Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Software Load

I am in the middle of a high rage abuse barrage; it seems the mere act of loading software is a big deal for the perps, and they are putting all manner of strange things in my way. Even Quicken, once installed from disc, isn't looking or behaving the same when I had it installed before. I cannot get the memo field to display as one example, and I loaded the data (accounts, configuration etc.) from my backup. Exasperating to say the least. And extra loud overhead floor/ceiling pounding is going on too, not forgetting that it is 12" of steel reinforced concrete; some trick that.

This won't be much of a blog posting tonight, being in the throes of getting this PC back on track.

This is what I learned from the technician; if a busy user with lots of downloads and activity, one should be reloading Windows 7 every 6 to 8 months, which includes reformatting the hard drivce. I asked him twice about this, but he is going on his personal experience, indicating that a heavy use PC with lots of downloads, installs, uninstalls, gaming etc, gets too much debris left over, which eventually slows it down. He said Windows Vista was much worse, but Windows 7 is by no means exempt. Needless to say, having "grown up" on mainframes some 35 years ago, I find this aspect of Windows totally astonishing. "You mean it doesn't clean itself up", asks me, and he says, "no, even Apples have the same problems". This has been a $200 education in the Wonders of Windows, and I am decidedly pissed.

So..., I am reading my mail and listening to music, as five CD's I ordered came two days ago. And I will have to plot my next move to have an audio system that is not Windows dependent, and yet can play from an attached hard drive via USB or other wire or optical link. Putting one's eggs in a single basket, a Windows PC, is asking for trouble on two accounts;  having a stable dedicated PC for audio and video, and then it must be usable, something that MS doesn't do very well.

The main activity while in a PC-less hiatus, was to read some books that had been sitting around for two months' Goddess, by Anthony Summers (about Marilyn Monroe) was quite a shocker, as it seems that she was murdered by none less that RFK and with the help of two others. Which makes one wonder what kind of information they had on her to take that kind of extreme action. I see at two levels of conspiracy in play; the one that the Kennedys and others played at, and the perps, or their cohorts and their mind control and telekinetic intrigues. I also read Frank Sinatra; the Life by Anthony Summers; he wouldn't of been my first choice to read about, as he was extremely unpleasant more often than not. Before reading the last chapter dealing with his demise, the perps pounded the ceiling, started up hammer drill noise and put on all manner of "workman" noise eruptions. A very important topic for the perps; death, dying, demise and all things about it. They even had me attend a staged funeral in 2003, Ms. C's mother apparently.

A third book was also astonishing; Christine Keeler was the Monical Lewinsky of her day, in 1962, aged 19 y.o. She was hanging out with a well connected and social climbing chiropractor (osteopath in the UK), by the name of Stephen Ward. It seems that he was running Soviet spies out of his apartment, and Keeler was there often times. Other events were orgies of the high and mighty of British society, and due to Ward's recklessness, the police were called in when a disturbance erupted outside his door; there were two negroes he invited in previously, and one ended up shooting up the lock in an attempt to get inside after Keeler. Not exactly professional spying, and here he was running the greatest double agent of all time, Roger Hollis. He was never found out in his lifetime, and the report of the Profumo Affair, as it became known, was a total whitewash and did not bring this to light in the judicial review that followed. The book is titled, Christine Keeler; the Truth at Last, and it is a bit of a shocker for those who know something about the events at that time, and follow real life espionage. I was all of 8 y.o. at the time, and too young to appreciate what was going on in the newspapers in the day.

Enough of blogging tonight, but at least I am connected again.


Anonymous said...

Hi long time no speak. Its Greydove. You mentioned "fuckwit density" a few posts back. Well, I have noticed in the city I live in some days the streets are overrun with people and some days its not so crowded. But it doesn't have anything to do with good or bad weather. Sometimes its crowded when its crappy out, just to make the experience that much worse.

I've also noted a new phenom, of perps disappearing! I can usually see them coming from a good half block away and sure enough, when they recah me, they have to do something aggravating. One favorite is to walk INTO me, instead of naturally veering away, which would be the polite thing to do when passing someone.

Anyway I spotted one earlier this week while waiting at a bus stop. he was coming towards me from a far distance and I knew he would be trouble, so I actually turned my entire body away from him and face the opposite direction. When I looked back a few moments later he was gone!! But he had been coming towards me originally, like gangbusters! And this has happened since then one more time.

AJH said...

Answer to: Hi long time no speak. Its Greydove...

Good to hear from you. Yes, streetside gangstalking tactics have become more blatant and invasive over the past year, not to mention the "wandering hordes" and the unidirectional nature of them. (Predominant, like over 90%, of the gangstalkers walking in the same direction, usually toward the TI). And yes, the teleporting gangstalkers are also becoming blatant, either arriving from nowhere in mid-street, often after a momentary lapse of the TI's attention or an intervening vehicle passing by. It seems the perps are highly involved in detecting something from the TI that is related to the location (provenance), and so it makes sense to me that they would teleport gangstalking Fuckwits in from elsewhere to see if these provenance related energy interactions are remotely detectable with the TI. Or at least, that is my best estimate of what they are doing, as it has been so very clear from the start, with abetting family members driving me to old residence locations for no seeming legit reason as one example, back when they took my vehicle from me for some five months. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Some of what these perps do to aggravate me, though, is internal to my own life experiences. For example, the gangstalkers may have be conditioning me to negatively associate certain concepts and emotions with trigger words or phrases. Then, they can torment me by emphasizing those trigger words in conversations and then laugh afterwards. But, the entire experience seems scripted in every case. It's a small town, and hence the density of perp shills, operatives, and gangstalkers is very high.

AJH said...

Answer to: Some of what these perps do...

The perps do playbacks for me all the time, either in verbal form going back to when very young, or more recent visual events, say, fugly dudes they planted in my proximity. And some of it gets very distorted and leading, not to mention silly, as these ideations are extrapolating on my experience; they may of happened at the time in parallel (say, at high school), but I wasn't there. Another mystery is why they repetitively put us through these events of long ago. Thanks for the comments.