fi tabletop radio to fix, and the assholes are endless fascinated with this whole endeavor. I'll bet the solder iron flux really made them wet their pants.

Then, I went to the Mall, where I visited a book store (more gangstalking) and also a clothing store to visit a friend. And outside the clothing store, they had two dudes wearing fatigues, and looked to be two military guys, probably taking a class at the community college nearby, on lunch break. I could see the "US Army" clearly marked on their belts. They did look to be the real deal, too. Imagine, this isn't even a military area, and they have 2 guys with US Army on their belts having a "dude chat" on the bench outside the store where I was visiting my friend.

So anyhow, she wasn't there. I asked a couple of people at the store if she was there, and they got kind of snippy about it, like "who the fuck cares about her" type of a deal. The one young dude... he looked like this one very young man who was putting on the "scare the shit out of you" act back in 2001 or so. He looked so much like the guy.

Back 1 week ago when I first started taking the radio apart, my neighbor "greeted" me by standing out of his door, and looking out of the little rectangular window at the top. And he was so obvious about it, too, like he wanted to be seen doing this, conveying a "nosey bastard" type of look.

This radio is of 1978 vintage, much older than I expected. I'm sure the perps will be gushing with "excitement" when I get this thing up and running. Imagine all the electrical energy rushing through it. Probably the electric currents, magnetic fields, and EMF fields will be emanating, possibly acting as an "exciter" for the psychic energies trapped inside of it by the previous owner. So no wonder the perps are getting "wet" over this one.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify: the neighbor was standing inside his house, but very close to the front door, and he was just standing there "peeking" out like a nosey bastard. All the years I've lived here, and never got this from him until the perps went overt on me. he was just standing there; I could see his eyes through the rectangular window on the door.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I stripped one of the knobs on my radio when I tried to work it loose with a pair of pliers. So much for keeping it all original. I wanted to replace the switches and potentiometers on it, but the guy at RS said I should just use contact cleaner instead, and insisted that I keep it "all original". I suppose the perps want me to keep it all original, but I still may get a new replacement knob or few. I'm certain it's important to keep everything as original as possible, as those knobs were touched many times by the original owner. Hence, they want the original knobs back on.

AJH said...

Answer to: I got some extra gangstalking...

Anytime I go to a new location I get extra gangstalking. In this case, the perps might be most interested in the "vertical" test, Radio Shack in multiple locations. The perps do like to change up electrical circuitry, and as you mention, even the solder type is important to them. Perhaps that is why the push for lead-free solder standards. Even the insulating wire cover color is of intense perp interest I have come to find. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Just to clarify...

Having the homeowner standing at their door, or out on the front porch, as I travel by in the city bus is a common perp gangstalk method in this town. And too, egress through every doorway, to outside especially, is a big perp gangstalking scene. I had the seeming apartment manager standing at the door on her cell phone today, some 20' before I got inside, and then circulating around in the lobby when I got sucked into waiting for the elevator that "happened" to take off upwards when I was expecting the doors to open. It was the "warm up" for my second visit to the lobby today, as the postal person asked me downstairs in a never-before-service-degradation event. And there was the freak show, already there for me, and also, kept waiting for longer becaue the postal person "disappeared" for a few minutes behind a door. The doorway, building entrance, lobby and foyer egress are a HUGE event for the perps, and it makes me wonder if they aren't after some universal psychic signature of building entry or departure. Surely the EMF environment is mostly fitured out by now. Thanks for the comments.