Thursday, January 13, 2011

PC In Dire Straits

I might be offline for a week or so, as this PC is getting sabotaged at every turn; they blocked the dialog for comments to respond as one example. They wiped out all my backup jobs that I had defined for the software that does this. A CD copy and compress (aka "rip") took over 20 minutes last night when less than 10 was the norm. My Google preferences are getting messed with nearly every time I login. I don't know what could be doing this so selectively and progressively, save dynamic Fuckover invasion and obstruction. I have had lockups of the entire system the past two days, not even Task Manager would display, or if it did, it wouldn't stop the task from running.

Maybe they want some downtime for whatever reason, pulling out the PC and taking it across town for a few days is just plain exciting to the perps when the mood strikes them. They have me all fussed to get a new lower watt power supply, maybe a fanless one, that is modular and without the spare cables dandling off it and in the PC case. Not that I have ordered one yet, always being tight on availible funds and only minor league farm jobs in the offing for Febuary, so who knows where all this is going. But if you don't hear from this blog you will know why. I will post this now, but may add to this over the day.

The PC tech thinks it is the RAM (memory) or the hard drive that is causing these problems, though I didn't mention how selective they can be, such as showing part of the pick box and not all of it, some commands plain missing with the box at its usual bounds/shape. He suggested the Western Digital diagnostic suite, which I have on my system from past hard drive failures, and when I ran this test suite, why, I couldn't pick the drive to test. No selection of any drive was permitted and yet this application came up just fine. On with the show, and the rest of the bullshit that goes with it, exploiting one created problem to create other problems that just don't add up.

Other PC sabotage was to wipe out all the backup jobs I had created for a replicator program; there were six jobs that sent files to two different disc drives, and lo, if someone hadn't cleaned them out.

More blatant fuckery as my browser suddenly ended its session while I was typing a reply to a recruiter. Most of the email was saved, but not all of it, and these re-typings from recoveries are just too fucking exciting for them. Back in 1986, on the DEC VAX, if it went down while editing a file, all one had to do when it came back was to key in: edit filename/recover and it would recover all but the lastmost keystroke of the edit session. And of course, spending over 20 years to get that kind of efficiency in a desktop O/S is just the kind of vexation the perps like to exploit and foment: competance is to be discouraged, if it isn't permitted.

Still hanging in with selective and highly limited PC functionality. One being email that is working, and responding to a Facebook request to be a "friend" to someone I don't even know. So when I responded "do I know you?" I got "Yes", and no explanation. So when I was composing my response to that inanithy, someone from outside makes some kind of whooping noise that gets through my earmuffs.

Other bullshit today was another rundown attempt, or at least, the makings of it as the perps zoned me out and before I knew it a big Ford truck was about to turn the corner and made no move to wait until in mid turn. So.. per usual "rundown" attempt event, I end up less than 2' from the vehicle, and I look back and then the Fuckwit opens his window and says something and then the perps made me give him the finger. I say they, because I know better than to escalate these public confrontation events, but "somehow" it just keeps happening. All to raise my angst for half a block more to walk to the yoga location, though for naught as the Fuckwit didn't come back like I thought he would. These public escalations often result in some kind of deeper confrontation. The big deal might of been that I was wearing my fleece tights, fleece on the inside as I had laundered my regular yoga pants earlier and they were still damp. Anytime some routine changes is usually a wide open event for further stunts and increased adversity/abuse. Read on.

And the way fugly negro woman was back in yoga class, this time making it all the worse by "deciding" that she wasn't in the right spot and then came in between me and the batty woman, 3' away. This is a first, normally they put her 15' from my mat, and furthermore have her do 20 minutes of yoga and then take off. As the finale, she had her big gut spilling out from under her shirt at the end and the perps made sure I saw that disgusting exposition of corpulent flesh (yet again). I was glad to be gone and back to this prison to have lunch. The streets were full of the usual Fuckwit density, just like Christmas had never ended; redcoats were big, as were these motorized wheelchairs (2), and all I can say is that I will glad to leave this town behind if it ever comes to that, and the IT job prospects come to fruition.

