Sunday, January 09, 2011

Face Cloth Energetics

I have detailed many perp instigated events over laundry, and the careful introduction of wearing one one fresh item at a time, then two (say, shirt and socks), and now they will allow a total fresh set of clothes to be worn. That only took eight years. And face cloths are even more scrutinized, used for shaving my face and front, the latter since 2008. The face cloth machinations haven't gone unnoticed, and in the past year, shaving has become more rage-ified with adverse provocations at every turn. And too, the background noise level has been amped up, and also timed to erupt when starting or finishing up a specific region. And there are endless noise event types as well, and some are likely tied to real events like the elevator moving up and down, some 8' through two concrete walls away. So.... the deal with the face cloths, and the tea towels also, was  an accumulation of brownish scuzz that was resistant to laundering, and finally after six months of this brown scuzz accretion, they allowed me to treat them with stain remover, which didn't work. So then it was Shout that was applied yesterday, and the four items were soaked, treated and laundered. And today, was the inaugural use of the face cloth, post-Shout treatment, and the perps were all over me for that with even more associated background noise; never has the elevator been busier on a Sunday morning than today. Must be all the residents (har, har) going to church for some reason. So it would seem that this latest introduction of a new product for me, and all its chemical ether considerations, and all its energetic qualities from manufacture through packaging and stocking in the store are coming to bear on this latest round of face cloth follies. And lo, if I don't get to take the face cloth to the First Feral Family house later today for my stayover tonight, and shaving tomorrow. That place being perennially out of face cloths and all the freaking disorganization over clean towels. On with the show.

No posting yesterday, even if I had plenty of time to do so, as it seems the perps are constraining my evenings while I am copying and compressing audio files from my CD collection, likely 300 in all. They like certain activities to occur at the same time while the disc is spinning in its drive, and that doesn't always include blogging. Last night they wanted me to read about PC power supplies, the so-called switching power supply. And lo, if they didn't wipe out all my saved browser tabs this morning so the article, read in many and short durations between attending to the CD "ripping" exercises and the attendant metadata ("tagging") activities, as well as them going wrong of course. So it would seem that the perps want me to gain knowledge, but only in small snippets interupted by other activities which includes spinning CD's in the PC's drive bay. I have mentioned in the past that knowledge aquisition seems to be a significant part of the perp agenda, and this would be an example of such, along with their props of having adjacent spinning discs (of plastic and aluminum). Don't ask me how it is all connected, but as it has been so consistent for the past month, it should be reported here to see if other TI's are getting significant adversity over CD copying and compressing, aka, ripping.

A round of getting Avast Antivirus (free) installed, and perused. So much of the software seems to be arranged to be TI (me, at least) adverse; lurid colors, endless upsell diversions, graphics confusion, and in Firefox, stripped out features like all important dialog boxes and activity launch buttons. This drives me to use IE for specific sites and web pages, which includes TIWorld Blogspot as all the edit commands, except Link, are stripped out.

I still haven' found an alternative to $50 J River Media Center that takes FLAC files and a logical graphical UI, so that maybe another expense to deal with. It is that time of year when they like to spawn a raft of expenses, needed or not, I don't have a choice as some kind of rationalization gets planted. The stick-in-my-craw pointless software expenditure of last year was the online backup Mozy service that couldn't get through the anti-virus software firewall, and they didn't seem too bothered by it when I brought it to their attention, and nor would they give me my money back. And why did I pay upfront and not try it out? Why, it must be the same remote influencing technologies that send me to the wrong drawer or cupboard in the kitchen as one example, even if I have lived here for over three years.

And that is it for today, as I will be heading out before long to do the First Feral Family visitation and the rest of the "Visit the Quislings" weekly stayover.


Anonymous said...

On a trip to the market to pick up a few items, three different customers all within ten feet of each other wearing shoes with strikingly similar soles. all reddish pink in a configuration of four little springy air cushions.

just like the three white moving vehicals within 40 feet of each other with dark plastic window "vent visors"

AJH said...

Answer to: On a trip to the market...

I am not surprised about the shoes being similar. The perps have been very focussed on emulating where I have stood, sat, walked or otherwise inhabited a particular location, and as part of this, a strong emphasis on footwear colors and materials. Having their vehicular gangstalkers run just-turned red lights without looking (including buses and cyclists) seems to be part of this same exercise of leaving the minimal amount of time between the vehicle passing over the same ground (crosswalk) as I am walking on.

Funny, I didn't notice these plastic vent visors until last week when in a blog comment, but I have seen a few since. The perps are quite beserk over plastic-human energetics interactions, and I suppose having aftermarket parts (from a different time and place than where the vehicle was manufactured) is another means of their research. Not forgetting that the perp's plastics energetics interactions is complicated by the ingestion of pollutants that have unpredictable effects as low concentrations, e.g. hormone mimicry of PDBE's. Thanks for the comments.