Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Parcel Delivery ClusterF*

An interesting juxtaposition of the freakshow, elevator use (first in months) and accepting a brown cardboard wrapped parcel, slim size that held two CD's. Like I have said, the perps won't stop at anything to "brown test" me, preferably with cardboard. I had already been to the local supermarket to get some needed groceries after the coffee grinder didn't work out and having taken it to the local charity store. Another spray mess of coffee on the counters again, the second time it was put to use, so out with the coffee grinder and to get pre-ground coffee again. And I see they choked down the supply of pre-ground coffee that they like to do, forcing a different blend this time. I had my negro-in-dayglo outside the supermarket for arrival and departure, dressed up as "security" for crissakes, when they never had such around here ever before, and that there aren't any such "social problems" that are the putative reason for the yellow-dayglo dudes.

Back to the parcel delivery; another first, the post delivery person phones me up from the lobby and asks me to come downstairs to the lobby. Talk about sad service, as they always came to the apartment before. This is the second of three deliveries from one Amazon order, and it contained two CD's. I get down there after an Asian spikey-hair dude gets on, and arrive at a big clusterfuck in the lobby. The manager on the couch, talking to a motorized wheelchair stalker, and then a negro and another dude arrive through the front door, and then another regular gangstalker, the "Dutch elder" * (always wears a Dutchman cap, and has the same body size as my shrink, though Caucasian) arrives from the stairwell. So a three-way arrival scene; front door, elevator, and internat stairwell with the manager on the couch as the reference dude with the motorized wheelchair. Another Fuckwit was outside at the intercom panel, whom I first thought was the postal deliverer but wasn't, because she came last, just as I was asking the manager where the postal deliverer was. This is a two-fer time honored perp classic; faking me out by having someone pose as if they were someone (outside at the intercom phone panel where I got the call from), and then having me talk about someone just as they come into view (or arrive). And of course once I recieved my parcel, I wanted to get the fuck out of there, but no, the perps needed another freak, the 3x scraggly longhaired dude who hangs around arrived. So this Fuckwit ended up in the elevator with me, and his fugly hair was on show, which I didn't need to see, and he stank of something which persisted after he departed. This was the second time today I took the elevator up, and some dude smell was made to persist, and jammed in my nose when I was holding my breath. Another perp tactic is to force the sensation of smell even when exhaling or holding my breath. Funny how this started about 2002 when they first went overt/beserk.

And when at the aforementioned supermarket I saw they put on my fave-babe (cashier staff), the second time in two weeks, and lo, if they didn't have her semi-disguised with thick framed glasses on and hair draped over half her face. As previously mentioned, I hadn't seen her for nearly a year, and two weeks ago, she "happened" to be at the checkout I was forced to use. But she wasn't going to be my cashier today, as it was the blonde woman, and next to her was a staff-freak in purple hair, dyed to the roots and totally fucking digusting. Fortuneately I didn't have her in my direct gaze, and she scuttled off before I exited. And lo, if the purple tinged haired assistant manager wasn't at the lobby door on her cell phone and I got fucked into taking the elevator up as it took off when I had pressed the button for the doors to open. So I had to wait while the woman was stil on the cell phone walking around, and lo, if a rube-dude didn't emerge from the other elevator, having stunk it up with male-odor, as in malodor. Even taking the elevator is a big deal for the perps, and all the more if I take it when I haven't been using it for months, having developed a "habit" (read, mind-fuck) of not taking it.

A rage-ified tea-time with some goo on my cleaned knife blade, necessitating removal with my fingers. Then extra clanging noise, when the kettle lid and spoon moved past each other but did not touch. Then again after tea, when they cleaned out my tabs for Firefox when the setting reads "start with last tabs", and then they messed the settings of Google, limiting it to 10 page responses and then open in same (self clobbering) tab. It seems they are expending extra effort to having me key in my email address, name and passwords every time they feel like creating this hassle. Normally, I stay in six tabs all day long, and extra ones as needed. Before I exit, I usually trim the open tabs to the same six. But now, only one vacant tab when I start up Firefox. I went through this bullshit two weeks ago, many times per day. Last week I was "saved" because this PC was in for repair all week, not that anything was accomplished except unloading $200, and I still have the same crash problems should I start playing music. Never mind file ripping and storing, as that would bring this PC to its knees.

And what is with this ear-whacking I am getting? The instant I put the cursor on a dialog box to enter the number "1", this incredible thwack erupted in my L. ear from no seeming cause. I had the earmuffs on, but they weren't moved, not that they create a tight seal in the first place.

Another round of the perps obstructing my open tabs on startup in the Firefox browser. And a new development in the software they like me to use; having Internet Explorer browser called and displayed in Firefox. Soo... with all the feature stripping they do in Firefox, and especially my Yahoo email where the only edit item I see is "Link" (no bold, underline, font sizing etc.), where they have now eliminated the check boxes for multiple delete identification, I can now bring up the fully and normally featured IE inside a Firefox tab. In other words, I can switch browsers for a given tab without having a separate browser application running. And I suppose, this all means something to the perps, as they would likely be using this to evaluated the energetics of IE to that of Firefox and see whatever the result was when I switch within the tab, separating it from the application. Only a perp would know how interesting that is, as this level of fine-tune fuckery tells me they have years of energetic nuances to wring out of me yet.

Post evening tea-time, or break time, as they have me drinking yerba mate, and I cannot say that I am that impressed with this turbid swamp-like look. Maybe they have reduced my flavor sensitivity, which they do very often. Another big perp moment is that they have me eating chocolate from a new package, navy blue. Having been groomed on light blue all summer, then medium blue for the past three months, they choked down the former two, and only had navy blue Ritter bars availible. And if you see ridiculous perps in ill-matched light blue and brown clothing, think of me and all the years (8) of eating excessive amounts of chocolate they have had me do, 300g/day, and know that they are color calibrating you in the same way as me. And if it weren't chocolate, why, it would be that sickly sweet vile fizzy tonic called Coca Cola, maybe Pepsi first to get the brown-blue thing going. I am sure there are some TI's that have peculiar cola habits, but I won't get into that. Once bitten by the perp abusive insanity, nothing is the same again, not the most benign substances, objects and the rest of it. A whole new world, being a TI.

Music listening; I have noticed a pattern in this now nightly event, once all too rare. First two hours or so of female vocal, could be the latest CD that arrived today (Barb Jungr, Sandrine) and then it slips into male and female vocal, Ian and Sylvia, also their Great Speckled Bird album, now playing. Perhaps more of the female to male auric co-opting if you have followed this theme being blogged about in the past. It seems the perps want to leverage positive female attributes to that of males, of whom I likely have a lesser opinion if there were traumatization associations from 1956 to 1960 like I suspect, having had 99% of my recall cleaned out then. I have heard of horses going very beserk from traumatization associations with male handlers because of past abuse by males, but are tame for female handlers. Elephants likely too from what little I know about them and the traumatizations they have if they witnessed the depredations of the poachers, once seen on a 60 Minutes show.

Time to call this one done, a do-squat day for the most part, another day of containment.

And who signed me up for Facebook? That is why I have been spammed with some 45 messages for the past two days. Someone used my email address and created an account, and as of yet, I haven't got into it, as my regular passwords don't work.

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