I don't expect to be blogging for the next three days as I run around town and get the PC taken in and come up against the weekend, with cat care at my in-town brother's in the mix. It is all about eliminating the excuses; attending to the putative conventional cause to eliminate the real unconventional causes,- malicious and vituperative vandalism by remote means in real time with untold capabilities of outwardly covert subversion. One's definition of covert and overt is now totally skewed, as the perps make it plain that they are operating overtly, but to explain what is going on to anyone else (assuming they aren't gaming me in the first place, which is unlikely) it would be covert. Mention banana stalking as one example, and someone will say "there must of been a deal on bananas". One relentless obstruction/blow-off after another, down to even the details such as that.

Blogging off for now and a few days, maybe until Jan. 16 or so, depending on what the remedy is for this PC and its strangeness.


Anonymous said...

These fuckwits that roll down their windows and say something... no doubt they are planted perp shills to elicit some sort of reaction. I get them all the time. Usually when I react, they seem to "expect" it and there is no further confrontation. I've had a situation where I flipped one guy off, and he seemed to expect it, as he stopped his car mid street, and asked "what was the finger for?", and the stuff he was saying was very template perp-scripted stuff. Like, the guy gets out of his car, and starts running after me full speed. Well, maybe him looking like a white-haired crazy man was part of the perps' plan, because, when I looked back, the guy just disappeared. I realize he may have been teleported somewhere, as he was a perp shill, or perhaps a clever smoke and mirrors stunt, where he just ran off into a side street when I wasn't looking. Or maybe he quickly hid while I was distracted.

In my case, those "deeper confrontations", i.e., the fuckwits turning around for some more "dialog", seem obviously scripted in my case. First, they bait me with the fuckwit saying something out of his or her window. Once I take the bait by reacting, it's the cue for the shill to take the act a step further. I find that if I don't react at all, just swallow the anger, then the confrontation doesn't escalate.

Anonymous said...

Interesting read here. It says thunderstorms create gamma rays, and then anti-matter.

Anonymous said...

I had a revelation a few years ago about PC security or rather in-security.

If you think about it with the complexity of computer software now days, it would be really difficult to tell if your entire PC was running on a remote system of PCanywhere or GoToMyPC.
kind of gives malfunctions, deletions and settings a new Geometery to consider.

It could be screwed from the get go.

Anonymous said...

I "dared" to install another operating system, and the perps retaliated in a most brutal manner. It was intense... just brutal. It seems the perps want me isolated without any "real" friends; apparently, they've scared away most people, and made sure only those with their "stamp of approval" have made their way into my life.

This time, I changed up the operating system, and the perps told me they were "sad" about my decision. Later that evening, they pounded me with some brutal gangstalking harassment. well, I had blogged about a confrontation, and they do have my psych. profile, so they made the gangstalkers perform a skit that got me insanely pissed off. It wasn't a violent confrontation, but I was pretty upset, but the gangstalkers remained calm. The dude in the bunch got a little rattled, though, and I very rarely see that happen. Well, maybe he would've gotten "rattled" anyways. Everyone I come into contact with seems scared of what might go down during their gangstalking excursions. I assume they have to carry out the skits to the perps' directions, exactly as they specify, or else something "bad" happens to the gangstalkers.

AJH said...

Answer to: These fuckwits that roll down...

The perps like these Fuckwit-in-vehicle to ambulatory-TI-victim interactions. One run down attempt brought that into focus for me last week. There must be some commonality they are expecting to leverage from, say, male voices, one seated (in vehicle) one standing (on street). Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

I "dared" to install another operating system...

Well, I have just had Windows 7 reloaded and am going through installs to get my PC back up to its lastmost convenience/capability. It has been a rough evening, as they are sabotaging all the installs, as well as putting on spurious web pages. It is just fucking ugly tonight going through this, and I am sure they will want some daytime software install abuse. I don't profess to understand what they get from this. Thanks for the comments.