Thursday, January 27, 2011

Compost Day

A high intensity gangstalk, noise and harassment day today, one of the big ones of the year, making compost. A 3 hour job of putting two piles together, layering them, wetting them, and cleaning it all up for a heap some 4'x'6 x4'high. There is something fundamentally central to the perp agenda, and it has to do with decomposition and/or digestion, and I have no idea why. Ms. C (thought to be girlfriend at the time) of the story, a planted operative in all likelihood, did her Master Composter's training when I lived in Seattle. Anytime I put the garden fork or shovel into a pile, as I was working three of them, extra noise would sound off. Later, the next door neighbor came to add his well timed coughing.

Anyhow, here I was in the backyard of the First Feral Family property, total whitebread suburbia, and this infernal noise parade went on the hole time; hotrod vehicles, performance mufflers, heavy duty diesel engine rattling, aircraft noise (including at least three STRATCOM overflights), and even a lawnmower noise for crissakes, in January. They also put the over-noisy Harley Davidson motorcycle noise on, with at least a 30 second long trail off, and within two minutes, the same fucking noise comes the other direction. Fucking bizarre. Regular readers will know it is the most loathed noise of all, and I have no idea why, but it seems to relate to the numerous motorcycles the perps put on parked display, not even running and no associated biker. Does anyone out there have some MKULTRA history from the 1950's that they know about, and that it involved motorcycles? Lynn Moss-Sharman speaks of head shorn subjects with tattoos on their heads, which ties the skinheaded gangstalkers and the tattoo-ed gangstalkers in, but as my recall was 95% wiped out from age 3 to 5, (1956-59) I have no idea why the perps are so fixated on the infernal noise of motorcycles.

Other perp excitement today was to have me take a new bus route, from the in-town brother's place after looking after his cat, to the FFF house to start the compost work. That got me extra redcoated gangstalkers, with the red bus livery. And even my own babe escort, as they were posted around me and not the usual dude show of late. This is what happens when on a new bus route.

The regular bus route that I took into downtown at 1614h was chock full again, some 40 passengers, and at first I got the hoodie blonde next to me, and she was replaced by the fugly slouching dude in short order. And, not too many freaks on board, a welcome change.

And I see my tabs aren't saved when starting Firefox, in contravention of the explicit checked box that is always so. My regular six tabs; yahoo, imdb, TIWorld, Amazon.Com, Amazon.Ca and Google get wiped out every time I close down Firefox, which never happened before, but started up along with the PC slowdown games.

Enough adversity rants for a day, and time to blog off.

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